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Quote from: Dreams;13042
Thnks man for sharing to all these great info. I am very interested to get into forex.

Hi Dreams, its possible to actualize ur forex dreams by the right dedication, proper

training, patience,hard work and positive mental attitude..

Quote from: Justin;384715
this is very cool! I'm learning to much . . . alright!

cool, too...

Helloo folks,
Today's price action on the gbpusd was really something to write home about..The

unemployment rate report that was released from the UK was unfavourable to the GBP.The

PREVIOUS figures was at 5.7%, while the economists'expectation was 5.8% which was equal to

the ACTUAL release..The higher the unemployment rate,the lower the value of pounds sterling

due to selling on the negative news from UK.
Although it's generally viewed as a lagging indicator, the number of unemployed people is an

important signal of overall economic health because consumer spending is highly correlated

with labor conditions;
More than 375 pips were made this wednesday from GBPUSD drop...$375 minilot..$3750 standard lot..

[22:08:01 11/11/08] Maximus : Hi Stalion...

[22:08:29 11/11/08] Maximus : any order that are still valid...

[22:11:43 11/11/08] Stalion : sell stop on gu at 15400...1st target at 15360...2nd target at

15305...3rd target at 15285...40 pip sl

[22:11:56 11/11/08] djcarlos : 1st target of sell stop??

[22:16:15 11/11/08] Stalion : no probs...

[22:16:54 11/11/08] Stalion : max, you can enter a sell stop at 15370

[22:17:05 11/11/08] Maximus : sp now the sl is that the entry if you get the first target,

am I right or not...

[22:17:21 11/11/08] Maximus : ok Stalion...

[22:18:02 11/11/08] Maximus : same target....

[22:18:28 11/11/08] Stalion : yes

[00:48:59 12/11/08] djcarlos : I read that 1.5270 is the pivot to GU

[09:07:27 12/11/08] Maximus : Hi any trades...

[09:15:57 12/11/08] Stalion : Helloo everyone

[09:21:47 12/11/08] Stalion : not yet, max....we wait for a you can see, the

market is moving back and forth for now...wouldnt do to jump in where there's no sign of a

breakout yet..

[09:22:01 12/11/08] Maximus : yes no prob...

[09:24:00 12/11/08] Stalion : one of the hardest things in trading is knowing when NOT to

trade...easier said than done..

[09:25:45 12/11/08] Maximus : yes it is so true...

[09:41:09 12/11/08] Stalion : market's slow

[09:42:10 12/11/08] Maximus : in my hiumble opinion I think that the market will break down

again with the GBPUSD...

[10:07:27 12/11/08] Stalion : so, entering at 15400 or 15370 is okay

[10:08:09 12/11/08] Stalion : remember to take half profits when +20 pips away

[10:09:20 12/11/08] djcarlos : i dont made the entry

[10:11:06 12/11/08] djcarlos : can i enter now... at 1.5360???

[10:14:35 12/11/08] Stalion : Hi dj

[10:15:01 12/11/08] Stalion : welcome to the party...

[10:15:31 12/11/08] djcarlos : hi, i entered at 1.5350..... i come late

[10:15:45 12/11/08] Stalion : though a bit late,a sell stop at 1.5345 would be more


[10:17:05 12/11/08] Stalion : going for our 2nd target of 15305

[10:17:29 12/11/08] Maximus : I took 20 pips and i will reenter....will see...

[10:17:39 12/11/08] djcarlos : ok, its down trend??

[10:20:10 12/11/08] Stalion : we cant tell for now...though looking at the hourly, 4hr,daily

and weekly charts shows that gbpusd have been on a prevailing downtrend..

[10:21:15 12/11/08] Stalion : price might still very well retrace back up....only time will

tell..our job is to position ourselves to take advantage of price movements when we can

[10:22:56 12/11/08] romandaw : morning

[10:23:30 12/11/08] romandaw : nb news about to come out

[10:24:24 12/11/08] Maximus : yes Stalion the gbpusd will retrace...

[10:37:50 12/11/08] romandaw : i was trading the same move without even knowing it.

[10:37:58 12/11/08] romandaw : the gu short

[10:38:49 12/11/08] Stalion : helloo there roman

[12:09:47 12/11/08] Maximus : Hi Stalion...

