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How to start bitter kola export business in Nigeria
« on: April 11, 2017, 11:56:26 AM »
How to start bitter kola export business in Nigeria

How to start bitter kola export business in Nigeria ? Do you want to start a bitter kola export business? Are trying to figure out how much it will cost? Does it require large capital? Can anyone do it or is it left only for business moguls?

I have a little secret to share with you in this article will turn out to be a big surprise to you.

Just promise me that you will read this article to the very last and do something great with it.


Alright, as you already know that agricultural produce export is the big thing happening in Nigeria right now and many have become rich regardless of the recession and hardship.

Bitter kola is one of a few agricultural produce that promises a 100% profit.

Yes, and the best thing is you can start it with as low as N80,000.  You can do it.  It isn?t left only for the business moguls.

Just like every other business, there are procedures, policies and requirements you need to know and abide by if you want the best from it.

Below are step by step guidelines on how you can start exporting bitter kola in Nigeria

Do Your Survey

First thing is for you to do a thorough research about bitter kola business.  You need to understand how this business works for you to succeed.

For example; Do you know that bitter kola is a seasonal produce and therefore isn?t around all year round.

Do research on how to find buyers to buy your bitter kola seeds.  You don?t want to go into this business blindfolded, or you might burn.

A helpful tip; ask others into it, though most of them will be reluctant, you will get some answers.  Hang out in agricultural or farmers online forums and social media.

Find out ways to export your product and the cost it will take.  You won?t like a scenario whereby you have got your product ready, but realised you couldn?t afford the shipping fee.

For example; You can go with NIPOST, but our goods won?t arrive at the buyer fast enough.  In the other hand, you can use DHL, though a bit costly but your goods will arrive at the buyer fast enough.

Also, do you know that the country you ship your goods to affects the price you pay for shipping?

What are the legal documents required?

These and much more like that is what you have to research on.

Register Your Business

Do I need to register my business? Yes and No.

No fast rule says you must register your business before you can start bitter kola exporting.

Notwithstanding, you will benefit from it immensely if you take out time and register your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)

Also, you need to pay a visit to the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC).

You will appear more credible and trustworthy to those foreign buyers.

It will be hard for you to land an export contract that ran into millions of naira if you are not registered with any government body.

But if you are duly registered, and you present your business certificate to the buyer, he will be willing to sign a contract worth millions of naira.

Whether you register your business or not, just know that bitter kola business is hot and you will make huge money from it.

Registering your business only helps you build trust and credibility fast enough.

Consider How to Receive Payment.

It is a known fact in Nigeria that receiving or sending payment outside Nigeria is always a nightmare.

You need to decide from the beginning what payment style you will use that will be convenient for you.

You can open a domiciliary account.

You can open a payoneer account and receive a payoneer MasterCard which you can use to withdraw your payment from any atm in Nigeria.

You can receive your money through the Western Union.

You can opt for check payment.

There might be other options, but the ones mentioned here are my already tested and true method of payments.

Now, that you have taken care of all the above, you are now ready to start bitter kola export in Nigeria.

In a nutshell, let me show you the things you will need to start up a bitter kola export business in Nigeria.

Reliable Information about the business: costs little or nothing

-At least one buyer?s contact

-At least one supplier?s contact

-A CAC or NEPC certificate (optional): costs around N11,000

-A convenient and reliable payment gateway (preferably a domiciliary bank account)

-Paper wrappers for the packaging: costs N2000

-Cartons also for the packaging: costs around N5000

Now with all these, you are set to go.

But before you go, read below and see how to package your bitter kola products safely and awesomely.

How to Package Your Bitter Kola For Shipping

Wrap them with the brown wrapper papers.  Each wrapped bitter kola must be 1kg in weight.

Put seven parcels of wrapped bitter kola into one carton.  This will total into 7kg per carton.

Seal the mouths with tapes.

Now take the cartons to your courier of choice and pay for it to be shipped.  Always note that the destination determines the price you pay.

Now, I want you to go and get yourself busy with what you have just learnt from here.  Don?t procrastinate, don?t doubt because bitter kola export business is truly one of the few business with a 100% profit margin.

 For full details on how to start this week visit or copy the link and paste it on your browser

  ===============   www. henryopute. com/blog    ==============

www. henryopute. com/blog/how-to-start-bitter-kola-export-business-in-nigeria


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How to start bitter kola export business in Nigeria
« on: April 11, 2017, 11:56:26 AM »

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Re: How to start bitter kola export business in Nigeria
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If you want to go into bitter kola export business, There are so many company website this days like hxxp: www. virtatrade. com that will enable you as a beginner to raise the fund you need to start up your bitter kola export business without you seeking for a loan.

This company is where many business dealers from all over the world generate fund that backup their various businesses financially.

I used this company to backup my cocoa beans export business each time my business is running down. 

You can visit and register with the company website here hxxp: www. virtatrade. com to  raise the fund you need now to go into your bitter kola  export business.

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Re: How to start bitter kola export business in Nigeria
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2020, 12:43:46 AM »


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