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« on: February 07, 2014, 08:27:37 PM »
What is Probux ?
Probux is a popular PTC site
known for its users being real
and earning real money.  It is
much smaller than Neobux,
and therefore it is easier to
get referrals for as well!
What is the Strategy for
Probux ?
Part 1: Getting
What is Probux?
Probux is a PTC ( P aid To
Click) service where members
earn a small amount of
money for viewing ads.  It is
100% legitimate and Probux
is possibly one of the most
promising PTC sites.
Advertisers on Probux are
fully aware that members are
being paid to view the ads, so
it is a fair system to all.
How do I earn money with
There are three basic streams
of income from Probux:
Income from your
personal actions on the site
(viewing ads, doing mini-jobs,
Commissions paid to you
from RRs (R ented R eferrals) -
explained later in Part 3.
Commissions paid to you
from DRs as a gold member ( Direct R eferrals) -
explained later in Part 4.
How much money can I
If you are willing to put a
small amount of time each
day, and you follow this
guide, you should be able to
make well over $1,000 per
month spending less than 10
minutes each day.  Some users
make several thousand
dollars per month with the
same time commitment.  It
will not happen overnight,
but with some diligence, this
is certainly an achievable
goal already reached by
many of the Probux veterans.
How do I get started?
If you have not already
signed up for Probux, click on
any of the Probux banners
within the guide to join.
NOTE :you need to sign up from a gold members referral click,it re moves your 15days tag and gives you $2(explained later read on).  My gold member referral link here hxxp: www. probux. com/?
r=wealthpreach This
Probux strategy guide is not
only educational, but also a
tool I developed to help all
Probux users get FREE money.  You will be
able to participate as well, as
I will explain later in Part 4.
Something to think about. . .  if
you have 200 DRs but they
are uneducated about Probux
and quit, you won't make
money from them! My goal is
to help you acquire ACTIVE
Probux referrals so that you
make more money.  Typically,
educated referrals are active
After you have signed up,
continue to Part 2.
Part 2: The First
Two Weeks (1 Goal to
In my opinion, the first two
weeks are "make it or break
it" with Probux users.  Sadly, a
lack of education will cause
many to leave, but you are in
the right place to avoid
missing out on this great
Getting into the daily
routine of viewing the ads
assigned to you
Earning your first $0. 60 so
you can begin the referral
rental process
TIP : View ads by logging in
and clicking the "View
Advertisements" button at the
top of your page.
You are not going to earn
much during the first two
weeks, that's a fact Jack.
15 days * approx.  $0. 04 / day
= $0. 60 . . .  Trivial as it may
seem, $0. 60 is your 1st goal.
Goal #1 - Earn $0. 60
TIP : If you are able to
complete mini jobs, you can
reach Goal #1 within a day or
If you are interested in a
small jump start and have
even just a few dollars to
invest into your new Probux
business, there are
instructions in Part #3.
Part 3: Renting
Your First
Referrals (3 Goals to
Congratulations, you just
graduated from
Kindergarten! It's a big deal
to make it through the first 15
days.  A lot of people quit
before this point. . .  and guess
what, this is where the fun
begins! You're gonna do just
Once you have at least $0. 60
in your Probux account, you
have enough to rent 3
referrals.  As mentioned
above, you can "jump start"
your business by investing a
few dollars of your own and
begin renting Probux
referrals sooner.
Before you do, read this:
Goal #2 - Rent 3 referrals by
clicking the "Referrals"
button on your account
home page.
Goal #3 - Turn on
"AutoPay" within the
Referrals->Rented menu.
I prefer Autopay = Enabled
because each day your
referrals are active, they pay
for themselves to be
extended.  This way, you do
not need to worry about how
much money to reserve for
re-rental.  Autopay is a must!
TIP: There is a discount
applied when using Autopay
as well, yet another good
reason to use it!
Assuming your 3 rented
referrals stay active, you will
earn the following:
3 RR * 4 RR-clicks at $0. 005
each = $0. 06 / day
Clicking ads assigned to you,
still approx $0. 04 / day
For a total of $0. 10 / day.
Within one more week you
can rent 3 more referrals,
