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Read The Holly Quran Word By Word & Big Size of The Quran With ( 24.5 *17.5* 3 CM)

 New With Hadith Shareef(Sahih Al-Bukhari), Complete Tafseer And Talking Dictionary

Quran ReadPen is popular among Muslims as for listening or reciting or learning Holy Quran any time, any place; with built-in speaker and headphones
 The most attractive part of Quran ReadPen device is that it starts the Recitation from where you want, by pointing the device on any Surah/Ayah of the Holy Quran (included in Gift Packing).

Product Features:
 Holy Quran can be red word by word & sentance by sentanse
 - Holy Quran Book with Big standard size of 24.5 * 17.5* 3 CM
 Point the Pen on Ayah or Surah of your choice (only the Printed Quran included) and start listning
 Complete Holy Qur'an in voices of 18 famous Reciters namely: (Optional)
 Al-Suadais & Al-Shuraim,
 Al-Menshawi, Al-Ghamidi,
 Al-Ajimy, Abdul-Basit,
 Al-Hudhaify, Al-Afasy,
 Al-Parheezgar, Al-shateri,
 Hussary, Al-Marud,
 Maher Al-Muaigy, Muhammad-Ayyoub,
 Muhammad-Jibreel, Muhammad Al-Tablaway,
 Hani_Rifai, Abdullah Basfar, Ibrahim Al-Akdar
 Beautifull printed Holy Quran (Othmanic Style).
 Option to store Other Qari/Reciter Audio,Dua, Adhan,Nasheed (File format: MP3) as optional in the pen via USB cable.Also include Quran Tafseer,Hadeeth Buhari and talking dictionary .
 Please specify your favorite translation on the
 order?s message when you make the payment, Otherwise, we will be in accordance that sending the items with random translation

General Features:
 Smart design
 Clear and loud sound with built-in speakers and Headphone
 Beautiful Pen with beatutifull Gift Packing
 Includes Beautiful printed Holy Quran
 Internal Li-Ion Chargable Battery
 eacher Book,
 Sahih Al-Bukhari, Travel Dictionary,
 Function Card, Duaa Hajj & Umroh.

Sahih Al-Bukhari
 It Includes more 6,000 Hadith when you piont the pen can explanie to you in Arabic.

A Great Use:
 The Quran ReadPen improves Quran reading skills for learners. With audio support following skills can be achieve:
 Fluency in reading
 Arabic Vocabulary
 Academic vocabulary
 Grammatical structure

Teacher book includes:
 A New Method for Learning,
 The noble Qur'an, Through Pronunciation &
 Speech and Parts 30 ( With a Brief Explanation
 taken from the Pious Ancestors: Al-Baghawi,
 Ibn Kathir, As-Sa'di & Others)

Product Specifications:
 Built in 4G system memory.
 - OID code technology
 - Lithium battery built in
 - Pointing Quran Surah or Ayat, it can sound
 - reciter voices and translating voices can be choosed in the book
 - Another 5 reciter voices and translating voices optional in a separate card
 Another 5 reciter voices and translating voices optional in a separate car
 - It will automatically power off if not use for 3 minutes.
 - Mini USB port,can connect with computer for new Holy Quran Book with 8 colorbooks.
 - Holy Quran can be red word by word & sentance by sentanse
 - Holy Quran Book with Big standard size of 24.5 * 17.5* 3 CM
 - Holy Quran Book with 2 colors
 - Holy Quran Book with 8 color printing include golden color.
 - Holy Quran Book include indexes and 640pages in total.
 - With 2 continoue reading icons inside the book,can choose recit the whole page or surah.
 - With story and question icons inside the book.
 - With Tafseer icon that why Allah say this verse.
 - With repeat , record and volume control icons inside the book.
 - Have the copyright for book from Syria government and copyright for reciting & translating voices,in very good quality.
Travel Dictionary Optional Language
 A partner talking many languages
 Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai,
 Turkish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic,
 Dutch, English, French,German,Italian
 and Japanese

22 Audio Translations:
 Persian, Chinese,
 Urdu, Spanish,
 Portuguese, Kridish,
 Bahasa Malay,
 Bahasa indonesia,
 Uzbekistan, Kzakhstan,

Include Tajweed Book

For children to learn
 Arabic Alphat
 Dialy Duas with 3 languages
 such as Arabic,Chinese and English,
 Praying Guide with photoes .
 when you point the pen onthe photo
 can explaine to you how to pray and
 what you say during the pray .........

Lagos Mainland, Lagos, Nigeria


Price: ₦18,500


Nigerian Best Forum . NBF


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