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Information remains the bed rock of success

Hello Proudly Nigerian's,

Are you passing through financial problems, are you a graduate, I. T student,

business man, contractor, Ministers, Unemployed staying at home all day looking

for work or something to get your self busy, are you still a school leaver, are

you acquainted to grow your own business, do you want to become your own boss. 

what ever you want to become in life it only take you little time and at the

same time wise step.
We are fully able our member alleviates their financial worries.  Three things

happen to Time and Money they are waste, spent, or invested.  When either of the

first two is done, most times nothing is gotten in return.  However with wise

investments the path unto affluence is better than imagined.

Leno Treasure Investment all time demonstrate very strong commitment to achieve

the highest standard of governance, corporate responsibility and risk management

in directing and controlling other investment.

The paramount factor of our responsible and value driving system of corporate

governance include clearly defined board structure and roles, good relations

with members effective cooperate on among every member and executives, as well

as limp and transparent reporting.  Ordinarily we have extensive experience in

Forex Trading, Estate & Retirement Planning; and uses sound money management

principals to help his clients achieve their financial goals.

Here are the daily investment offer we have for everyone who wants to be

successful in there careers.

INVESTMENT PLAN(please use the investment plans in the website ok. )

Our invest plans and interest within 10 days are listed below.

Amount   Days   Daily Percent   Daily amount      Due Interest amount   Percent and Investment Amount  Total Amount
N20,000.    10   25%         N5,000. 00         N50,000. 00 * 35%           N17,700. 00  & N20,000. 00               N37,500. 00
N50,000.    10   25%         N12,500. 00         N125,000. 00 * 40%    N50,000. 00  & N50,000. 00           N100,000. 00   
N80,000.    10   25%         N20,000. 00         N200,000. 00 * 45%   N90,000. 00  & N80,000. 00      N170,000. 00
N100,000.    10   25%             N25,000. 00         N250,000. 00 * 50%   N125,000. 00 & N100,000. 00      N225,000. 00
N250,000.   10   25%             N65,000. 00        N625,000. 00 * 60%        N375,000. 00 & N250,000. 00      N625,000. 00
N500,000.   10   25%           N125,000. 00         N1,250,000. 00 * 70%   N875,000. 00 & N500,000. 00      N1,375,000. 00

Our Forex Trading pays upto 25% of your initial Investment amount daily, Invest

today and create room for your incoming dividens.

This is how it pays.
If you invest N20,000. 00 with our company, we use it to trade on Forex and make

25% interest, which is about N5,000. 00 daily from your initial investment plan

for 10days.  Then multiply interest amount by 10days and that is N50,000. 00.  Our

company pays you 35% from the total amount of the 10 investment days in addition

with the initial deposited investment amount while the remaining 65% from the

10days interest amount goes to the company's trust fund account as our share of

the investment.

The same procedure is applicable when you invest with N50,000. 00, and

N80,000. 00, N100,000. 00, N250,000. 00, and N500,000. 00.  However, the interest

rate paid varies depending on the amount invested.

Multiple Investment is allowed.
This means that one can invest any amount for any number of times you may wish

and still have your interest multiplied to such number of times.  For instance,

one can invest N20,000. 00 in 5 times at a time, N20,000. 00 multiplied by 5 is

about N100,000. 00 investment for 10days and get 35% for each.  That is N17,500. 00

interest in 5 times, which is N87,500. 00 interest for 10days in addition to the

initial investment amount of N100,000 making it N187,000 within 10days.


You will be required to choose any investment plan of your choice and then

contact us with the below information.

For more information and clarification, visit our website below.

Go through our website and contact us for more clarification before you invest. 

hxxp: lenotreasureinvestmentng. biz. nf

Leno TREASURE INVESTMENT has come to make the different in you and every

individuals coz we have the means and the end we are ENTHUSIASTIC over our work

so we Leno TREASURE INVESTMENT has noting to fear about.  this is a new and a

good networking investment that has come to elevate you out from poverty, to

give you opportunity to become who you want to be in life and to help your self

out from your financial problems that you are facing right now, what we are

relay talking about is the investment that will give you a legitimate income not

an investment that will bring you down in life.

In your daily trading, are you playing to your strengths, or are you simply

being an "opportunity seeker"? There is a huge difference between the two and if

you're just an opportunity seeker, then you are leaving yourself open to

frustration and losses.  There are many parallels between trading, business and

gambling, and your ultimate success long-term will be determined by how you

approach any of the three.  Playing to your strengths is critical in all three. 

In any of the pursuits, there is competition and you always want to make sure

that you're playing to your strengths and not your weaknesses.  The objective is

winning, that is profiting, and you want every advantage that you can get.

Too often, the opportunity seeker will go after an opportunity just because they

see that there's money to be made, and they figure that they can shore up their

weaknesses (learn more) enough to go get that money.  Let? take a brief look at

how this applies in each area, keeping in mind the parallels between them.  you

can take out time to know more about what we are talking about by visiting our

web site on www. Lenotreasureinvestment. me. pn to get more information on how the

company was initiated and the various investment we undertake to know which one

and how to invest.

Note that the amount stipulated the chart depends on how much you decide to

invest; There is no limit to your earnings, Sometimes it sounds too good to be

true; yes because it is one of the most easy and stresses less ways to make

money.  Daily profit indicator has helped many to achieve much more, and as the

confidence grows stronger we think it can be introduced to others who think they

have the self control to stick to the daily plan.

Feel free to contact us or any of our investors who stand to refer you to our


We are reposition to serve you better.

Mr.  Nathaniel Oloyode
Managing Director
hxxp: lenotreasureinvestmentng. biz. nf

Email:   lenotreasureinvestmentng@financier. com

Or       lenotreasureinvestmentng@live. com


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I av Fallen for them before not anymore.   Thieves. 

Post Merge: August 02, 2010, 12:42:47 PM
I av Fallen for them before not anymore.  Thieves.

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If you are a victim to internet fraudster please sort your self out, Leno Treasure Investment do not pratice pyramid scheeme, or any thing punzzi, please I advice you  to visit our various offices if you are not sure.  That you are a victims to one company or another does not mean that every company that involve in High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) are fake.  thank and please do not criticize the company.
for more information visit www. lenotreasureinvestmentng. biz. nf

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