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Nigeria Web Video Marketing Company
« on: June 16, 2016, 01:11:01 PM »

Nigeria?s web videos marketing company AdHang is a marketing company used by many companies and organizations both local and international to create effective web marketing videos. AdHang is a leader in video creation and has expertise in creating all manner of web marketing videos in Nigeria such as explainer video, demo videos, fun videos, spokesperson videos, reviews videos etc.

Is your company, institution or organization looking for a way to showcase your products, services, ideas, information or run a campaign via web video? Hire AdHang for the work and have your video professionally created for you quicker and easier in Nigeria. Not only that AdHang as leading web marketing company in Nigeria will help you market and publish your web video around internet by promoting it to the target audiences the video is meant for in Nigeria.

AdHang though web video marketing platform based in Nigeria, has skillful video producing professionals in different parts of the world working for AdHang; places such as USA, UK, India, Malaysia, Canada, South Africa, France etc. You must have seen this in various AdHang web marketing campaigns around the continents of Africa as AdHang has a lot of produced videos works in popular video sharing sites such as youtube, vimeo etc.

Every process of web video creation is handled by professionals from simple to complex i.e. from idea generation, storyboard, script writing, text, animation, voice-over, video-footage selection/creation to producing the final web video.  It?s important to say here that AdHang has all the technologies, tools and season experts to market your company?s web videos in Nigeria and reach millions of Nigerians and general public world-wide.

In web video marketing AdHang follows global code of conduct and principles, and ensures highest international ethical standard in web campaigns which will lead to effectively promoting your company?s credibility and brand across stake holders, interested group and Nigeria?s general public.

No video is the same as every video is unique; whether your aim is to create awareness, persuade a target audience, remind the people about an issue or reinforce a message AdHang knows the strategic and tactical approach to employ to achieve your goals faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

Hire a Nigeria?s web video marketing company today! Visit to contact AdHang to get started.


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Nigeria Web Video Marketing Company
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