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14 Basics Tips For Job-Hunters
« on: April 14, 2015, 09:28:08 AM »
These basic tips will help you think of ways to find work, stay positive and use your age whether young or old to your advantage.   
1.     Make sure you?re up-to-date with technology.     One of the things that make employers hesitant to hire both young and older workers is the idea that they won?t be able to use computers or other office technology.     Whether you know a lot or a little, make sure you?re on top of whatever the latest trends are and know the tech basics.   
2.     Be flexible.     You may not always be able to find a job that is exactly what you?re looking for.     Be a little bit more flexible in your requirements and you may find something else that?s just as suitable for you instead.   
3.     Keep a positive outlook.     Looking for a job is never easy, but it doesn?t make it any better if you approach it with a sour attitude.     Keep positive and good things are bound to come your way.   
4.     Fight preconceived ideas.     There are a lot of myths out there about getting a good job.     Do your best to go against the expectation and be the best candidate for the job.   
5.     Take some classes.     If you?re not up-to-date or could use a refresher in certain subjects, sign up to take some classes.     In some cases, you may even find that just being signed up is enough to get you the job before you?ve even finished.   
6.     Use technology.     Nowadays the web is the first place most people look when trying to find employment.     Use all the resources available on the internet to help you get a job as there are many and some catered directly to your needs as a worker.   
7.     Give everything your all.     Even if you?re unsure about a particular job interview, go in there and give it your best.     Even if you don?t even up working for the company it doesn?t hurt to have more options.   
8.     Don?t lie about your age.     Hiding your age implies that you think you?re too old for a particular position and if you think you?re too old that might make your potential employer feel the same way.   
9.     Accept you may have to take a pay cut.     If you?ve been let go from an executive position making a six figure salary, the reality is that you may not be able to find another job paying this well, regardless of your age.     Times are tough, so be aware that finding work may mean working for less than you?re used to.   
10.     Focus on future potential.     Employers aren?t always as worried about age as your potential for future success.     If you have a great track record and can sell them on what you have to offer to their business, you have just as much of a chance as someone younger at getting a job.   
11.     Offer to work odd hours.     If you?re just looking for a job to make ends meet you may be able to give yourself an edge by working odd hours.     This may not be a long term fix, but it can help you find something to give you money to pay the bills.   
12.     Go without benefits if you already have them.     If your spouse already has health care and you have a solid retirement plan already, you may be able to get an edge by forgoing the usual company benefits.     This can make you more of a bargain to employers and won?t hurt you if you already have backup benefits.   
13.     Stay healthy.     Searching for a job can be tiring, frustrating and depressing but it?s important to make sure that you focus on your health as well while you?re looking.   
14.     Be yourself.     Being yourself has gotten you pretty far in life already, so stick to it.     Act your age, show your experience and just be who you are.   

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14 Basics Tips For Job-Hunters
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