Author Topic: Roger Federer Wins 20th Grand Slam, Says ?No Plans To Retire?  (Read 4592 times)

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Roger Federer Wins 20th Grand Slam, Says ?No Plans To Retire?
« on: January 29, 2018, 06:49:37 AM »
ROGER Federer has said he said retirement is not in his plan for Tennis suggesting that he is ready to play on as long as he lives.

Federer?s Australian Open triumph has been shadowed by ?conspiracy theories? the Swiss maestro is about to take his leave.

?No idea. Honest, I don?t know. I have no idea,? Federer said when asked, at 36, how long he could continue at such a stellar level.

?I?ve won three slams (two Australian titles and a Wimbledon) now in 12 months. I can?t believe it myself.

?I just got to keep a good schedule, stay hungry, then maybe good things can happen.

?Then I don?t think age is an issue, per se. It?s just a number.

?But I need to be very careful in my planning, really decide beforehand what are my goals, what are my priorities. I think that?s what?s going to dictate how successful I will be.

?Exciting times ahead. But, no, as a professional, it?s what we do. But I?m happy I?m in that position right now.?

Jubilant after posting a record 20th grand slam victory, Federer said there are multiple factors behind his success ? most significantly, his wife Mirka.

?I think by not overplaying, not playing every tournament possible,? he said of the secrets behind his longevity.


Roger Federer holds his trophy. Picture: AP Photo/Dita Alangkara
?I enjoy practice. Not minding the travel. Having a great team around me, they make it possible.

?At the end it?s seeing that my parents (Robert and Lynette) are incredibly proud and happy that I?m still doing it. They enjoy coming to tournaments. That makes me happy and play better.

?Then, of course, my wife who makes it all possible.

?Without her support, I wouldn?t be playing tennis no more since many years. But we had a very open conversation, if she was happy to do this or not, years ago.

?I?m happy that she?s super supportive, and she?s willing to take on a massive workload with the (four) kiddies.

?Same for me, because I wouldn?t want to be away from my kids for more than two weeks. This life wouldn?t work if she said no.

?Many puzzles need to fit together for me to be able to sit here tonight.?

Surprised the Rod Laver Arena roof was closed for the final, Federer admitted he experience and luck helped him survive.

And he admitted his post-match emotion caught him by surprise.

?I?ve had these moments in the past, but maybe never as extreme as tonight. Getting to 20 is obviously very, very special, no doubt,? he said.


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Roger Federer Wins 20th Grand Slam, Says ?No Plans To Retire?
« on: January 29, 2018, 06:49:37 AM »


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