Author Topic: America's black and Hispanic communities are bearing the brunt of the coronaviru  (Read 51 times)

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"Structural factors including health care access, density of households, unemployment, pervasive discrimination and others drive these disparities, not intrinsic characteristics of black communities or individual-level factors."
Of the more than 3,100 counties researchers looked at with coronavirus cases and deaths from late January to mid-April, they found a greater percentage of disproportionately black counties were in the South. The African American populations ranged from 13% of the county total to over 87%.
"COVID-19 deaths were higher in disproportionally black rural and small metro counties," the study noted.
The research showed that by April 13, there were 283,750 Covid-19 diagnoses in disproportionately black counties and 12,748 deaths compared with 263,640 coronavirus cases and 8,886 deaths in all other counties.
"Collectively, these data demonstrate significantly higher rates of COVID-19 diagnoses and deaths in disproportionately black counties compared to other counties, as well as greater diabetes diagnoses, heart disease deaths, and cerebrovascular disease deaths in unadjusted analyses," the authors concluded.
The study, which has not yet been peer-reviewed, is currently under consideration by a medical journal and has not yet been published.


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