Author Topic: Things to do in order not to end up poor  (Read 84 times)

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Things to do in order not to end up poor
« on: July 31, 2020, 02:39:03 PM »
How To Spend Money Wisely Like The Rich
We all spend money but not all of us spend wisely.  Many people are reckless in their spending and they wonder why they are not wealthy.  The  way you spend determines whether or not you will be rich.  A lot of people when they make money, they pay bills and spend before thinking of saving and investing what is left and this is actually a wrong route to follow if you want to be rich.

These type of people remain poor and average because they cannot control their spending.  Do not allow money control you.  The next time you want to make that purchase, consider these guidelines as it will help you to spend wisely.

1]: Do I Really Need This- If you don't really need it then do not buy it.

2]: Is The Price Right- Learn to compare prices before making any purchase.  If the price is not right then don't buy.

3]: Is The Timing Right- You may need to make a purchase but the time for it so not right.  A two hundred level students should be more concerned about investing his fund instead of buying a car.

4]: Is There A Substitute For It-- If I can get a phone less than N100,000 and it serves all my work, information and communication purpose, why do I need a phone of N500,000? I will rather invest the remaining money so I can have returns on my investment.

5]: Will It Value Increase- I will rather purchase things that will increase in value than purchase things that will depreciate in value.

6]: Does It Require Expensive Upkeep- I rather invest a N1,000,000 in a platform that will give me returns instead of renting an apartment that will require monthly service charges.

7]: Will This Purchase Improve The Quality Of My Life- If it will not improve the quality of my life or make my work and earning easier then I wouldn't buy.

8]: Will I Still Want It As Bad As I Do In The Next Few Months- What will happen in the next few months? Will I still want this same thing as bad I do right now?

9]: Is It Affordable With My Present Financial Capacity- Do I have enough capacity to bear the cost of this purchase.  If not then I shouldn't bother to buy it.

These questions will guide you to spend wisely.  Many times we really want to make purchases but we do not have the capacity to do so.  You can grow your capacity to make the purchase you want by investing on platforms that will grow your money and help you find your lifestyle with the returns on investment. 

Will you love to take advantage of a trusted investment platform guaranteed to give you up to 40% monthly returns? If so let me introduce you to a platform where you can invest and earn up to 40% returns in just 30 days.  If financial prosperity really matters to you, then don't waste time grabbing this opportunity now and enjoying the reward.

Rich minded persons grab opportunities immediately it surface.  While the poor minded individuals will waste so much time contemplating only to come later to pick the crumbs.

You have the power to choose the side where you belong.

Join Zeekron today and enjoy up to 40% returns on your investment in just 30 days.  That your ₦10,000 will get you ₦14,000; your ₦100,000 will become ₦140,000 etc.  Invest your money with Zeekron today to start your journey of building massive wealth.

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Things to do in order not to end up poor
« on: July 31, 2020, 02:39:03 PM »


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