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Pregnant 16 years old girl
« on: July 09, 2010, 12:51:12 AM »
Joy, a sixteen year old from a
poor family gets pregnant.
The parents threatens to
disown her unless she
reveals who impregnated
her. Joy succumbs to the
pressure and reveals the man
who did it.
LS comes up with the likely
scenario of what happened
Father : Now Joy, if you dont
tell me who is responsible
for that unwanted child in
your stomach, you are going
to wear this cloth and leave
my house this instant.
Joy : Ok , dad, his name is
prince Frank.
Father : And where do we
find this prince Farouk or
France, i need to see him
immediately. He must tell me
why he got you pregnant.
Joy : hi prince, my father
wants to see you. he is very
angry that you got me
pregnant. he said he will skin
you alive today.
Prince : Ok baby, dont panic. i
will be there in an hour.
Joys? Father hides his gun
and welcomes the rich prince
with smiles.
they sit down to talk.
The Father : mr prince, i
understand you got my
daughter pregnant.
Prince : yes sir but before
you say anything more, i
want to make you an offer.
I am from a very rich family
and i need a child, my wife
has not been able to give
birth to a child, therefore in
the event that your
daughter gives birth to A
baby girl, i will give her one
million dollars and a house in
USA. If she gives birth to a
boy, i will give her 4 million
dollars and two houses in
USA but if she has a
miscarriage?i will?(the
father interrupts )
Father : uhm , if she has a
miscarriage sir, you will
sleep with her again..


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Pregnant 16 years old girl
« on: July 09, 2010, 12:51:12 AM »


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