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AdHang is a world-class and leading online digital marketing agency in Nigeria and first internet digital public enlightenment agency in west Africa.

It?s manned by some of the biggest online digital marketing monetization, optimization and digital users targeting experts in the industry, equipped with the very best and most advanced, comprehensive system and robust set of online new technologies and tools.

AdHang is created to make internet digital communication in Nigeria and entire Africa?s continent easier, faster, and help company, public figure, organization or institution who wants to embark on the following activities via online digital means:

Online Digital Marketing in Nigeria will help your company or organization design, create and run an efficient and effective online digital marketing campaigns that get your company an outstanding results that will speak for itself.

Whether for online marketing of products or services; in every online digital marketing process is carried out by professionals who will be dedicated to your success around the clock.

See approach at

Event?s Online Advertising in Nigeria

Do you have an event you wants to advertise in Nigeria? AdHang has an online digital advertising plans for event. No matter the kind of event: rally, concert, summit, carnival, festival, crusade etc.

With help of AdHang?s assorted online platforms both local and international that are accessed by Nigerians, your event message will get to millions of Nigerians. Yes will help your organizers create a sense of occasion around the event online and engage Nigerian masses.

See event approach at

Public Figure?s Populace Engagement
You are a public figure such as politician, office holder, activist, futurist etc and want to engage Nigeria?s populace or people residing in particular state or location in Nigeria. has the online tools and expertise to bring to the public notice any issue important to you to these Nigerians. Whether to build or repair public opinion on any given issue, will meticulously accomplish your objectives.

See approach at

Online Public Relation

Is your company or organization in need of online digital public reputation management or to engage stake holders of your organization in Nigeria? AdHang's online public relation approach seeks to change Nigerian perception or behaviors via online to achieve your goals. has sophisticated technologies, systems and processes for monitoring online forums, social networking websites, blogs and other online tools to help reduce the incidence of harmful porosity.

Whether in time of crisis or to let the public know about particular issue important to the organization AdHang?s team will always be there to assist the organization reach the masses. Every online public relation is carried out by professionals and follows international best practices and standard.

See approach at


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