and be earning $0. 16 / day
The following week you
will have enough to rent 5
more referrals (now you will
have 11 RRs) for a total of
$0. 26 / day.
The week after that, you
will have enough to rent 10
more referrals (now you will
have 21 RRs) for a total of
$0. 46 / day.
At the end of the 4th week
from when you rented your
first RRs, you will have
enough to rent 19 more
referrals (now you will have
40 RRs) for a total of $0. 84 /
And so on. . .
Continue viewing your
assigned advertisements each
day so that you can earn your
rented referral income, and
when you save up enough
money to rent more referrals,
get them! The more rented
referrals you have, the more
you will make.  I recommend
choosing a day of the week
for rentals, and on that day
rent as many as the funds in
your Probux account can
Goal #4 - Continue until
acquire 200 rented referrals
Yes, It will take some time,
but remember, you are
building a business and
passive income with just a
small time commitment each
day! It goes pretty fast since
renting referrals increases
your income, and increased
income allows you to rent
more referrals.  Can you say
"snowball effect?"
TIP: 200 RRs * 4 RR-clicks at
$0. 005 per click = $4/day . . .  It
will take about three weeks to
save up $80 for Part 5 .
Once you have 200 referrals,
stop renting and save up $80
in your Probux account.  I
will explain this more in Part
New! Part 4:
Submit your
referral link at
www. probuxreferrals. org
and get Free DRs
(1 Goal to complete)
There are many ways to
acquire DRs. . .  YouTube,
Facebook, word of mouth,
forum signatures, AdWords,
and a list of places towards
the end of the guide! These
are all valid and I encourage
you to use any marketing
skills that you have to
promote your Probux
This guide can be a powerful
tool for you to get free direct
Probux referrals without
spending money or much
time getting them! Not only
that, but Probux referrals that
sign up using the guide are
more likely to understand
how to use Probux properly. . .
this will make you more
money and help them be
successful as well.  It's a win-
TIP: You should do this now
because you may get some
DRs now and then for free!
TIP: There is a lot of focus on
rented referrals, but the
people who make really good
money make direct referrals
a priority as well .
Part 5: "Go for
Gold!" (2 Goals to
Now that you have 200
referrals, stop renting and
save up $80 so that you can
upgrade to Golden.  Once you
go Gold, you will double up
your income nearly instantly
since the payouts are 2x - 10x
for your clicks and referral
Goal #6 - Upgrade your
account to Gold
Here is your income before
200 RRs * 4 RR-clicks at
$0. 005 per click = $4. 00 per
day (plus DR-clicks and your
personal clicks)
Here is your income after you
go Golden:
200 RRs * 4 RR-clicks at $0. 01
per click = $8. 00 per day (plus
DR-clicks and your personal
Once you've gone golden,
begin renting referrals again.
It's tempting to cash out, but
you really want to get to the
maximum number of RRs
and DRs so that you earn as
much as possible.
Goal #7 - Build your RRs to
Resume your rental process
and acquire 2,000 RRs.  This
will not take too terribly long
since by now you should be
earning over $200 per month.
2000 RRs * 4 RR-clicks at
$0. 01 per RR-click = $80/DAY
(plus your DR-clicks and your
personal clicks!).
TIP: When you go Golden,
you will have to view 9 ads
per day instead of 4!
TIP: Check out some of the
"Golden Packs" to gain more
benefits from being Golden.
At this point you are a true
Golden Child of Probux! Once
you have saved enough to
buy golden packs, do it so you
can rent more RRs and gain
more benefits.  By now, you
will already be laughing all
the way to the bank so enjoy
your new side job! Share.
buzymoney@gmail. com


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ti do not belive it .  now i still earn money online by forex market !

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Hi! Your given strategy is good but in actual it takes longer time to attain this level, since I am also a golden member and I follow one strategy just like you, but in reality it takes longer time to achieve $30-40 per day earnings.  I think it require 1 year for attaining $30 a day from probux.
hxxp: www. residualincomebuildersclub. com/Links/Paulinc/index. html
hxxp: www. residualncombuildersclub. com/Links/Paulinc/index. html

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