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If wishes were horses, beggars would ride

Have you ever randomly included the term MOTIVATION on YouTube and how were the results? Astonishing right?
While they might not be reaching the Gangnam Style numbers, getting up to 4–5 million views is actually quite a milestone and what do these vlogs or videos usually on?
Change, Impact, Personal development, Self-Improvement, Motivation, education and the likes but what is the problem and why does it seem like so many or most individuals around the world are only listening but are unable to carry out what they want to in themselves or they are just able to wish for the so-called change in their lives but unable to make it real and tangible?

You just need to take a stroll on the top podcasting platforms – and you’ll realize that truly, and daily millions upon millions are desperately trying to get that change or improvement in their lives, desperately wishing and many; actually working towards that change in themselves, their doings, work, education, relationship, family, life and in all other facets that one columns as an individual and a brilliant one as that but the question is and will always be ‘Why do people still fail after spending hours staying motivated to change their lives?’

While changing one’s life (or should I say improving life) is not a day’s job but might be more demanding than most other things people do, doing it is actually one of the hardest decisions one will ever take as a human, really it is not easy to find discomfort in comfort and seek change in normalcy, so even after listening to all that talk from Billy Alsbrook, Eric Thomas, Tony Robbins and so many other motivators and impact makers, it’s become a norm for most to think about what they’ve just been taught or educated on, make the decision to take up the challenge, (a few of the lot) follow it up for a few days or weeks, get worn out and finally go like ‘arrgh, this is not my thing’ quit and end up going back to their previous lives, the life they’ve been living in mediocrity and gotten tired of previously, but why do they do this?
It’s not like Tony Robbins forced them to listen to his podcast or visit his YouTube channel anyways? (Permit me, he does irate our eyes with ads on YouTube sometimes) but people hear of such platforms somehow and go visit to learn, to seek knowledge and when they do, they end up backing out and going back to their ugly lives so to this, I’ve decided to couple up the reason I think and have associated with many individuals why lots do not usually get the change they seek in themselves or their doings.

Inertia/Inability to take the first step

A state of unwillingness to move, or change position, that is basically the definition of inertia, a term in physics, defined as ‘the tendency of a body to maintain its state of rest or uniform motion unless acted upon by an external force’, it is the unwillingness of a human being to achieve change or difference without a push from others, it is that heavy burden that stops people from taking the first steps towards their goals, aspirations and desires and keep their backs sitted in their benches at home or at their so-detested place of work that takes the chunk of their lives by the 9-5 of drudgery but to take that one step, just the first one towards a new life of lifestyle usually is what have held lots and lots of individuals from actually achieving the change their desire in their lives and while the eventual result of inertness is stagnancy in life, detestable career, relationship and various other facets of life, just the one step to change seems like the most arduous of all but as said ‘the journey of a thousand miles begins with just a step’, not willing to take that one step eventually leads a lot the way they never intended and they have to live with that.


This should make a lot of individuals wonder ‘How does comfort relate to change, impact and development?’ but rather unfortunately, so many people are actually comfortable with their so-dreaded life and lifestyle, they’d rather suffer and smile than break the chain and truly be free.
Being so into the norm actually has a lot of people not seeking change or discomfort, not even for a second, many would rather stay unfit and unhealthy than work out a while and improve both their physical appearance and general well-being (health).
Comfort puts people in a state of stagnation and imposed dogmatization but seeking discomfort and development which many dread on the other hand places move an individual into a state of constant development and improvement.
Ask yourself truly, ‘Am I being comfortable in this position I am in life or am I pushing for more and better things?’ or better still ask ‘Am I influencing things or am I only being influenced?’
The impact makers of the world were once normal individuals who broke the norm only because they felt uncomfortable with the happenings around and within them, most fail to realize they live a too simple, ruled life and they tend to follow the rules, not say much (not to be confused with introversion),not shake the walls but be the square peg in the square hole as said by a speaker and do not realize that everything they are actually desiring in on the other side of where they are right now.


So many individuals have been indoctrinated by their main influences while being nurtured usually parents, schools and other environmental factors into a belief system that places a demarcation on their lives and the achievements therein, and this enables such people into casting a restrain on themselves and forces them to live in a state of mediocrity, less than what they actually can because they’ve been forced into believing that the 9-5s, the save-till-you-die mantra are what they can achieve and the things they get to watch on T. V or listen to on radio, the record-breaking achievements, thesis breakthrough, the 5. 0 GPA scores are the things they cannot, why? Because it is not for them (the victims of dogma) but for those ahead of them and with such belief at heart, millions are forced to lay standards that should be under-achievements for themselves and tag these their life-goals and ambitions

Usually, it is one major factor affecting the middle-class (if there really is something like that) and those who basically lack things they want in life.

Lack of Commitment

In this world of today where everything seems to be all about the instant things, the YouTube views, the Facebook likes, the IG likes, Retweets and all of that, disciplining oneself and committing to focus on needed things and finding a way to neglect the disturbances seem like a really big trouble for so many. . . . . .

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