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Cell Phone Virus has reportedly struck one million in China.

Viruses have been making the rounds on cellphones for quite a while now, but it looks like China has now been hit by a particularly troublesome one.

According to Shanghai Daily, a so-called zombie virus disguised as an anti-virus app has infected more than one million cellphone users in the country, and it's left users' phones vulnerable to the malicious ......ers that created the virus.

They've naturally taken advantage of that access to not only spread the virus further, but cash in by spamming the phones with money-making links and other general annoyances -- all of which has also added up to about $300,000 a day in added text message charges for the users affected. What's more, while authorities have apparently tracked down the company that created the anti-virus application, it apparently insists that it had nothing to do with the virus, and that it's actually a victim of it as well.

The virus continually sends out text messages, costing the country's citizens $300,000 a day, according to InformationWeek, as reported by Shanghai Daily.

How does the virus spread?

The "zombie" virus is hidden in a fake anti-virus app. Once the app is installed, the virus sends all of the names and phone numbers on a user's SIM card to the ......ers, who then automatically take control of the phone, sending spam texts out to recipients.

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