[12:10:22 12/11/08] Maximus : thx for the pips....

[12:11:54 12/11/08] Stalion : my ohh myy..!price is moving ALL D WAY DOWN!100 plus pips

ahead of 2nd target

[12:13:06 12/11/08] Stalion :hope ur on a trailing stop, max?

[12:16:06 12/11/08] Maximus : Already out of the trade took 50 pips and get out...

[12:16:43 12/11/08] Stalion : lol!

[12:16:57 12/11/08] Stalion : wise move....

[12:17:50 12/11/08] Maximus : Thx Stalion for the call...

[12:22:17 12/11/08] Stalion : no probs.....the uptrend wasnt sustainable eventually

[16:22:47 12/11/08] Stalion : so for today, wednesday, we put a sell stop gu @ 1.5164....1st

target @ 1.5124...2nd target at 1.5095 pip sl away..

[16:37:06 12/11/08] enolase : hi everyone

[16:37:24 12/11/08] enolase : i can't believe i forgot that today was the BoE inflation


[16:37:47 12/11/08] enolase : a news item that has delivered in xcess of 300pips downward

movement on the GU pair in the last four months

[16:38:08 12/11/08] enolase : anyway, i think the dive will still continue

[17:38:29 12/11/08] Stalion : cool...


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Quote from:;182064
Thanx for the response, Forexgreenland. Looks like

I'm in the wrong forum.


 I googled "uptick rule" and every search result was in a language that I don't understand.

They don't allow short-selling with IRA money. They also won't allow day-trading. Ah,

according to Investopedia, the uptick rule was eliminated June 6, 2007.

There are lots of equities just lying on the floor at bargain prices, just bubbling

sideways. Good for some profits sometime in the future, but not doing anything right now. It

looks like Forex is always active. (I know nothing about this market. Looks tricky).
I liked your zen-oriented description of the trader's frame-of-mind in your opening post in

this thread. I'm still in the first stage with some forays into the second.  It is an

interesting journey.

Hi art,
I feel your pain...the languages coming out from those search engines on uptick rule were

kind of like finance hieroglyphics...since it had been eliminated since 2007, no worries..
yes, forex is always active with lots of volatility, but it only looks tricky when you are

not that familiar with the market.. Warren Buffet was right when he was quoted as saying

''Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing''..but you can still learn the ropes if you

are willing and committed..
 Well, you dont really have to be a Zen Master, or a Yogi master, or Shaolin Master, or even

a Shambala Master, before getting ''in the flow''.. Just let yourself go..
''A journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step..

Oil prices follow Wall Street on wild ride - Yahoo! News

Quote from: barbs;208943
As an American who has most of their savings in sterling, I've got one

word to sum up what I feel right now.


Me too, barbs...I feel ya...
Ohh, by the way, lemme wish you Americans a Happy Thanksgiving Day in advance..Did I hear

someone say Turkey Day?

Quote from: Forexgreenland;208839
[10:09:20] Stalion : so we put a buy stop on gu at 1.4970...1st

target at 1 5025..2nd target at 50 pips away...

Quote from: y_2008;209042
What is happening? usd was sold accross the board (except agains yen)

by more than 200 pips in one hour or so. Can any body explain?

No probs, mon ami..The pound was battered after the Bank of England said on Wednesday the British economy would shrink sharply next year, bolstering expectations that further sharp cuts in interest rates were in the pipeline.Lower interests rates means lower value of the currency due to

investors selling the low yield currency to buy higher yielding currencies.. That would

bring about a downward sell pressure on the gbpusd.

Quote from: markdaniel213;209028
I need to purchase 1000 GBP to pay a debt in the UK, and have

been trying to keep an eye on the exchange rate (as I'll have to buy the 1000 GBP with USDs

- I'm a US citizen and am paid in USDs :D )

Can you experts offer me suggestions around when I should buy the GBPs?  I must have them by

end-of-month December 2008, but am not sure how to get a good idea (forecasting and such) as

to when between now and 31st Dec 2008 would be the best time to exchange USDs for GBPs.

