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Become a Computer Engineer in 24hours
« on: July 16, 2009, 01:33:37 PM »
Did I heard you say, can that be possible? Yes it is actually possible.
These days researches are always beign carried out to make things easier for people especially the White focks, they are somethong else.
Back to the topic, you can actually get the trips and knowlegde about fixing, assembly, lossing a laptop, this is the face just follow me carefully.
   1.  Building a custom PC
   2.  Speed up that PC
   3.  Back up that PC
   4.  Fix that laptop
   5.  Why a laptop Battery will not last forever
   6.  How to open a laptop case
   7.  Hide your PC from ......ers
   8.  How to setup a router( display from the internet)
   9.  Fixing a slow PC
  10.  Having problem with your operating

These are part of the stuff you will be learning in just 24hours. . . this is actually an opportunity for people to liberate themselves from the huge amount of cash they pay to repair ther PC in the hands of the so called Comuter Engineer and basically you can also help others fix thier PC.

All these and lots more can be done by you yourself without going to any computer school.  It is actually funny when you hear the huge amount of money people pay to having a knowledge on how to fix PC, when you can actually fix it yourself and help other to fix it,thereby making money into your pocket.
Is this a seminar, workshop, Training ? Nope!!

Do you think this is a scam? check it out and get the juicy details here:
www. 24hourscomputerengineer. com

Yes, this is what I am ready to offer out, this will take you from scratch on how to become a computer engineer today.

Don't forget to visit www. 24hourscomputerengineer. com


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Become a Computer Engineer in 24hours
« on: July 16, 2009, 01:33:37 PM »


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