Author Topic: MUST READ For Teenagers: Itís Important As It Concern The Future  (Read 259 times)

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Early discovery of the sweetness of a manhood(dick) can almost or totally distract a teenager.

Iíve got one in my neighbor hood; just 15 years old.  But when she need it, she doesnít mind abandoning school and lots more just for a rod to be passed between her legs.

She could trek for miles to be serviced.  Literally gone crazy.

Many ascribed it as puberty stage madness but NO, she tested it too early you know.

This often times pull especially ladies into addiction.  I pity such a lady, what will she be doing with dicks at 18 and 19 which is the peak if God doesnít intervene.

I watched a movie titled addiction, that lady was addicted because she was sexually abused at an early stage, thus even her husband wasnít satisfying her, she can open her legs to receive even at her office chair with a cleaner.

We parents must try all we can so our teens wouldnít be exposed to premature intercourse.

Itís quite destructive because everything, both purpose, vision at that level is replaced with sex.  Once they see a man, nothing comes up in their mind but sex.

If this behaviour is not managed well it could lead to problems in marriage.  Its not even for girls alone but also boys.

I feel constrained to write about this because Iím not married but as a prospective husband, I wouldnít withhold my pen from spilling.

I woke up to a publication that acclaimed a married couple filed for divorce because the man liked sex too much.

Iím not taking side in this story because Iím not yet married, but at the same time, it poses fear to so many persons Iíve interacted with.

The woman affirmed the man would prefer feeding his manhood before even taking his dinner.  This he did till they pulled themselves apart.

The man on the other side acclaimed he was constrained by the church to stay away from the woman as a sign of purity till they got married, alas, they werenít sexually compatible.

This wouldnít be preached when talking about marriage but itís obviously killing many homes and I chose to express thus open.

Iíve heard a pastor lamenting about the same issue too; that anger arising from non sexual compactibilty might push so many of them to hell.

Iím quite naive about this.

Now, this has to do with us, can we say the man didnít hear from God very well? Or the woman isnít being submissive, or how?

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