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CHECK THIS OUT.........................................
« on: July 22, 2016, 04:01:18 AM »
STOP wasting Money! Advertise to the RIGHT audience with my VERIFIED GSM Database Phone Numbers + Nigeria & International ACTIVE EMAIL ADDRESS DATABASE
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Pretty much - without traffic, your online business is doomed.
Who I Am
My Name is Balogun Qosim Ibrahim, am a social media expert, Internet/Affiliate Marketer, Betting master and an online entrepreneur and a mini importer, and I am also the owner of: www. netcashpilot. com well that will be all for me.  Let?s get back to the real business that brought you here.
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The great thing about this system is there?s nothing technical about
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Dear Beloved,

Its 100% sure that generating TRAFFIC is the primary aim of every
website & business owners both online & offline.
But let me advice you today that you should be careful on how you go
about getting this TRAFFIC down to your Website or Business.

"Targeted TRAFFIC Rocks the fast result oriented? So, ensure you seek
for it always.

Reasons is because, "Targeted TRAFFIC Provides Better Chances For Conversion".
Now listen, perhaps the single best & most important reason why your marketing campaign needs targeted traffic is "Conversion" = To generate sales = that's the ultimate goal for any business website/Blog and corresponding digital marketing effort to drive traffic.

As mention earlier, even if you have tons of website traffic going through your
virtual doors on a daily basis but none of them ever converts into sales or leads,
then consider your efforts, investment & business as a dead one. . . . . .  period.

Targeted traffic offers bigger chance  for conversion, as majority of online
visitors are seeking information that your website may supply, and
have a greater chance of purchasing your products or services that will cater to
whatever need they may have.  Even if you only have a trickle of website traffic visiting
your blog, but if none of these site visitors covert to either leads or sales,
then that would be a total waste of your money, effort & time.

(The Higher Your Targeted Traffic Goes = The Higher Your Conversion
Rates Moves = & The Higher Sales You Make)

In summary, the most important aspect of any digital marketing campaign is to
generate the right kind of "TRAFFIC" to your Business both "Online & Offline" Landing page, Website, Blog, Referral Links, Affiliate Links etc. . . .
that have the higher than average chance of being converted into targeted lead or
even sales.  Even if you have hundreds of thousands or even millions of website visitors, but if your conversion rate is not enough to profit or break even from the amount of investments you poured into your digital marketing campaign, then your chance for survival in the online arena is next to nil.

Firstly, you need to understand that online businesses operate with similar business principles as offline in most cases.

Let's consider a case study
You have a shop @ 'computer village' in Ikeja (Lagos state) where you sell the computers and its accessories.

No matter the quality of the products you sell, there won't be any sales IF potential clients don't walk into your shop. . .

That?s traffic! And the same thing applies online.

A professionally designed website or blog promoting great
products/services WITHOUT visitors will yield no PROFIT.

So TRAFFIC is a very sensitive aspect of your business both online & offline.

It's what you must achieve before focusing on conversion etc.

As you listen to me now, you should focus on applying only digital marketing
techniques that will generate the right kind of Targeted traffic that
your business, products or services needs to survive on & stand out of its competitors.

Am Ready To lead You Through, If Only You Are Ready To Listen To Me.
I know 97% of marketers are familiar with the 'Conventional' methods of getting traffic. . .

Conventional VS Unconventional Traffic Method
See, . . . these are some conventional day-to-day methods of getting traffic to your Business, Church, School, Organization, Company & Website/Blog

- Facebook ads, Google ad-word, Blog sponsored post, Forum ads, Online Newspaper ad etc.

There is nothing absolutely wrong with any of the above channels of getting traffic. . . In-fact I use them too!

But they require a lot of capital to get started and to continue running your ads on their platforms.

What if there was a way you could send over 500,000 people to your business & website in just few days. . . ?

I mean 'TARGETED' traffic. . .

It's a scary thing to think about, especially considering the #1 challenge most people face in their business is getting quality traffic, and turning traffic into sales.

Is this a challenge you face in your business as well?

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Many Businesses, Churches, Schools, Companies and Organizations still spend a lot of money in their Advert/Marketing, Campaigns and Promotion of their Products/Services simply because they do not know how to target their Advert to the rightful people that need the service they are offering.
Your Business + SMS Marketing = Success + Email Marketing = Double Success. . . . .
= Note: Always remember that the money is in the LIST & the BIG MONEY now is in the TRUST + GOOD Reputation and Relationship You Have with your LIST.
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26.  14 Secrets Websites Where You Can Get Free Traffics.
27.  How To Advertise Or Promote Anything By Using Addynamo.
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General all is over 4. 5Million Nigeria Active Email Addresses for your sure effective Email Marketing.  (Guarantee Results Oriented Services) + Over 32 Million Facebook, + Over 3 Million on Google Plus Communities + 250 Classified Ad Sites & Business Directories + 40 Article Submission Sites.


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