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Industrial Automation and Design System
« on: June 13, 2016, 12:15:55 PM »
? Defining what to measure, why a parameter measure and how to measure .
? Determining and using the many control strategies, equipment and computer systems common to an oil and gas facility.
? Identifying equipment and instrument characteristics and using appropriate instrumentation and controls.
? Defining and integrating components into systems that monitor and locally control the process
(and related equipment), safety systems, and the communications and remote control systems use.


This course provides an overview of process systems automations, and control strategies and configurations. The focus is on applicatio and integration into the process and control of upstream and midstream oil and gas facilities. The material of the course is applicable to field production facilities, pipelines, gas plants, and offshore systems.
? Process systems operations and the key characteristics, and measurement needs, as well as
? Techniques to measure and control.
? Control modes and their applications, communications requirements, and the operator and Computer controller interface.
? Interrelationships between process, equipment, instruments and controls.
? Field (facility) control and monitoring systems such as pressure and level indicators and controllers.
? Field (facility) safety monitoring and response systems including SIS, HIPPS and emergency shutdown valves.
? System-wide considerations including communications, local control, remote control, and
? Data management and use.

1. Introduction to Automation
2. Brief History of PLC.
? Need and advantages of PLC.
? PLC Configurations.
? System Block diagram.
? PLC Classifications and types.
3. How PLC Works.
? General Architecture of PLC.
? Hardware details of PLC including front indications, terminals and ports on the modules.
? Brands of PLC to be treated.
? Allen-Bradley (RS 500 Micro-Logix).
? Siemens (S7-300).
? Omron (CPIE)
4. Fundamentals of PLC Programming.
? Programming units and using PC as programming unit, also Communication ports.
? Programming Languages and representation in FBD and LAD.
? Basic components and their symbols.
5. Understanding Relay concept.
? Relay wiring for logical gates.
6. Sensor: Actuator Concept for an associated process.
1. Siemens PLC (S7-300)
? Hardware and Software details.
? Front panel controls and communication details for S7-300 PLC.
? Selecting the operating mode for the S7-300 CPU.
? Specifications Capabilities of S7-300 PLC.
? Fixed Slots and Variable addressing for S7-300 PLC.
? Getting familiar with step 7 screens, options and navigation.
? Solving and developing Logic.
? Editing and modifying Ladder Logic Programs.
? Using Timers.
? Counters
? Flasher, using timers.
? Comparison Instructions.
? Mathematical Instructions
? Scaling analog values.
? Uploading and Downloading.
? Solving problems and software practice.
2. Allen-Bradley PLC (RS 500 Micro-Logix).
? Hardware and Software Details.
? Front panel controls and communication details.
? Selecting the operating mode for RS 500.
? Addressing of RS 500.
? Solving and Developing Logics.
? Editing and Modifying Logic Programs.
? Using Timers.
? Counters.
? Integers.
? Memory addressing.
? Float.
? Jump.
? Subroutine.
? Comparison.
? Control Reset (MCR).
? Swap (SWP).
? Uploading and Downloading.
? Solving Problems and Software Practice.
3. Omron PLC (CPIE).
? Hardware and Software details.
? Communication details.
? Selecting the Operating mode for CPIE.
? Addressing of Omron PLC.
? Developing Logics.
? Editing and Modifying Logic diagrams.
? Using Timers
? Counters
? Jump.
? Subroutine.
? Uploading and Downloading.
? Problems Solving and Software Practice.
4. Introduction to SCADA (Wonderware InTouch).
? Introduction to Wonderware InTouch SCADA Software.
? Applications of SCADA Software.
? Features of SCADA (Wonderware InTouch).

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Industrial Automation and Design System
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