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Movement Against Poverty NGO that give free Loan To Member
« on: January 14, 2017, 06:35:24 PM »
[13/01 1:43 pm] Evergreen: Short History of MAP
The Movement Against Poverty was carefully thought about by a few men who have achieved great heights in various networking businesses.  Most of whose hopes have been dashed or most of who have met disappointment in the dishonest ways many of our networking companies handle their net workers after a great deal of efforts.
The Directors started meeting sometimes in November 2016 to fashion out a way of bringing our people out of acute poverty.
To this end, we chose, deliberately, our motto which is Honesty and Consistency in order for us to be guided along our journey.
We also chose the motto, so that members could bring us to task when we are deviating from our objectives.
[13/01 1:44 pm] Evergreen: OUR PROGRAMMES
With a one ?time donation of #4,000($20) you become a member of our NGO. All members enjoy the following benefits free of charge.

A) Agricultural related skills (Practical based)
1. Hatching of cat fish
2. Rearing of ccat fish (pond)
3. Processing of cat fish (drying etc. )
4. Goat and sheep rearing
5. Snail rearing
6. Rabbit rearing
7. Quail rearing
8. Poultry keeping
9. Turkey rearing
10. Guinea fowl rearing
11. Mechanised crop production
12. Establishment of permanent tree crops and maintenance (e. g.  oil palm ,coconut,plantain,oranges,cashew etc. )
13. Processing and packaging of farm produce

B) Vocational Training
1.  Dressmaking / tailoring
2.  Hair dressing
3.  Bead making
4.  Hat making
5.  Cake baking
6.  Tablet soap making
7.  Liquid soap making
8.  Insecticide production
9.  Germicide production
10.  Tie and dye
11.  ICT training etc.
[13/01 1:45 pm] Evergreen: WHO NEEDS OUR SERVICES?

Our services affect the following categories of Nigerians and other Africans.
1.  Unemployed graduates
2.  Unskilled and unemployed citizens
3.  Artisans
4.  Market women and traders
5.  Civil servants
6.  Company workers
7.  Business executives
8.  Rich men and women
9.  Students etc

For unemployed graduates, we teach you practical agric business like hatching, rearing and processing of catfish, profitable ways of keeping poultry,  practical vocational training like tailoring, advanced ICT etc.  And offer you a start up capital of forty thousand naira, no collateral, no interest.  We also give you free monitoring on their businesses.

For unskilled citizens, we give free training in any area of their choices and start up capital.

For artisans, who do not need a new skill, we give free interest loan to improve their businesses.

Market women and traders get free interest loans to improve their businesses.

Civil servants, company workers and business executives are given short time training on relevant agric businesses which they can start practicing before their retirements as their retirement plans.  Loans are also provided to aid their businesses.


For rich people, you could just register those people who trouble you for money every now and then by registering them with us.  In that way they trouble you no more as they will be trained and given starting/running capital.

Students in our various higher institutions of learning can also key into our various vocational training like head dressing, cake baking, bead making etc.  Collect start up capital and carry out little money making ventures on their campuses to assist their parents and make valuable uses of their leisure hours.
[13/01 1:48 pm] Evergreen: FAQ
Pay a one time nonrefundable donation of 4,000 naira through any of our payment options and visit our website on www. movementagainstpoverty. com and log in, you will find the options for register.  Click register and complete the registration information.

NO.  MAP is completely different from them all.  It is about kicking out poverty out of Africa. 
When you register, you have the opportunity to learn any skill you choose for a start, complete your fresher matrix by introducing at least two people, who in turn introduce two people each.  Then apply for a loan of 40,000 naira to start up your business.  The loan is interest free.
So, how much have you put into MAP? Yet, we give you more.
[13/01 1:48 pm] Evergreen: WHEN CAN I APPLY FOR MY FIRST LOAN?
Almost immediately, once your first matrix is completed, get your two members, apply and get your loan.  It could be hours or days, not even weeks.
Go to your genealogy, click any of the open accounts under you, a registration form is displayed.  Just go ahead.

Genealogy is a menu which displays your own network for you.  How you stand and shows all your downlines under you.

Go to your network details if you have enough money on your account and click generate pins, type the number and move on. 
For more info whatsapp/call me on 08035317931


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Movement Against Poverty NGO that give free Loan To Member
« on: January 14, 2017, 06:35:24 PM »


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