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EVERY CHURCH NEED THIS: Pls Do Give This A Prime Place
« on: July 11, 2010, 02:37:25 AM »

The Pastor/Reverend/Apostle/Shepherd/Bishop/Elder/President/Overseer,
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Dear Servant of the Most High,
(www. fastsmsdelivery. com)

Special greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We believe the flock of the Lord which you are overseeing is doing great in the Lord.  May God prosper your labours of love in all ramifications in Jesus name, Amen.

It will interest you to know about this goodly service known as ?Bulk/Customized SMS Messaging Service?.  This involves sending a unique message to multiple recipients regardless of their location and large number.  This is the fastest growing means of global wireless information exchange.  Mobile phones have become an inseparable thing for many people, hence reaching them directly on their phones will be of great positive effect.  This technology can therefore be used for Evangelisation of sinners, Encouragement of the discouraged, Edification /Exhortation of the brethren and Equipping of the believers for the Lord?s coming; thus fulfilling our ministry in view of the Lord?s imminent return.

Due to the hustling and bustling of the society we might not be able to go on aggressive follow-up and visitation to edify and exhort the brethren or curb/reduce the probability of being lost in the crowd.  However, we can do this periodically or regularly by reaching the people easily on their phones; without disturbing their daily activities.  Not everyone has the time to read mails (if at all they have email and check their mails) or read other publications.  On the other hand sms is so concise that everyone would surely read and digest the content even if in a public place or meeting where phones calls are restricted; reflecting the potency of this service.

As a church the use of this technology are numerous; some of which are:
Welcome sms to new-comers/visitors.
Follow-up sms to new-comers and converts.
Edification and Exhortation of the brethren.
Encouraging the discouraged.
Reminding members of various church/sectional meetings or activities.
Inviting people to camp and other programmes etc

Imagine what it will be like to receive an encouraging or faith lifting sms early in the morning on your way to the office; definitely it will lift your spirit and increase your productivity for that day.  What about receiving an sms as you are about to go to bed; you will sleep well to know your pastor just prayed for you.

Some of the uniqueness of this system are:
Creating different lists like new converts, elders, choir, etc to enable you mail to a needed list easily.
Scheduling a message to be sent on a given date and time even if it is months away. 
Instant delivery and delivery reports that can be monitored.
Accessibility from any part of the world as far there is internet connection.
Cost of sms to all the GSM networks is uniform.
It is very user friendly and simple to use.
The ?sender? can be customized i. e.  instead of the phone number the sender could be ?your church name?, ?unit/session name?, ?personal name? etc depending on you; just like those sms from banks and network providers.
How it Works, and to Register FREE
Our website is www. fastsmsdelivery. com where you can register free with small letters or lower case .  More information and features of this system can be found there. 
Besides, we can either create a BULK SMS account for you with username and password to enable you log in, and send SMS on your own, from our website or you provide us with your message(s) and the GSM numbers while we help you deliver your message(s).  You will only be required to pay between # 500. 00 to # 1,000. 00 additional handling charges, if we have to help you send your SMS.

Considering all the features of this system no amount would be too much for this service.  However, the service cost just N4. 00 at most as there would be discount depending on the number of units of sms purchased.  It means with just a thousand naira (N1,000) you can reach two hundred and fifty (250) members of your congregation personally.  Great will be the effect of this if backed with prayers making the fulfillment of our ministry easier. Register TODAY  for free and get 5 FREE SMS UNITS. Mode of Payment for SMS units: The Payment is made at any Guaranty Trust Bank, PLC using the Account Name and Number at www. fastsmsdelivery. com
Please note that SMS has a life time validity; it does not expire.

While we anticipate that this system will meet your needs in fulfilling the ministry, we look forward to hearing/reading from you.

Yours in His service,
TIAMIYU Jelili Adesola, 08032131443
HEAD of FastSMSDelivery Administrative Team
08032131443; 08037570424; 08067453558
info@fastsmsdelivery. com


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EVERY CHURCH NEED THIS: Pls Do Give This A Prime Place
« on: July 11, 2010, 02:37:25 AM »


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