Author Topic: Between Mono and Poly Solar Panels, Which one is better? Know it now.  (Read 1016 times)

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In Choosing Solar Panels, which cell technology is better, Mono or Poly?

Mono cell is generally more efficient than a Poly cell.  However, the cell area of a Mono is less than a Poly; Mono cell has more efficiency cell-wise but not power wise.

The cell colour of a Poly cell is generally blue and Mono is blue.  Mono absorbs more heat which is caused by the black colour being a warm colour and the more heat that is absorbed reduces the efficiency; blue being a cool colour does not absorb heat as much and it means the Poly panels don't absorb heat as much as Mono panels.

So the choice of solar panels should be based on the environment.  A very sunny and hot region should use more of Poly panels; a place like Nigeria will be better off  with Poly than Mono.

Mono is good in temperate regions, cool regions.

So consumers, engineers and installers in Nigeria you should consider more of Poly panels in your installations to get better efficiency; most especially in the Northern regions.

Now you know the right one to use.

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