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The Internet Referral Program that can turn your Smart-phone to an ATM machine

Direct Bank Server is that Internet Referral Program that can turn your Smart-phone to ATM machine.  Fine out how.
DBS Have you been in search of an E-Business Purely Online, built on Truth and Integrity?

Well this is your opportunity as I Introduce You To A Business Where You earn N4,000 as your advertising bonus in your affiliate ID channel for each educational pack sold by you and above all get a Loan to start your Business after 6 months of being an active member. img-20160628-00202

I present to you ?Direct Bank Saver (DBS)? which is an Investment and Loan Servicing Bank.  Have you been looking for a business where you earn extra pay while you work full or part time? Then all you need to do is to Market DBS e-products and start your journey to wealth education and direct income earnings.


Get free soft loan financing for small business of N250,000 as aggregator member and N50,000 and Developer member (summary: you must be an active member)
Earn N4,000 instantly to your bank account per prospect from your affiliate channel in the DBS earn as you go project
Also earn a yearly recurrent annual income of N12,000 on your project account balance without referring any affiliate through DBS no referral project
Business Development sheltering
Investment and Loans servicing
Easy funding and Direct Bank Savings to your Bank account

You register or open an online account with N5,500 with the company.  After which for anyone that uses your affiliate (ID) to open an account with the company you get instant N4, 000, which is also paid directly to your bank account same day. .

Payments are made to members? bank accounts every day before closing of work or the following morning.

MIND BLOWING ? Assuming you directly register 4 persons, DBS pays you N4000 x 4 persons instant to your bank account.

We have presented you an opportunity to make great wealth as a DBS subscriber.  An opportunity to either just sit down and make just N4,000 ONLY in a whole month or to be proactive and make over N280,000 in 30 days as a DBS Affiliate MAGENTO income saver!

In DBS, You now have opportunity to make money everyday.

No board system.

No cycling out system.

No hanging member.

No hanging payment


All earnings are being paid directly in your Nigeria bank account used in your registration within 24 hours.  You also get FREE yearly affiliate profit bonus income of N12,000 on your project account balance. .


FINALLY ? As a DBS affiliate e-business MAGENTO income savers and DBS affiliate e-business PREMIUM income savers, you get an Instant income of N4,000, which is deposited to your bank account within 24 hours for any new subscriber that uses your DBS affiliate ID to Subscribe to any of DBS e-products?.

Enjoy this rare marketing opportunity as you benefit from the DBS peer-to-peer affiliate marketing business and earn commissions in advertising profits that accrue to you

NOTE ? The DBS subscription resources and the DBS membership is only by recommendation from existing members of DBS


Save N5,500 with DBS (www. directbanksaver. com) and qualify for a  N4,000 monthly income which is paid directly into your bank account.

How does DBS work ? 4 steps.

Visit www. directbanksaver. com, put Simeh as ID and enter

Click on link to register and fill the form with your details

Goto the bank and using your newly created ID pay N5,500 into DBS account and your account is activated.

For anyone that uses your affiliate  ID to open an account with the company- you get instant N4,000 paid directly to your bank account.

NOTE ? The DBS subscription resources and the DBS membership is only by recommendation from existing members of DBS, so use Simeh to gain access

Contact: Me mobile : 08060366379  Twitter @sly4life1 , facebok. com/sly4life, e-Mail: sales. giveaway@gmail. com , sly4life25@gmail. com


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