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Bulk SMS Advertising--How Efficient?
« on: October 22, 2010, 11:06:25 AM »
Bulk short message service or bulk sms is when you write a text message and design it to be sent to an audience of people.  The recipients of this single short message could be your friends.

For example, you type out a short message on your pc that says: "Hey guys, party at Aniblow's this Saturday.  Come with your Handbag.  6 pm. " You enter the phone numbers of the 30 friends like you do when sending out an e-mail to multiple recipients; then hit the send button.

You just sent out a bulk sms.  That is the A to Z of bulk sms advertising.  You type out an sms and send it to as many recipients as you want.

Your message recipients could be just about any group of persons.  And it gets interesting more interesting when you use bulk smses to promote your products and services.

    * Viability.  Bulk smses are very viable.  You are very certain your message gets to its destination.  And better still, that it gets read.
      If you send out an sms your intention is for your message to be read.  This is very possible with sms advertising.  Using other mediums of advert you might not be certain whether your target audience sees your message in the first instance.
      Imagine how you react to each sms that enters your phone.  Every body reacts in the same way.  Every sms you send out gets read.
    * Time saving.  Sms advertising saves every body's time.  You design a text message, and, with just one click of the mouse, get the message in front of millions of people.  These people could be at any place as at the time of their receiving your offer.
      They don't need to be at the newspaper stand to hear you.  They don't need to be in front of their TV or radio, or at any particular place to hear you out.  Every body's time is saved
    * Low cost.  Bulk smses come cheap and affordable these days.  With as low as N1. 20k per sms you can advertise your products and services to as much people as you wish.
      The amount could come lower anyway.  But when you compare it to the normal cost of sending an sms--N5. 00k, bulk sms is low cost.

I am yet to see a more efficient medium of advertising.  I mean, how else could you be more efficient reaching out to people with your products and services?

Bulk sms advertising is efficient; it is here to stay; and it could very well be the future of advertising.


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Bulk SMS Advertising--How Efficient?
« on: October 22, 2010, 11:06:25 AM »


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