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Before I start we need to discus how you can receive your money.
All your earnings will be withdrawn through bitcoin:
 Bitcoin is a digital currency which you will need to need to withdraw all your earnings
So  before we start visit: www. bitcoinwallet. com or www. coinbase. com and create your free account
After that you will be given a bitcoin address with is 34 character or so.
This address is what you will need to withdraw your money
How can I make the money?
now that you have created your bitcoin address  all you need to do is visit all these site listed below and start making money.  This is how is work
visit the site
create you free  account
In most of them all you need to do is enter you bitcoin address and start claiming free bitcoin
How to claim
  After you have create your free account
Login and click on claim bitcoin or claim button which ever one
Enter the captcha and click on claim
then you wait for the next minute to claim again
NOTE: This is a job for people less busy  / a man or woman who need extra income. 
I will advise you to join many of them, like 20 ? 30 of them
Each of them will give you up to $5 per month  5x20 =100 which is $100 and $100 is more than N30,000
The only expenses you will make is your MB and charging of your phone or laptop
It all depend on your hard work there are some of them that you can win lottery in them up 1BTC or more and 1BTC is equal to $3,500 or more
To me I see no work there most of us spend hours on facebook why not use that time and make your self good money
These are the sites, there are more if still need them or you can start with this ones then when you become an expert in it then you should know what to do

1.    https://bustedfaucet. com  claim  satoshis every  5 minutes

2.    https://freebitco. in/?r=5946366  claim  satoshis every  60 minutes

3.    hxxp: work-4it. com claim  satoshis every  10 minutes you will make lots of money with this site

4.    hxxp: yibtccoins. com/?r=1NpoA43FvExEkNq2Rh1D2iU46gBRFPX1eH   claim  satoshis every  5 minutes

5.    hxxp: www. veryclix. com/?ref=kingslogoh  claim  satoshis every  5 minutes

6.    https://www. swissadspaysfaucet. com/faucet/?ref=kingslogoh claim  satoshis every  60 minutes

7.    hxxp: mellowads. com/?ref=4B624523CACC claim 3000 satoshis every  day minutes

8.    hxxp: www. luckybtcfaucet. website/?r=1NpoA43FvExEkNq2Rh1D2iU46gBRFPX1eH  claim  satoshis every  15 minutes

9.    hxxp: timeforbitco. in/371630 claim  satoshis every  5 minutes

10.    hxxp: sunbtc. space/311471 claim  satoshis every  5 minutes

11.    hxxp: getyourbitco. in/585807 claim every 5 minutes

12.    hxxp: www. fautsy. com/?r=1NpoA43FvExEkNq2Rh1D2iU46gBRFPX1eH claim satoshis every  5 minutes

13.    https://bagi. co. in/bitcoin/?ref=47561 claim satoshis every  5  minutes

14.    hxxp: btcinbtc. com/faucet/?ref=41246  claim satoshis every  5  minutes

15 hxxp: xbit. co. in/faucet/?r=1NpoA43FvExEkNq2Rh1D2iU46gBRFPX1eH

16 hxxp: worldofbitco. in/258662  claim satoshis every  5 minutes

17 hxxp: bitfun. co/?ref=1CBD32D95F9A claim every 15 minutes

18 hxxp: bonusbitcoin. co/?ref=8E8EE0890F9A  claim every 15 minutes

I will add more but for now

if you have any Question you are free to comment
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