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« on: July 27, 2017, 04:10:04 PM »
I have combined everything I have and use to earn money on the internet as a package.  You will be able to either resell some and earn a living or use some and actually have a take of earning money on the internet.

How much would you pay someone to share your website link to multiple groups on Facebook with a total membership of 1. 4Million people? Get it all for just $1

How much would you pay for 1000 followers on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and more? Get it too for just $1

How much would you actually pay for someone to like/favorite your tweet and at the same time retweet the tweet 1000 times? Get that too at just $1.

iWriter. com

? Learn how you can upgrade your account to Premium/Elite

? Sell Premium/Elite Accounts

? Earn money from iWriter as an Elite/Premium Writer


? All NGO Jobs in Nigeria for the month of June 2017

? Learn how to create such packages and sell them in print/pdf

? Print and Sell as a document offline to applicants

? Create other categories e. g.  All Bank Jobs, All Academic Jobs, All Diploma Jobs etc.

WordPress Premium

? A collection of premium WordPress themes and plugins

? Includes Buy Sell Ads, Pricerr Theme, iThemes Security Pro, WP Auto Post PRO & More

Services (Unbelievable Packages at $1)

? Online services you can buy from as low as $1

? Resell on Fiverr. com for $5 or for any amount on Findworka. com or Nairaland. com.

? You can use such services to gain massive online presence, traffic, social media followers, bookmarks, directories postings and so much more.

? Enclosed is a list of sellers I?ve used and still do.  Plus 1yr VPS at just $10 & More


? Learn about VPS

? Get free VPS (1yr at Amazon, 90 days Google, 30 days Microsoft & More)

? Using VPS (It?s like an online US visa full access to amazing sites e. g.  SliceThePie. com)

Auto Surf

? Run auto surf programs and earn unlimited points/minutes/hits

? On sites like Hitleap. com and Otohits. com

? Sell traffic on Fiverr. com, Findworka. com or Nairaland. com or just use it yourself


? Create a personal SMTP Server running on your computer or preferably a VPS

? Actually be capable to send unlimited emails via your own SMTP Server

? Use your SMTP Server to provide bulk email sending services to others

? Teach others or get paid to create personal SMTP Servers on VPS

Email Marketing

? Learn what Email Marketing is & How it works

? Get clean working Email Extraction Tools perfect for extracting Emails & Phone Numbers

? Bulk Email Sending Tools that can work unhinged on a PC or VPS

Popup Ads

? You can actually earn money from popup ads by sending traffic from autosurf

? Get the configuration you?ll need to monetize Hitleap. com or Otohits. com

? How you can use a standard Hitleap. com account and cloak working links


? SEO Tools

? Premium Internet Marketing Tools

? Fashion/Wedding Magazine Packs

? Wide Range of Annual Ongoing Scholarship Links (Degree, Masters, PhD and More)

I choose to give everything as a package because you might not know the use/value of so many things here (which all have been tested) today but one year from now or maybe two or more years from now when you bump on the enlightenment of any or all of these things.  I?ll like you to run back to this full package and make the best use of it.

In terms of value nothing here is going to expire or get crowded by multiple users.  You can wait and hope for your business to grow or a job to come, or you can take the step and actually knit your future one day at a time, moment by moment by the decision you make.

If you really can?t afford it, take time and read about these things on your own.  It?ll take a few months, weeks or maybe close to a year but you?ll get a round.  Or just get it all right now.

All in One: Money Making Pack = N3000

There?s nothing listed here that?s just theory, I?ve used all that?s mentioned above and still do in most instances.  I?ve tried sharing these things freely or cheaply for as low as N100 in some instances but like most good things people only value what they pay for.  So for the first time ever here?s a collection of everything that works, so with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Get it all for just N3000 Only

Interested? CALL/WatsApp me on: 08137875458(All Inclusive Pack)


Want more?

How much would you pay to have a personal SMTP Server so you can actually send unlimited emails?

How much would you pay to have a Premium/Elite iWriter Account?

How much would you pay to have access to 200,000 emails of people on Popular Websites?

How much would you actually pay for a program that can generate traffic and earn money from popup ads?

How much is it worth to have full access to all NGO Jobs available in Nigeria?

How much would you pay to learn how to collect and gather all available jobs of any sector in Nigeria for a particular month and sell in print/PDF?

And how much would you pay to have access to Premium WordPress Themes, Plugins, Trending online Magazines and more?

Get everything here for just N3000.

Interested? CALL/WatsApp me on: 08137875458.


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