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A good number of us had it in mind that no matter what happened because of the course I?ve read in university I?ll get a good job.  Some of us believed in the connection our father or relative had to get a good job.  But at the end we could get the job.  Only 1-3% of us that were thinking this way got the real job.  Getting a real good that?s well-paid in the time of tough economy is not powered by the course you?ve read or the connection your father had gotten alone.  The knowledge and application of the right strategies, which have been tested and proven, are the success drivers in landing a Well-Paid Job.

The Excellent Career Academy Limited whose vision is to raise competent people(both young and old) with excellent career has put together ?A 4-Hour Intensive Coaching on The Real Secrets of Getting a Well-Paid Job Within and Outside Nigeria Plus Earning Extra Income? which focuses on the solutions of unemployment and underemployment.

Every participant will be coached on:
1.    The 10 Element of Job Satisfaction
2.    The Outstanding Skills that WIN the job and how to communicate them in your CV/Resume
3.    The secrets the open an ideal and a Well-Paid Job for you within 90 days
4.    Sure Ways of getting a good job in Canada and Overseas
5.    The 3 main qualities to captivate interviewers that open the job for you
6.    How an unemployed guy made over N700,000. 00 IN 4 weeks and how you can do the same.
7.    How to invest a one-time N2000. 00 to start earning more than N30,000 weekly

You might be considering the benefits of attending this 4 hours coaching are.  The benefits are:
1.    Increase your employability
2.    Becoming sought after by big and reputable companies
3.    Opportunities to get a good job in Canada and Overseas
4.    Gives you an edge over your colleagues
5.    Start earning extra income

Not only that you will enjoy all these material in a CD:
1.    Coaching Materials
2.    GMAT 2010
3.    NIS Past Questions and Answers
4.    The Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Answers
5.    How to get N100,000 to N250,00 for free to start your dream business and also get training for any business you desire

Who are those that should attend the Coaching?
1.    Undergraduates
2.    Unemployed
3.    Underemployed
4.    Youth Corps
5.    And You

How much do think you can pay for this coaching with the materials?
Well, I think if you are asked to pay more than N25,000. 00 for this coaching is not too much because of the benefits you are going to derive from it.  But we will not ask you to pay such amount. 

The Coaching Fee with the materials is N3,500. 00 ONLY

What a small amount of money.  The phone you are using cost more than this.  But this coaching fee is just for this month which is Easter Period, after this month the amount might increase, so don?t be left out make a move.

How To Register For The Coaching:
Pay N3,500. 00 to any GTBANK
Account Name: The Excellent Career Academy Limited
Account Number: 0142200806

After payment text your name, phone no, teller no, email, contact address to 08137666923.  Bring your teller along to the coaching centre.

         28, NELSON COLE AVENUE,

Date:         Friday, 11th April, 2014

Time:         9am ? 1pm

In case you can?t attend the coaching, limited copies of the coaching materials are available from 12th ? 18th April, 2014 at N2,500.  Just pay into the GTBANK account.  After payment text your name, teller no, email, phone no to 08137666923.  It will be delivered to your email within 48 hours.

For enquiries please call: 08137666923, 08174360810



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