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Make up to $200 in a week with LibertyReserve
« on: December 26, 2009, 01:35:43 PM »
Can you imagine how i got $150 with liberty reserve within two weeks? It was so amazing, the first time i saw this random program I did not take serious but when I get into this program i am so excited when i begin to earn money into my Liberty reserve account on daily basics.  I then took it this program serious and started inviting people to join from many social networks like facebook myspace etc.  Its so easy and you can make it too.

1) An email address
2) Liberty Reserve Account (free to open at: www. Libertyreserve. com)
3) Fund your libertyreserve account with it with $5
4) fund your Libertreserveaccount at hxxp: www. 419 Scam. com

To join this program does not cost you more than $5 (Five Dollars)
After funding your libertyreserve account you make $1 payment to each of the following account numbers listed below:
Now follow the steps:

STEP 1: Setting up your FREE Liberty Reserve (if you already have an account, just move on to the next step) it?s extremely safe and very easy to set up a FREE Liberty Reserve account just click here.  Liberty Reserve is used by thousands of companies, including eBay to accept credit cards and other forms of payment.

STEP 2: Fund your Liberty Reserve account locally from listed exchangers.

STEP 3: Sending Liberty Reserve money "it is an undeniable law of the universe that we must first give in order to receive. "Now all you have to do is send $1. 00 by way of Liberty Reserve to each of the five email address listed below.  After setting up your free Liberty Reserve account, confirming or verifying is AND putting (five dollars) $5. 00 into your Liberty Reserve Account use the Account tab on Liberty Reserve to send $1. 00 to each of the numbers on the list.  Then remove the top one (#1) and place your Liberty Reserve number in the #5 spot in the list of numbers.  Remember your number becomes #5.
IMPORTANT: Make sure the subject of the payment says: ?PLEASE PUT ME ON YOUR EMAIL LIST? This keeps the program 100% legal, so please don?t forget) The following are the Liberty Reserve numbers:

#1) U5584909 (Remove)
#2) U0896549
#3) U4013592
#4) U9595804
#5) U2590566
(add yours)

Remember, all of this is ABSOLUTELY LEGAL! You are creating a service, a business an Email List Service Business.  If you have any doubts, please refer to title 18 Sec.  1302 & 1241 of the United States Postal Laws.  However, do not spam.  This means, you should never sent it to an email that was not given to you willingly by the owner.  This makes your business completely legal.

hxxp: libertyreserveearnings. blogspot. com

To Your Success


hxxp: www. fourcornersalliancegroup. com/the-business/?a=ewealthpro
www.  libertyreserveearnings.  blogspo

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Make up to $200 in a week with LibertyReserve
« on: December 26, 2009, 01:35:43 PM »


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