Any help that you can offer if VERY much appreciated!!  :)


Hi markdaniel,any relations with mark anthony??LOL..
You've just boiled it down to a simple question..What is meaning of forex?
It is the buying and selling of international currencies..I think you might need a cup of

coffee for this..
For example, 1 GBPUSD is equivalent to 1.4700 dollars..1000 GBP is equivalent to 1470

dollars USD..that is, at the international rate of 1.4700...You are using 1470 dollars to

buy 1000 pounds sterling..
But wait...The current fundamentals suggest Britain is in the throes of recession, while the

BOE is about to further slash interest rates in the nearest future..Low interest rates from

bad economic recessionary data spewing forth from the UK is likely to pull the T-strings of

cable down

Technical analysis wise, price have fallen way beyond the 60% BUY WINDOW on the monthly

charts,with 4 long range bearish candles going ballistic underground.. Both MACD divergences

foretells bearish movement of price on the GBPUSD..A Category Four Trendline has already

taken place..
so come December, price getting to our projected target point of 1.3090, , you BUY 1000GBP

for $1,309 dollars..since the GBP would have likely lost more value in the weeks to come..Does that mean we might be seeing a dollar rally before the end of the year 2008? Of course..just got ma fingers crossed..
I hope you now understand..
Remember, nothing is cast in stone on forex...and in life...Also do your own research before

taking any recommendations...Feel free to discuss it here..

sorry guys, that I forgot to alert you due to internet blackout in my zone..more than 300

pips,$300 minilot,$3000 standard lot was made on the sell stop of gbpusd wednesday

afternoon.., which offsetted our previous double buy stop loss of 50 pips each..making back

more than 3 times our previous loss...Well,what can I say..

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Quote from: mystikal;10988
[05:17:33 14/11/08] Stalion : Its 5a.m here in Nigeria and am in the

dark,with just the glow of the computer screens casting an ethereal and pychedelic sheen to

the surroundings..just the candlesticks telling their midnight we put a sell

stop on GBPUSD @ 1.4860...1st target @ 1.4845..2nd target @ 1.4825...3rd target @ 1.4790

[05:18:06 14/11/08] Stalion : sl @ 1.4010

Happy weekend,folks,

Someone asked me the other day what Black Friday was..And another, to her, felt her trade

that day was Black Friday becvause she had some losing trades.. Well I did some little

research on it from INVESTOPEDIA and here are some meanings of that term
1. A day of stock market catastrophe. Originally, September 24,

1869, was deemed Black Friday. The crash was sparked by gold speculators, including Jay

Gould and James Fist, who attempted to corner the gold market. The attempt failed and the

gold market collapsed, causing the stock market to plummet.

2. The day after Thanksgiving in the United States. Retailers generally see an upward spike

in sales and consider this to be the start of the holiday shopping season. It's common for

retailers to offer special promotions and to open early to draw in customers. 

3. The term "black" has been used to describe other disastrous days in financial markets.

For example, on Black Tuesday, October 29, 1929, the market fell precipitously, signaling

the start of the Great Depression. The largest one-day drop in stock market history occurred

on Black Monday, October 19, 1987, when the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted more than

To God be the glory, our call was hit around 5 times,back to back, on yesterday's White    

Friday. 70 pips,$70 minilot,$700 standard lot was made from that call..

We could actually see there was a mini head and shoulder pattern

[05:18:06 14/11/08] Stalion : sl @ 1.4010

[05:21:05 14/11/08] pipsRus : hello

[05:21:30 14/11/08] djcarlos : hi stal

[05:22:56 14/11/08] djcarlos : 1st target hit Very Happy

[05:24:24 14/11/08] Stalion : hi pipRus

[05:24:37 14/11/08] Stalion : 2nd target hit

[05:27:54 14/11/08] Stalion : I take it you've already closed at least half of ur order, dj?

We could see a mini head and shoulderrs pasttern on the 15 minute chart, which foretold a

bearish movement..After making our 70 pips, we shifted our stop loss to the entry point of

1.4810...That was why the broken shaded blue line was now red in the second chart...

[05:29:02 14/11/08] djcarlos : im out it was an exelent trade arround 40 pips in my bag

[05:30:22 14/11/08] djcarlos : thanks to call me... it was exelent

[05:54:50 14/11/08] djcarlos : Stal Ill expecting for other alerts.... thanks, call me or

sms me....

