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How to start and run a successful information marketing business in Nigeria  that can make you N200,000 weekly


The starting point of great success and achievement has always been the same.  It is for you to dream big dreams.  There is nothing more important, and nothing that works faster than for you to cast off your own limitations than for you to begin dreaming and fantasizing about the wonderful things that you can become, have, and do. Anybody can achieve anything.  Do you believe that? Yes I do.


have you have ever bought a newspaper or probably seen an advert online and you felt like purchasing the advertised material??

have you ever bought anything via an advertisement on a newspaper or online before??

have you ever thought of what the nigerian population is at present?? {150million}

have you ever thought of how many people needs this same material you bought or liked and felt like buying??

have you ever thought of how much the person who placed the advert used in placing it?? { average is 5k or 7k}

have you ever thought of how many people bought the same material you paid for or felt like paying for?? { on the average.  20 to 30 people will pay for whatever you place an advert on in a national daily here in Nigeria} I am talking from my personal experience.

Come to think of it,
If 25 people make payment for a product advertised in a national daily or online with 5,000 and they each pay 4,000 / 8,000naira each {25 * 4,000 = 100,000naira} . .  just by investing a token of 5,000 for advertisement and a little time to create an information.

How many of such advertisement will you place before the year runs out??????

Are you currently unemployed, underemployed, tired and sick of being broke or looking for an extra income? ??.

Then this is for you?

I will like to congratulate you because your search for a better life is over? I will start by introducing you to the business of the century it?s called INFO MARKETING.

Info Marketing is simply the selling of packaged information e. g.  Manual on ?How to start Recharge card printing business with just a startup capital of 10,000naira?
?Snail rearing in the tropics? a goldmine?
?How to open a US Bank account Right here from Nigeria?
?Step by step manual on Solar electricity generation plus inverter building? etc?
This packaged information could be in the form of an e-book, manual, cd, tape etc
Once the information is packaged, the next thing to do is to advertise the packaged information, and then people will start paying for your packaged information.

It is ridiculously simple, easy and straight forward.  There is so much wealth in information marketing and the required startup capital is so small.  Above all, this business is what you can start easily because no computer knowledge is needed, no website is required, no qualifications required, no racial discrimination.  It can be done from anywhere all you need to get started is just your mobile phone, your bank account and as little as N5500 for advert.  You can even start with no capital at all for advert placement as there are ways to get a huge traffic with no advertisement and this is totally free? THIS I WILL EXPLAIN LATER.

My name is LATEEF AJIBOLA.  A top infopreneur [information marketer].  Starting from January 2007 with a startup capital of 5500naira, I have raked in tens of millions selling information using various platforms.

In January 2007, I was bankrupt and I was so disturbed that I didn?t know what else to do.  I had to go to a friend to lend me some money so I set up a calling centre somewhere on my street as I did attend a seminar on how to be successful with that a couple of months back.  After much discussion, I realized I will be needing a kiosk, a phone, booster card, and a couple of recharge cards to start up the business? all this I couldn?t afford at that time due to my state of bankruptcy then.  My good friend advised me that I could teach other people who have the money to do the business for a fee and these actually opened my eyes.  I WENT BACK HOME AND WROTE MY FIRST E-BOOK IN THE NEXT 2DAYS TO COME {January 2007}.

I paid 5500naira for my first advertisement of the e-book I created and that was the turning point in my life.
1st Month = 148,000 Profit
2nd Month = 250,000
3rd Month = 380,000
6th Month = 1 Million Profit
10th Month = 4 Million Profit.

As at today that I am writing this {Sept 25th 2008} just 21 months after I became an info marketer,

I have created e-books on several hot business subjects as described above through my personal researches and seeking expert advice on each subject I write on.  It is the most exciting business in the world.  Within a FEW DAYS, total strangers will start sending you money for your ideas.

I have sold over 1500 copies of my e-books at minimum of N5, 000 each = 7. 5 Million plus?
I have sold over 1000 CDs at N8, 000 each = 8 Million plus
I have taught over 1000 attendees at my seminars at N10, 000 each = 10 Million plus?
I have taken several personal coaching classes at N20, 000 each.

In the world today, the difference between the rich and the poor is the rightful application of knowledge.  I became a millionaire just because I decided to package my first information product based on a friends advice and that has brought me so much fame and fortune at a tender age.

Information Marketing turned my life around that 6months after I started I became a Millionaire at the tender age of 21.

What I want you to know is that whatever your current situation is financially, your age or educational background, your location, this is a great opportunity for you to forge ahead and earn big selling information.  This business is what you can do while you still retain your current job and start earning from immediately.

All these I achieved as an infopreneur.  The same strategy that I used to acquire so much wealth without a degree, being single, no silver spoon background, just using my mobile phone, Bank account, my email address, selling information CAN BE REPLICATED OVER AND OVER BY YOU.

1.  It requires low startup capital
2.  It offers a high return on investment
3.  No qualification is required
4.  No age barrier
5.  It can be done anywhere and by anybody.
To help you become a successful Information Marketer, I have packaged an e-book on Information Marketing to teach you the A-Z of Information Marketing.

My detailed Step by Step manual will teach you how to convert any information to a CASH SPINNING MACHINE.
? What information sells
? Where to locate the information that sells
? How to package the information
? Where to advertise the packaged information
? How to write your advert so as to sell
? How to write your sales copy
? Proven Marketing Strategies that will skyrocket your sales
? How to be successful in a competitive market


? Free 3 months mentorship
? My personal list of proven advert mediums
? My proven personal marketing Strategy
1.  How to start recharge card printing business with 10,000 capital and make 150,000 monthly.  {worth 5,000naira}
2.  Make $2500 monthly from Affiliate marketing {google adwords and adsense} {worth 7. 000naira}
3.  Become a Millionaire Through Solar Inverter Building, Fixed Odd Financial Trading.  {worth 5500naira}
I decided to give all this away for free so you can actually start a business doing either of the above or editing and reselling any of the above even if you do not have any idea of your own to sell as of now.  I really do want you to start this INFO MARKETING BUSINESS as soon as possible as it is a gold mine and this will definitely change your financial status.

All these I have Decided to give away at a heavily discounted price of 3,500naira as against the recommended price of N20, 000 {because this is for the unemployed and underemployed and to say thank you to all Nigerians who have in one way or the other helped me to reach the top}

GRAB YOUR COPY NOW while the offer lasts.

Step 1:
Pay the sum of N3,500 into
Guaranty Trust Bank Account name: LATEEF AJIBOLA
                    Account number:403-441535?1590
To firstbank Acount name:LATEEF AJIBOLA
             Account number:2703010091613
N. B: You can pay in from any branch of GTbank and firstbank nationwide.

Step 2:
Send a SMS {text message} to 08037156269 or email fatnaira@yahoo. com including your name, teller number, amount paid, phone number and email address.

Step 3: Upon receipt of this, your payment will be confirmed and then your package will be sent to your e-mail address within 24 hours.


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