Author Topic: Do You Know Anybody That is Smart and Intelligent?  (Read 202 times)

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Do You Know Anybody That is Smart and Intelligent?
« on: August 26, 2014, 08:49:40 AM »
Great to connect with you!

You seem like a sharp person who is well connected.  Let me ask you, besides what you do now, do you keep your income options open? I have no desire to take you away from what you do now, but I do want to show you how to capitalize on your skills and connections to make a fortune in your off hours.  Would you like that?
Maybe you can help me.  Who do you know who is a CEO, a Visionary Entrepreneur, and a Business minded person who can spot an opportunity before the masses do?  I am looking for someone who is a self-starter; a goal getter; someone who has a desire to help others achieve their financial goals; a center of influence; who is coach-able and teachable; who can leverage their Nigerian and worldwide networks to build Wealth and a Family Legacy.

My partners and I are bringing a very unique gourmet coffee and tea business to Nigeria and we expect to do nearly USD100 Million in Nigeria alone this year! My business partner is personally sponsored by the #1 income earner in the world of our industry - 100+ million people worldwide.   My coach was the 1st diamond on the West Coast of America.   Our teams are some of the fastest growing teams in all of Nigeria and abroad.   People we work with www. lbemarketing. com are experiencing major success and we plan on accounting for USD30 million of Organo Gold's total USD100 Million in Nigeria this year!

We are identifying talent and looking for people who want to be involved at the beginning of Nigeria's launch.  Pre-launch leadership teams are being formed now, but top positions are going fast! My coach, Mr.  RRamon, is in Nigeria to support those individuals that qualify to work with us.

Get more information here: www. ogshow. com  (watch the 3rd video tab titled "presentation" then ?Compensation?)

Qualifications for a Pre-Launch Leadership Position:
(1) A strong desire to want more for you and your family (more - time, money, freedom, etc. )
(2) A desire to help others win and succeed. 
(3) Be coachable and follow our proven 4-step system
(4) Be a self starter - think like a business owner (not an employee)
(5) Treat your neighbor as yourself - put integrity and character ahead of your gain.
(6) Duplicate and teach others to do what you have done successfully (initial goal is to gather 100+ total completed applications from your own team).

To know more about this huge business opportunity you can visit my websites hxxp: gengrace. myorganogold. com.
And our team's website www. lbemarketing. com.
Let me know of your interest and send me your email address and phone contact, ASAP.

To Your Success!

Olusegun Abel
Preacher, Entrepreneur
Owner: Jonadorc Investment
hxxp: gengrace. myorganogold. com
+234 802 359 9385
jonadorcinvestment@gmail. com
ojabel2008@hotmail. com


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Do You Know Anybody That is Smart and Intelligent?
« on: August 26, 2014, 08:49:40 AM »


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