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To enjoy some special benefit from various internet services.  You are going to a card.  This card is called Virtual Credit Card.

What is Virtual Credit Card (VCC)?

In this current world we live in, technological advances is changing the narrative.  Most online shopping platform, usually transact using credit card.  The virtual credit card happens to be present in the same dimension as the credit card. 

So, you donít have to worry about information theft when you transact online.  Apart from the main use of payment of internet services.  Virtual Credit cards doesnít have other uses.  One major difference between the Virtual Credit Card and the Real Credit Card.  Itís the physicality, one has a physical form while the other a virtual form.

Importance of Using Virtual Credit Card (VCC)

1.  Limiting your Spending: Virtual Credit Card has always been something that can change.  Specificity of what information you want on your Virtual Credit Card.  Far from the normal physical credit card.  You can specify your card at the point of issuance.  This can be set on what you choose and require.  It can be adjusted throughout the terms of agreement.  Virtual Credit Card can help users regulate their spending.  More like spending on specific site, so you donít get addicted.  You can easily set a spending limit for yourself.  At times, there are rules and regulations on over spending.  Just like physical credit card, always read the terms and conditions.  Always go through their terms and conditions of your Virtual Credit Card.

2.  Globally accepted by lots of merchants and sellers: For every online transaction, virtual credit is needed.  It is becoming a new trend for buyers.  This method is fast and secure for many e-commerce sites.  Merchants and sellers have developed this trust towards Virtual Credit Card.  The reason for this, itís a safe method of buying and selling on the internet.  Though, some e-commerce site and online business donít accept it.  It usually requires a payment system.  Which processes all the transactions.  Although, popular online business have a place for Virtual Credit Card readers.  Issues may arise from business that are not large scale.

3.  Barring all limitations, this virtual credit card can be used for online transactions.  Getting this type of virtual credit card is relatively easy.

4.  With this virtual credit card, you can perform lots of actions.  You make online payment, shopping web and internet business.

Lately i just noticed that some Nigeria Ban ks are making it difficult for people to use their Cards to make purchase both Local and International, well I have good news for you.  So due to the restrictions on the use of Naira ATM cards for account verification, and recently Nigerians have expressed dissatisfaction over new foreign exchange restrictions imposed on bank customers by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).  Click here for full details: https://www. nairaland. com/6138438/cbns-dollar-restrictions-killing-businesses

I have 7 New Platforms for you to Virtual Credit Card for both Local and International Transactions.

The Virtual Credit Card (VCC) can be used for:

✅Bings Ads




✅Local & International Cryptocurrency Sites Like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

✅Facebook Adverts

✅Paypal Verification




✅Both Local & International Transactions


Get your 100% Reliable Virtual Card For Your Both Local & International Transactions now.

For Full Details how to get all these, Call/WhatsApp/Telegram Me On: 0---8----1-----3-----7-----8------7------5----4----5---8


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