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Speak Hausa Language Fluently (Tuition Fee: N1,500)
« on: August 22, 2019, 06:30:02 PM »
It’s time to learn new language; you can now communicate with people around you, after participating in our Hausa Language lesson.
Are you in a community that doesn’t favor you because of Language Barrier?
After the program, you will be able to speak Hausa Language fluently, without any barrier.
Our Tutorial is Practical Learning Methodology with live scenario, Public Communications, Fast Learning kits and lots more.

Objectives of the Lesson
1.   To be able to speak Hausa Language Fluently
2.   To improve your Hausa Language Communication skills
3.   To Improve your Ascent and Pronunciation of words in Hausa Language
4.   To provide you an easy and faster way of learning Hausa Language

What will you learn?
1.   Sentences
2.   Pronunciations and Spelling
3.   Tone
4.   Formulae
5.   Vowels
6.   Consonants
7.   Verbs
8.   Noun
9.   Pronoun
10.   Cardinal Numerals
and lots more…

Learning Process
The tutorial take place in our Whatsapp Learning environment called (MWLE), from Monday till Friday. We offer Morning, Afternoon and Evening lesson, depends on your availably to participate

After the lesson
1.   You will be able to communicate in general Hausa Language
2.   You will be able to translate Hausa Language words
3.   You will be able to speak to people in Hausa Language speaking Communities, Cities, Market Places, Business environment, Office, etc

Why you should participate
1.   The lesson is 100% Practical audio visual, which mean you will  Watch and Listen to your tutor with various illustration mode, to enable you learn and assimilate fast
2.   You can ask as many questions as possible, by typing your questions or posting a Voice note. Your tutor will also respond to your questions instantly via Voice note or text
3.   You will be given an after class Assignment, which should be completed using your Mobile Phone Video or Voice recorder
4.   85% of students, who enrolled for our Hausa Language lesson, via our MWLE, are able to speak Hausa Language very fluently, after 3 Months of speaking consistently with people around them
5.   Access to various textbooks, to enhance your speaking ability, during and after the lesson
6.   Certificate of Hausa Language completion will be provided
7.   Three Months Mentorship Programme, also available for people with special interest

Lesson Batches:
Morning Batch: 10am – 1pm
Afternoon Batch: 1pm – 4pm
Evening Batch: 4pm -7pm
Night Batch: 7pm – 10pm

START DATE: September, 1ST, 2019
END DATE:  September, 30TH 2019

GROUP TUTORIAL (Group Lesson in Batches, via Mavlat Whatsapp Learning Environment - MWLE)
Lesson Fee: N1, 500
Lesson Duration: 4 weeks, Monday – Friday

Register and Join the 1st Batch Now
Limited Slot available, Registration ends 29th of August, 2019

To enroll in any of the Batches listed above, please contact us on;
Whatsapp / Telephone:  08166508269, 07062940253


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Speak Hausa Language Fluently (Tuition Fee: N1,500)
« on: August 22, 2019, 06:30:02 PM »


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