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Bulk SMS-What many SMS providers may not tell you
« on: November 16, 2013, 02:34:17 PM »
source: www. bulksmsplus. com

Bulk SMS Messaging is the dissemination of large numbers of SMS messages for delivery to mobile phone terminals (wikipedia).   Bulk SMS is used by many corporate organizations on daily basis; When you received that customized SMS alert from your bank(showing your Bank's name as SENDER) it was sent via a bulk sms platform, that SMS you got from MTN telling you about their caller tune service was a bulk service simply because they must have sent it to several other persons on their network.     Bulk SMS lets you deliver SMS messages to mobile phones supporting different networks across the world.   

Bulk sms in Nigeria
There are thousands of bulk sms providers in Nigeria providing bulk sms services to end users and there are also free bulk sms sites that allow users to send free sms, love sms etc

There are thousands of bulk sms sites in Nigeria alone such as www. BulkSMSplus. com, some of these provides cheap bulk sms services and many are nothing to write home about.     Hence, we have compiled this report from our wealth of experience in bulk sms marketing to help users know what to look out for before choosing a bulk sms service provider.   

Features of a good bulk sms software

1.       Pricing: Bulk sms pricing can be a little bit confusing if not well understood.     Many sms providers today claim they offer the cheapest bulk sms service in Nigeria, most of these providers may sell their sms for as low as 0.    90kobo/unit but go ahead to charge 1.    7units to a single GSM Number, the implication here is that a customer may be happy buying sms units for 0.    90kobo unknown to him that he's invariably paying N1.    36kobo for 1 SMS unit.     A good bulk sms provider charges 1unit to 1 GSM Number.     This is very top secret that many SMS providers will not tell so count yourself lucky that you stumbled on this writeup.     For example BulkSMSplus.    com sells sms units for as low as 0.    80k and charges just 1unit to a GSM Number, this is UNBEATABLE! You can Visit to see for yourself
1.        Contact Upload: A good bulk SMS software application allow you to upload lists of mobile phone numbers using a TXT (notedpad) or CSV file.   
2.       Duplicate Numbers: Some sophisticated bulk sms softwares can automatically remove any duplicated numbers thereby preventing users receiving same message more than once as well as preserving your sms units
3.       Message Scheduling: With this function in your bulk sms platform, SMS can be scheduled to be sent at a    later date/times and/or days and even if you are offline.   
4.       International Messaging: A good bulk sms software should be able to support Bulk SMS messaging to internationally.   
5.       API Integration: Most Bulk Messaging services utilize the following standard API's (Application Programming Interface) Which allows programmers to add sms functionality to any program.   
    FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
    SMPP (Short Message Peer to Peer)
       HTTP and

hxxp: www. BulkSMSplus. com is one bulk sms site that has continue exceptional bulksms services for your campaign, business promotion and marketing.   


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Bulk SMS-What many SMS providers may not tell you
« on: November 16, 2013, 02:34:17 PM »


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