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Invest and get 40% of your investment after 30days
« on: September 14, 2020, 03:20:24 PM »
what is zeekron:
zeekron is an online investment platform 💻,    That trades on foreign currencies 💵💱.
There work 💼 mainly is based on foreign trading. 
They have been in existence for many years in many countries,

They can to NIGERIA 🇳🇬 this year to take over from the BANKS 🏦💲. 
The owner or founder of this great company ZEEKRON have seen how NIGERIAN Banks have been miss using NIGERIAN citizen's money. 
Now as a Nigeria you have known about the unnecessary changes of the bank. 
1.  There exchange rate is too high,
2.  Exchange of money in bank is also very difficult. 
3.  They kept on debiting money from our account on daily, monthly and yearly basis. 
4.  They use our money for business without giving us any interest,
someone that have more than 100,000 in his account is receiving interest of 200 naira in a month or 2 months time from the bank, while they make millions from your money.  etc. 
This are some of the reasons the owner of zeekron saw and decided to bring this company down to Nigeria. 
so because zeekron wants to overtake the banks in terms of foreign exchange, They need to buy this currencies in a very large quantities. 
note: you know the larger the quantities the cheaper it is. 
so because they need to buy it in a very large quantity,  The brought about the zeekron investment.
What IS zeekron investment?
Zeekron investment is a platform created by zeekron for zeekron investor's to invest their money on zeekron and at the end of 30 days they will share the profit. 

Zeekron investor's are those people who give zeekron their money to use it to buy the currencies and trade with it and at the end of 30 days they will receive 40% of their money. 
The best part of it is that you can withdraw both your capital and profit. 
if you like you reinvest or you back off. 

Now if many of us hear about online investment platform in Nigeria,
all that comes to your mind is about scam.
Here are few ways to identify an online company that is a scam.
1.  Any online investment platform that does not have any goods they sell or service they render is fake. 
Even if it pays 1 or 2 people's to day it is bound to crash tomorrow.  like MMM the crashed because all the money they collect they didn't use it to do any business. 
what they do is that they rob Peter to pay Paul,
what do I mean?
they don't have any business that they do, all they do is that they will use Mr a money to pay Mr b, use Mr b money to pay Mr c.  at the end of the day somebody will loose because no body will pay Mr z. 
But in zeekron they have business that they do and the profit they get they will share it with their investor's. 
because they must be profit you can sell something the same amount you bought it. 
so any online business that does not have goods they sell or service they render is a scam. 

2.  Exchange rate or profit level. 
some company with tell you invest and get 2  or3 of your money, now check it out how can you do a business and get 3 or 4 of your money. 
even the business people or traders it is very very rear , 
so any online company that gives you that amount of profit will soon take your money for real. 
in zeekron you only get 40% from the profit the company makes. 

3. Duration of time
Now some people will tell you to invest like 20,000 and get 60,000 in 2 hours time,
ask your self how did they generate such money, is it a money ritual? etc. 
the time duration matters because if you plant it takes time to mature . 
so such company is a scam. 
But zeekron is giving you , your interest in 30 days  time why because it takes time to generate that income. 
So with this few points you can detect any online company that is a scam. 

This Zeekron is a very legit and legal Company,
In Nigeria is registered under a company called apex Webb international.  And apex Webb international is registered under corporate affairs commission.
all payment is been paid to apex Webb international And is apex Webb international that pays all members.
so I a very legal company.

So because zeekron came to Nigeria earlier this year, they need people to know about them and stop wasting their money. 
They brought about the zeekron promoters.
who are zeekron promoters?
Zeekron promoters are people who promotes the company.
Ways people earn as a promoter:
1.  posting on Facebook.
As a promoter the company will give you some articles,videos to post on your Facebook account. 
each article you post is 250,
each video you post is 500
2.  bringing people to the company. 
each person you bring to the company to be a promoter , The company will give you 1,000 each. 
each person you bring to invest in the company you will earn 10% of the person's investment.
WHEN can you withdraw your money. 

1.  you can withdraw your post earnings when it gets to 25,000.
2.  you can withdraw your referral earnings when it gets to 10,000.

As an investor registration is free. 
minimum investment is 10,000.
as a promoter registration is 2,000.
you know the best part, money is paid to the company directly.

All you need for registration is
1.  Email.
2.  Phone number.
3.  Name. 
4.  password.

All registration process is done by you.

if interested send me a WhatsApp message. 


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Invest and get 40% of your investment after 30days
« on: September 14, 2020, 03:20:24 PM »


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