[05:58:18 14/11/08] Stalion : Hey, dj, easy on the greed, okay...

[05:58:33 14/11/08] Stalion : are you not guys not okay with 70 pips?

[06:02:00 14/11/08] djcarlos : yes stal i ll be carefully... im taking profits to open a

managed account

[06:13:56 14/11/08] Stalion : hmmmm...

[06:51:24 14/11/08] Stalion : if you reentered again on our original sell entry, you

would've been smiling by now...

[10:12:44 14/11/08] djcarlos : hi stal....

[10:20:11 14/11/08] djcarlos : i was re-enter and i won 2o pips and then go out because de

waves is going up

[10:20:23 14/11/08] djcarlos : Very Happy

The stop loss on the right shoulder ensured that we are not stopped out in the present

downtrend..if price breaches that high, we should be seeing a new retracement....

All in all, it was a jolly Good White Friday..

So for today,Sunday the 16th of November,we await the opening bell of the Asian Session to

commence trading..

Quote from: palmguy
Sell stop on GBPUSD @ 1.8321...

Hi palmguy, thanks for your contribution ..though presently, price on the GBPUSD is at would need to go up about 400 pips before your sell stop is triggered..

So for today, we might likely see a BULLISH GAP to the upside in less than 7 hours from now.
We put a buy stop on our 60% BUY WINDOW @ 1.4765...1st target @ 1.4805..2nd target @

1.4840...3rd target @ @ 1.4700

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Quote from Smurfie:

Hey Forexgreenland

All trends from the monthly to the 5m timeframe are down. Why do you see an up-gap coming?

In other words, on what do you base your decision?



Hi Smurf, the up gap is not really the issue here..Price pleased us with some lyrical

We jus chilling.. when we popped the cable glass an and

I based my decision due to the ''market tells''..shown on those charts..mon ami..Like I said

earlier, price was at its BUY WINDOW...MACD showing bullish divergence,123 pattern,etc..As

you go along, you'll see why I based my decision on a long call, instead of a short..

Quote from: jeff15
In the name of the lord most merciful,
Nice thread forexgreenland. Week begins with the pound 13 percent drop  against the dollar

and 8 percentagainst the euro . British banks are shrinking foreign borrowings .A weaker

currency is being recommended.

Maybe, jeff15...maybe..

Quote from: betard 75367
Bearish gap, filled and bounced off your entry point (resistance area).

Looked like a good place to short rather than long but i was sleeping. If there had been a

bullish gap then that looked like a good long trade though (bounce off support). Look

forward to hearing more.

Yes, betard, I like that word ..''bounced off entry point'' bouncy balls..At that

particular time, it looked good to short..and we got stopped out twice..

In retrospect, that might not really look like a good place to short, except for the

SCALPERS..Like Ninjas,they move in stealth, with each breath..never make their presence

felt..Price on the GBPUSD opened this Monday morning @ 1.4671..made a low of 1.4656..just 15

pips..removing 5 to 6 pip spread reduces it further..Though there was not a bullish gap in

the early hours of this morning, but a bearish gap on the open, it was just the precursor of

 good times in the bullish sides..

Quote from: Anonymous;86746
Wow nice call today! I must be honest after been stop out twice the

third time I was not very condident with the trade and took+ 20 pips, if I had wait I should

grabe +200pips....  thx  Stalion

It was like 382 pips,mon ami...close to $400 minilot..$4000 standard lot on monday..But we

got stopped out twice at 65 pips each...making a total loss of 130 pips..Subtract that from

382 pips, we get net profit of 252 pips(excluding pip spread /or charges.)..But remember, we

lost twice before we can arrive at our net profit..Such is life...If Thomas Edison can fail

a thousand times before dicovering the icandescent lamp, why are we traders soo skeptical to

losses.. Every single trade does not have to be a masterpiece..

Quote from: delvia_saputri;905683
forexgreenland, I will be here with you to check the

daily analysis and strategic tips of forex.. i hope you post such this info continuously ...

I will learn more and more..
Thanks forexgreenland

No probs, delv..We all learn and earn more and more...

