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 Revealed The Secret To Making Real & Legal Money
Fact is, I experienced "rock bottom" in such a way that will simply turn your head upside down. . .
I will like you to picture yourself in my shoe. . .  Not buoyant.  I mean, you hardly feed yourself a day & even have money to buy toothpaste.  Sometimes, I had to keep making calls for N100, N200 airtime. . .  I believe you are getting the picture right now.  Have you ever felt like your struggles are unbeatable?   I had mine worse.
Certainly, I desired to be prosperous and had so many things to achieve. . .  I tried so many things to do with the intention to make it big, but none of them was ever fruitful. . .  but like you, I kept struggling and failing.
Not to waste much time:
Let us get started!
Almost Ten (10) years ago, certain individuals made money online in a different way.  Some of these individuals would have some website selling products such as posters, clothes, eBook etc.  They would work online selling on Jumia, Kaymu etc.  What would they do? Well, they had to wait for orders to come in and then process the orders.  It's quite time consuming to package them all, ship them and it's also pricy.
What if there was a great way to automate the complete process? You could be taking a holiday or sleeping, orders can come in, and the clients will get the product instantly without you doing anything.  People can be from Nigeria and you can be from  anywhere in the world  and they can place an order on your site and get it within a few seconds.  The answer - DO IT ALL BY SELLING INFORMATION.  This is what the Internet world is about today.
I am here to show you exactly how to make real money on complete autopilot with your very own website with one of the biggest, up to date product in the world!
Did you really know that selling information is totally dominating the online marketing world? People these days, will literally spend their money buying information on the internet. 
Every day, tens of millions is spent online by individuals.  People want great info.  People want it right away.  It is a multi-million dollar a year industry. 
Just imagine having your website selling a great informational product and taking orders 24/7 on autopilot, even on holidays! Your clients will get instant access and you do not have to do anything.  That is why it works great, just because the whole process is 100% automated.
Yes! We need just 4 things to make millions!
?   Product to Sell?Do not worry! I will create the best selling informational product!
?   Website: I know you do not know anything about it.  Stick with me.  I will do everything for you systematically: From Domain to hosting to content to upload to server? everything!
?   Auto responder.  This is what will call, follow up messages, I will write a powerful follow up messages for you
?   Traffic: No matter what you are selling both online or offline, without traffic, you will not make sales.  Traffic is the people visiting your website.  I will teach you the best ways to drive high converting traffic to your website.
            The Best Part Of It Is That
I have done 99% of the work for you? You just have to do 1% and make up to N150, 000 to N250, 000 monthly!
That is all? You are on the way to make millions?
 I Worked Quite Hard To Figure This Out. . .  However, You Do not Need to Do It.
Want to unlock the best way to make money online using information report selling. . .  without struggle? Wish to taste true wealth in a short time. . .  without another let down? Wish to "defy all odds" and then strike it big. . .  while you are still youthful to enjoy it? Wish to remove the big obstacle in your path. . .  without straining your muscles?
              GET STARTED NOW!
       Here are some of the Things You Will Get from me:
? I will create an amazing information products that people will love to buy from you
? I will register a domain name for you for the information product
? I will host the domain for you for 1 year
? I will design an eye-catching website (sales page) for your information product and upload it with your name and bank account for collecting money.
? I will write the perfect sales letter for you
? I will create a squeeze page for you
? I will set-up an auto responder for you to get tons of leads
? I will teach you the best ways to get targeted traffic
? I will teach you how to send the information product to your customer email whenever they pay money to your bank account.
Just imagine. . .
?  Command the exact secrets that's made hundreds of people millions of Naira. . .  all in a matter of few days
?  Ultimately. . .  live life free of self-sabotage, procrastination, limiting beliefs. . .  and then see your life turn with every step
?  Wake up sees that money is knocking at your door, even if you have struggled for a long time and convinced it's "too great to be true"
?  Free from all the dangers of all the economical struggles.  You will not suffer the inability to afford healthcare, pay bills, or assist family and friends in need.
 So, How Much Do You Think This Complete Information Business Set Up Will Cost You?
It took me a lot of time and money to gather all of this great information, and filter until I got to the ?perfect? strategies.
Initially I wanted to do this information business set up for N150, 000.   It is simply peanuts compared to how much you will be making within a short time.  Because you will make more than N150, 000 monthly from this info biz set up
You will get the exact information hundreds of millionaires quietly rely on. . .  the exact secrets that simply took me many years to develop.  But just because you've finally got me on your side, you get it all at a great discount!
Here is the good news.  Brace yourself. . .  I am not charging you N150, 000
Not even N125, 000
Not N75. 000
N35, 000? NOT AT ALL!
Not even N30, 000
All I am asking today is a small investment of N25, 000
But for the first 15 persons, they will have to pay just N18, 000 only       
This is an amazing deal for something that has taken me years of research to test.  In addition, narrow down the earning opportunity for a select group of individuals.
I just cannot emphasize enough the huge opportunity I have simply presented to you.  I know that you are quite smart and you will make the best decision now. 
In a few days, you will look back ?proud? realizing what a great investment you have just made for your future.
 What is the real secret to making money online? It is not the upcoming opportunity.  It is claiming the real secrets for you.  It is what I really have. . .  it is what all millionaires have. . .  and without these secrets, you will not budge just an inch.  You will struggle, you will fail.  However, you do not need to.
Now's your opportunity to solve the puzzle.  I was once penniless. . .  much worse off than you are right now.  And I built myself up from nothing. . .  with lot of hard work, a lot of sheer determination and elbow grease.  But guess what? You do not have to do that.  All you have to do is let me do everything for you.
It is time to become the millionaire you have always desire

Here is How
    To Pay
WARNING - Please, follow the instructions below systematically to avoid delay in the confirmation of your payment.
STEP 1 - Deposit the sum of =N=18,000 only into any branch of First Bank Plc in Nigeria And Diamond Bank Pls.  See bank account details below:
Guaranty trust Bank. (0031601066 Okechukwu Peter)
STEP 2 - After making the payment, send the details of your payments to this email: mcconsolation@gmail. com
Make sure the SUBJECT of the email says: PAYMENT 4 INFO BUSINESS SET UP
The details to be sent are:
1.  Your Full Name
2.  Your Email Address
3.  Phone Number
4.  Teller Number and the bank you paid
5.  YOUR FULL BANK DETAILS (Bank name(s), Account name and Account Number(s)) to be used when creating your website
6.  Your Home or Office Address
That is all you have to do.
Once payment is made and all necessary details sent to me, i shall go ahead and create your website, write the sales letter, register the domain name, set up an auto responder  and send  the details on how to deliver the information product to your email address so that if any of   your client pay  to your bank Account, All you need to do is to send the info product to him or her via email and also teach you my secret website  of getting hungry buyer to my website.

PS- I Really want to help you, but you need to help yourself, This info set up will not be available for long, I am A manager of myself, so I can decide to discontinue the info biz set up at any time. .
                   Take Action Now
Would You Rather Pay Just N18,000 Now And Get The Complete Info Biz Set Up Which Guarantee Of Making You Between N150,000 To N250,000 Monthly Income  Or Wait Till When The Price We Go Up To N35,000? Only You Can Say Yes Or No To That Question. . . .
 Call 08036453610


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