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The name Okadabooks was thought of when the founder was riding an okada in his dreams. He noticed how Okadas were able to bypass the congested roads of Nigeria by offering a cheaper, faster and more flexible alternative to conventional means of transportation. Today the conventional way of reading and publishing books is currently experiencing a traffic jam from poor distribution to high printing costs. Okadabooks seeks to bypass the traffic in the Nigerian book publishing industry by making it easy to publish books, making it cheap to buy books but more importantly making it fun to read books on mobile devices! At the end of the day we are driven by the concept that people will read?if books are made cheap and easily accessible and what better way to do that than by using mobile phones!



Kickstart your career with invaluable experience from Nigeria?s leading e-publisher

As a team, we?ve worked with dozens of bright, young minds from across the country to build the brand that we?ve become today, that?s why we believe in giving everyone equal opportunity to work with us at OkadaBooks

Are you a fresh graduate or undergrad looking to get work experience to kick start your career? Here?s your chance.

Our internship programs give you the opportunity to gain skills necessary to work with a fast-paced, goal driven team across different departments.

Internships are typically unpaid and run for a period of 4 months. They?re designed to tackle real world problems while you contribute directly to OkadaBooks, giving you practical insights into how you can explore your chosen career path.

At the moment, you can intern with the following departments at OkadaBooks:

Marketing - Get the right message in front of our community and build reach

Sales and partnerships - Design promotions for some of Nigeria?s top brands

Content - Build content to connect with over 250k readers

Media - Create graphics and videos with top professionals

You can work from anywhere as long as you have good WiFi connection. We stay connected over slack. Lagos applicants get extra consideration, with possibility of coming into the Yaba office once in a while

Ability to work independently with minimal supervision. We?ve got a team of experts to support you, but not pursue you
Positive attitude to work. We have a go big or go home attitude, so you don?t get small tasks as an intern, you?re part of the team
Curiosity to know more and experiment. We love questions, and we love to try out new stuff
Bias for execution and getting shit done. As a principle, we don?t like to wait around
Comfortable giving and receiving direct feedback. Both good and bad, we like it when people say it as it is
Must be a team player. We value people at OkadaBooks, and we value people that work well together
Is comfortable with a casual startup environment. There?s no rigidity or bureaucracy



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