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A new coronavirus affects the world! Many studies have pointed out that although the virus knows no borders, it is the low-income class and people of color who suffer the most.

Even worse, even if facing death threats and the government ordered the city to be closed and working from home, low-income people still have to go out to make money, and there is no way to isolate them at home, otherwise they will not even have to eat.  Starved to death or died of illness? It has become a cruel choice for these disadvantaged groups.

To make matters worse, many of them who lack care for a long time already have health problems and are more likely to suffer from severe illnesses after being infected.  In addition, the general lack of medical insurance and the inability to seek medical treatment have resulted in a higher than average mortality rate for low-income and colored people.  .

The well-known American magazine "The Atlantic" with more than 150 years of history recently published a blockbuster article titled "The virus was originally regarded as a crisis event until Trump found out who was dying. " The article pointed out, " The painful truth revealed by this pandemic is that some people’s lives are considered more valuable than others. ”

Black communities account for more than 50% of confirmed cases and 60% of deaths
Although the overall picture of the virus infection is not yet clear, researchers have discovered a disproportionate fact: In the United States, black communities account for more than half of the confirmed cases and nearly 60% of deaths.  The reason for this is that a large proportion of blacks and Latinos are engaged in work that is exposed to the risk of infection, and the gap in wealth and income also makes them more vulnerable to unemployment.

Workers working on the front lines of the epidemic, such as meat packers, grocery store cashiers, transportation personnel, etc. , have their lives considered worthless.  Even if their employers force them to work in unsafe conditions, the government allows them Disclaimer.

Raquel Sanchez Alvarado, a meat packer in Wisconsin, said helplessly, “The company does not supply masks and cannot maintain social distance.  We work next to each other. ” The Latino worker revealed that they are afraid of being fired if they fail to cooperate.  Unable to find a new job in another company.

The Washington Post also pointed out that the virus is infecting those who cannot lose their jobs and must commute remotely, including grocery store employees, delivery men and construction workers.  New cluster infections have occurred in care centers, prisons, and factories in important industries.

In the United States, people of color are mostly engaged in high-risk, low-paid jobs, becoming victims of the epidemic.

"This epidemic has brought new racial issues," the Atlantic magazine criticized.  In order to save the mired economy, the U. S.  government, even if it is unable to ensure that companies reach public health safety, still desperately requires restarting the economy, which will result in many blacks and Latinos.  The workers were forced to sacrifice.

The report pointed out that when the epidemic had a disproportionate impact on ethnic groups and classes, American political and financial elites began to regard the rising mortality rate as an inconvenience rather than a national emergency.  Those epidemic prevention measures that try to stop the spread of the virus, including taking body temperature, wearing masks, and maintaining social distance, have all become tyranny.

Trump’s attitude to fight the epidemic has been repeatedly repeated.  Recently, he has been pressing for the restart of the economy.  The Atlantic magazine believes that this is inseparable from the white supremacy that ignores the black and Latino ethnic groups.

When the first case was confirmed in the United States at the end of January and early February, the Trump administration was eager to make the risk of the epidemic very minor.  However, the initial confirmed cases were mostly global elites related to international travel, including American celebrities, world leaders, and people close to Trump.  Trump’s attitude was reversed.  A national emergency was declared on March 16.  Call on Americans to avoid social gatherings.

The purpose of the restriction of the lockdown is to flatten the epidemic curve, prevent the spread of the virus from exceeding the load of the medical system, and allow the federal government to have more time to establish an inspection and tracking system to prevent the further spread of the epidemic.  Although the amount of testing is improving, Trump has also publicly stated that he is unwilling to invest in necessary anti-epidemic materials, on the grounds that more infected people will be tested.  "By doing these tests, we make ourselves look bad. "

After Trump declared a state of emergency, the epidemic in the United States continued to deteriorate, and more people were diagnosed and died.  Even if the epidemic is still severe and there is no reason for optimism and relaxation, the voice of right-wing elites asking the government to restart the economy is getting louder and louder.  On April 16, when the first anti-closure protest began, the number of deaths in the United States more than doubled to 30,000.

Even if some people are severely affected, Trump still insists on unblocking
"In the eyes of the government, more and more American deaths are becoming less important, and more importantly, which Americans die. " The Atlantic magazine pointed out that the population data of new coronary pneumonia cases shows that blacks and Latino Americans are the infection rates and deaths.  The group with the highest rate, and because this group is not the ruling party's vote, has already made a major turn in the US epidemic prevention policy.

In the face of the severe epidemic, Trump’s attitude has changed and he is eager to loosen all restrictions.  However, economists have warned that when the US medical system is still not fully prepared, he insists on restarting the economy, which may usher in the second wave.  The epidemic eventually caused people to be isolated again at home and destroyed the consumption power that drives the economy.

"Public health and anti-epidemic measures are considered unreasonable. " Some conservative media in the United States are inciting the trend of public opinion, leading "to restrict the freedom of whites only because non-whites are dying.  This is a serious violation of racial harmony. "

A pandemic is divided into "you" and "us" due to the gap between the infected ethnic group and social class.  Conservative supporters in the United States advocate stopping home quarantine.  They believe that "you people" are vulnerable to infection, so we must take good care of the epidemic.  "We" are free to go out and do not affect the rights of others.

The New York Times also reported on the reasons for the high rate of infection among Latin and black ethnic groups in New York.  The New York City government has published a report on the prevalence of various ethnic groups.  The incidence of Latinos and blacks far exceeds that of other ethnic groups, and the two combined exceed 40% of the confirmed rates, shocking the entire American society.

"The jobs of these two ethnic groups are people who must go out to work every day," the New York Times analyzed.  Among the first-line workers such as supermarket employees, bus and subway drivers, and care center personnel, more than 75% are For minorities, more than 60% of cleaners are Latino, and more than 40% of mass transportation workers are black.  Although in statistics, certain ethnic groups appear to be more susceptible to infection, the fact is that poverty deprives a person of their quality of life and even takes their lives.

Nikkei: The death rate in Europe and America is 100 times that of Asia
As for why the death rate of the new crown in Asia is lower than that in Europe and America? After comparing the data of major countries, the Nikkei found that the death rate of the new crown virus is higher in Europe and the United States, and Asia is significantly lower, and the gap between the number of deaths per population in Europe and the United States and Asia is about 100 times.

Experts believe that this is mainly related to the difference in living habits, the proportion of diseases and other factors.  Some international joint studies have also launched the exploration of diseases and genetic differences.  Takanori Kanai, a professor at Keio University in Japan who is engaged in the research of intestinal bacteria of different races, pointed out that "genetic differences may be related to differences in the mortality rate of the new crown. "

The virus is still raging around the world.  Why blacks and Latinos are the main infected people, and why the epidemic in Asia is milder than that in Europe and the United States is still inconclusive.  But the data found that even the virus has discrimination based on race and class.

It turns out that "illness" is not equal.  In the face of the virus, human lives are really high and low!


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