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How to Get a Job in Andela
« on: July 08, 2019, 04:54:09 PM »
If you are tech savvy and searching for a job, then you may be interested to build your career in Andela. 

If are interested in working in a top tech company like Andela, then dive in lets work you through how you can make your dream a reality.

But before I take you through the steps, I would like to introduce you to Andela

About Andela
Andela is one of the top tech companies in Africa that identifies and develop African software engineers.  Andela help companies solve the technical talent shortage and build high-performing distributed engineering teams.

Andela bridges that gap, solving the global tech talent shortage while catalyzing the growth of tech ecosystems on the African continent.

Looks like you can't wait to be in Andela already, so lets dive in to see how you can make it:

Step 1: Search and apply for jobs at Andela

The first thing you have to do to eventually find yourself in Andela is for you to search and apply for job opportunities at Andela.  You can either apply as a fellow or as a senior software engineer.

If you are applying as a fellow, the you should follow the following steps:

- Andela Home Study Program

Andela designs a soft ware development curriculum to introduce applicants to programming.  The curriculum contains materials to help you understand the essentials of computer science and to also help you build a foundation in programming.

- Andela Assessment Test

If you applied for the Andela fellowship, at the second stage of the interview you would go through an assessment test to determine if you are a right fit.  The assessment test are in three phases:

Test 1: Saberr Test: This is a (Psychometric test) personality test to see if you are the best fit for the position.

Test 2: Technical Assessment Test: At this point, this test requires you to build an app.  It takes about 3 business days to get a response after you must have carried out the task.

Test 3: Second Technical Assessment: At this stage, if you have passed the first technical assessment, you will get an email inviting you to take another technical assessment.  The second technical assessment is a mix of quizzes and practice tests, and you will get a response for this test in 10 business days.

- Code Review and Face-to-face Interview

At this stage if you pass the online assessment test, you will be invited to a one-on-one interview where you will be further assessed on your assessment with Andela’s EPIC values and your understanding of relevant technology.

Sample Answers to Andela’s Interview Questions that you may likely be asked

1.  Tell me about yourself?

This is a common question, but a lot of people still get this question wrong.  See sample answer that can help you answer this question perfectly.

These statements will guide your response to the question;

Talk about who you are professionally
Highlight your competencies
Talk about why you are here

Sample Answer

“I am an innovative software engineer with almost 2 years’ experience in building soft wares.  Recently, I led a 5 man team that won the state prize for innovation few months ago.  I am someone that thrives in a fast paced environment and I am currently looking for an opportunity to apply my technical experience and my creative problem solving skills at an innovative tech company like this. ”

2.  What project have you worked on before?

If you are applying for the post of a software developer, then there is a great probability that you would likely be asked this question, so you need to prepare well for this question.

When you are answering this question, you should focus on your process, implementation and final result on the project.

Sample Answer

“In my previous employment, I worked on developing software and website for the state.  In order to get the website set up and the software for specific analysis on the site, I found out people that have a good knowledge of what the state wants to achieve with website and got their input on different project at different times.

I also identified different milestones that would be involved in completing the project, and I often went back to treat some bug issues at different stages of the project.

I thing that stood out for me on that project, was the fact that I was able to overcome all the challenges that I encountered during the course of the project, and was able to deliver on time even before the set finish date for the project.  That was one of my most memorable projects. ”

3.  Have you worked in a team, what did the team work on, what was your role in the team and what was the challenge you face as a team and how did you handle it?

When you are answering this question, you should be sensitive enough to know that the interviewer is trying to see how well you can work in a team and to also see if you can thrive in a collaborative environment.

So your answers should emphasize how well you can work in a team.

Sample Answers

“In my previous place of work, I worked in a team of 10 people, and I was the team lead for a particular software project that we were working on.  One of the major challenges that I experienced being the team lead for that particular project was that I had to deal with a team member that did not have the same enthusiasm that I had for the project.

Dealing with a particular team member made me take on more responsibility that was not very convenient for me.  So at the middle of the project, I had to to call that particular team member and made sure I really explained to him the importance of the project to the company and why it has to be a success.  He understood me and started being more result oriented. ”

4.  Can we see some of your works online?

To answer this question successfully, you need to prepare for the interview before hand.  You should always have something to show online.  Even if you have not worked in a company before as a software developer, you can embark on personal projects.  This will help emphasize that you are actually who you say that you are.

Approach to Answering this Question

There is no need to talk too much when you are answering this question.  All you need to do is to simply respond to the request as polite as possible and also go ahead to walk them through the features of what you have created.

You should also be enthusiastic to answer any question that you may be asked regarding the works that you have shown them.

5.  What do you understand by Andela’s EPIC value and what does each value mean to you?

To answer this question correctly, you can start by stating the full meaning of the acronym EPIC, the relation of the entire values to Andela and give your opinion on what each of the values mean to you.

Sample Answer

“First of all, I understand that the word EPIC is actually an acronym which stands for;

E - Excellence

P - Passion

I - Integrity

C – Collaboration

Just as the acronym implies, I believe that these values that this company have held seriously and for a long time as well.

See other interview questions and answers here


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How to Get a Job in Andela
« on: July 08, 2019, 04:54:09 PM »


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