Author Topic: One Out Of 10 Nigerian Adults Has Type 2 Diabetes ? Endocrinologist  (Read 8577 times)

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The Secretary-General of Endocrine and Metabolism Society of Nigeria, Dr. Olufemi Fasanmade, has said one out of every 10 adult Nigerians has Type-2 diabetes.

Fasanmade, who addressed journalists on behalf of the President of EMSON, Prof. Feyi Adegoke, put the figure of those suffering from the condition in the country at five million, but predicted that it will double to 10 million by 2026.

He made this disclosure on Thursday in Calabar, Cross River State, during the opening session of the 38th Scientific Conference and Annual General Meeting of EMSON.

Fasanmade said the situation calls for concern as over 420 million people suffer from the condition globally.

He said over 15 million people in Africa were currently being treated for diabetes, adding that a lot of awareness needed to be done to curb the spread.

He said, ?Diabetes is on the increase and it calls for national concern. Globally, we have about 420 million persons suffering from diabetes and in Nigeria we have five million. This is much more than several other conditions that have national prominence. One in 10 adult Nigerians has ?type 2? diabetes and a few less have ?type 1?.

?In the near future, it is believed that in Africa, which has about 15 million diabetic patients, by 2026 that number will double to 30 million and Nigeria will be moving from five to 10 million. In Nigeria, residents in the urban cities are more at risk of diabetes than those in the rural areas.

?The metropolitan cities have the highest rate of diabetes and that is because people are tending more towards western lifestyle of consuming more of alcohol drinks, smoking, consumption of fast food and others. These are some of the things that drive the epidemic that we are seeing.?

The Chairman of the Local Organising Committee for the conference, Dr. Okon Essien, lamented that people were doing less of physical activities at the moment.

He added that lack of exercise, alcohol consumption and smoking were the reasons for increase in diabetes and obesity cases.


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Re: One Out Of 10 Nigerian Adults Has Type 2 Diabetes ? Endocrinologist
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The increasing rate of diabetes is becoming alarming.  According to research patients living with diabetes is now four times today than in the 80s.  I want to strongly believe that this could be associated with the kinds of foods we eat.  The marketing of foods enriched with sugar contents are on the rise.  So many people still don't pay attention to their diets until they are struck by this deadly ailment.  Nigeria hospitals are grappling with the increasing cases of diabetes.  The world health organization says millions are suffering from this deadly disease.  I that is writing this article was once a victim of this deadly disease but thank God I am 99% free and healthy without the use of any drugs.  The essence of this article is to pass to as many people the same strategy I used when I was down with diabetes.  I was so much fat then but within two weeks I was deflated like a tube without air.  I suffered for over 3yrs before I finally stormed into a solution that revived me.
Whenever I come across a diabetic patient I don't need to be told the pains he/she is passing through.  From excessive hunger to fatigue, enough peeing, often thirst for water, dry throat, blurred vision.  And the results of all these; is sudden loss of weight.  I went through all these but today I am a healthy man using a simple strategy.
Before I could derive this formula I visited so many trado-doctors that claimed they had the herbs and treatment for diabetes but ended gulping my little hard earned money. What I want to show you is a big bomb for  treatment and prevention of diabetes.  If I intend costing it with all the stress I went through, I may not  give it out for 100k.  Don't worry I want everyone to get it.  Just follow the procedures and you will become free from diabetes under 90 days.  The ingredients needed are all in your kitchens.  If you are interested email- evanvick@yahoo. co. uk.  or call 08034556352

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Re: One Out Of 10 Nigerian Adults Has Type 2 Diabetes ? Endocrinologist
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