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The internet offers a great many opportunities to earn income.  As long as you are literate and you know the keys to punch on your computer keyboard, then you have the potential to make money online.  There are various ways through which one can make good income with this article will analyzed the top ten ways available.

1.  Online Jobs
There are a lot of jobs available online for anyone ready to work.  A good example and the simplest is data entry job.  This involves being paid for typing job.  If you have your computer and internet connection, then all you need for data entry is your pair of hands to type and eyes to see.

2.  Selling Products Online
Selling products online is one of the easiest ways to make money online.  This could be through affiliate marketing where you sell other people's product.  You can as well sell your own products on sites like ClickBank, or auction sites like eBay.  You also have the option to open an online shop.  This is your own website where you sell your personal products.

3.  Online Surveys
Virtually every company or organization wants to know what people think about their products or services.  And your opinion counts! These companies pay researchers to find out the likes and dislikes of customers, what they like and dislike, what they are looking for when they shop, which product or services they prefer.  They need your opinion in order to better their products or services.  When you sign up for these companies and they have a survey that fits your demographic information, the usual thing they do is to send a short screening survey to ascertain that your opinion is useful to them for that particular study.  When you are admitted, the actual study begins, and this usually take as long as about one hour to finish.

4.  Blogging
Blogging is another easy and rewarding means of making money online.  All you need is the know-how to blog your way to income.  With blogs you can earn a lot of income by putting in creative and informative content in your blog.  There are several ways to earn money through your blog site: selling e-books, pay per click, affiliate marketing, selling pages on your blog or out rightly selling off your blog.

5.  Social Networking
It is possible to earn income through sites like Facebook, Myspace and other social networking sites.  These social networking sites pay users to improve the page impression of their profile in order to attract more customers.  Other ways of earning money through such sites include: Sending messages to your friends, viewing other people's pictures, uploading pictures to your profile and referring your friends.  By doing these simple things your earn legitimate income.

6.  Photography
If you have the required skill in photography, then you can earn a good income selling your pictures through the stock photography agencies.  If you believe you can impress anyone through your photographs, then take this opportunity and earn income online.

7.  Freelancing
A simple way of defining a freelancer is 'a service provider'.  This is another legitimate way of making money online, by providing services that are based on your skill.  There are many organizations that post their requirements for a certain assignment in certain websites and freelancers will bid for that assignment.  Freelance assignments abound in different endeavours.  These include, writing of scripts, proofreading and editing, sales letters, and in other fields like programming.

8.  Writing Content
Many of the web designers do not actually include writing the content of such websites in their services.  If you know you can write creative content then you may think of making income through this medium.  You can do this by liaising with web designers to outsource the content writing to you.

9.  Per Pay Click
This is one of the easiest ways to make money online if you have a website or blog site.  I say this because when everything is set you can be sleeping and making money.  The only hard work involved is the effort you make to generate high traffic to your site.

10.  Another possible way of making money online is through betting.  And the most popular when this is mentioned is football.

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