Quote from: technamental;000002
So.. where are these other guys you are talking to? 

Just google ''forexgreenland''

We'll be having our monthly Forex Exposition Workshop (F.E.W) on the 28th and 29th of November..Holla at me for those interested in getting to the NEXT LEVEL in their trading..
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Quote from: jeffsmith;384871
Looking at GBP/USD intraday: key ST resistance at 1.5.
Pivot: 1.5
Preferred: Short positions below 1.5 with targets @ 1.4815 & 1.467 in extension.
Alternative scenario: Above 1.5 look for further upside with 1.51 & 1.513 as targets.
Comment: the RSI has banged against a major resistance around 70% and is reversing down.
It is being said the pound's decline will assist GB's economy so as long as it doesn't turn

into a ``run'' on the currency.Investors are selling the pound on concern about the size of

GB's recession.

Nice one, jeffsmith, keep it coming..

Quote from: stalla;212577
Nice analysis !!!

I think the pound keeps getting pounded for further losses after the negative view trotted

out by King and company midweek and by the backdrop of the country's current account deficit

and huge fiscal challenges. These are the same types of problems faced by the typical

emerging market country in a global crisis and some are even starting to talk up the idea of

a currency crisis for the UK. The negative momentum that GBP has worked up at this point is

getting worrisome and may demand an official response very soon if GBPUSD moves to 1.4000

and EURGBP to 0.9000. We've been taken aback at the vehemence of the moves - the GBP crosses

are dangerous territory.


Yes,stalla, you might be quite right on that one, you know..especially with the GBP crosses

like GBPCHF and GBPJPY, aka the prudent money management during trading is very


[11:11:55 19/11/08] Stalion: hi everyone

[11:12:17 19/11/08] Maximus : Hey Stalion good to hear from you..

[11:14:08 19/11/08] djcarlos : Hi

[11:16:02 19/11/08] Stalion : cool...

[11:21:42 19/11/08] Stalion : also a buy stop on gu at 1.5005..1st target at 1.5025..2nd

target at 1.5045...40 pip sl away

[11:25:43 19/11/08] djcarlos : so, the buy entry was hit???

[11:26:33 19/11/08] Stalion : yes, dj...

[11:26:46 19/11/08] Stalion : we are on the ride

[11:44:07 19/11/08] klho83 : All targets hit

[11:45:24 19/11/08] djcarlos : yes

[11:50:35 19/11/08] masif1 : wow - quick 40pips!

[11:50:35 19/11/08] Maximus : do we live the sell stop there?

[11:50:47 19/11/08] masif1 : and still going up!

[11:53:16 19/11/08] Maximus : guys do myou keep your sell entry activated or not?

[11:56:07 19/11/08] djcarlos : I saw in that GU will going to make pivot in


[11:56:34 19/11/08] Stalion : no...delete the sell stop entry for now, since market dynamics

have changed

[11:56:46 19/11/08] djcarlos : ok

[11:57:00 19/11/08] Maximus : thx...

[11:57:03 19/11/08] Stalion : hope you got ur trailing stop on

[11:58:00 19/11/08] Stalion : what kind of pivot,dj? what do you mean about pivot at 1.5050

[11:58:03 19/11/08] Maximus : exit 1.5045 because only trading 0.10 lots..

[11:58:35 19/11/08] djcarlos : I can send to you the chart by mail

[11:59:07 19/11/08] klho83 : Is the sell stop still valid?

[11:59:48 19/11/08] masif1 : i have left the sell in place

[11:59:54 19/11/08] Stalion : it doesnt matter, could close half of the 0.1 lot in, 0.05..the allow d other half to ride with a trailing stop..

[20:33:40] Stalion : hi folks, its a cool evening here in the city of Lagos, so we put a buy

stop on GBPUSD @ 1.5045..1st target at 1.5070...2nd taRGET AT 1.5095..3rd target at

1.5120...50 pip sl away

And we also put a sell stop on GBPUSD @ 1.4970...1st target @ 1.4945..2nd target @

1.4920..3rd target @ 1.4895..


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Quote from: onwukarisa;11051
Hello Mystikal,

How are you doing?Please i will like to ask apart from the 123 top and bottom, is there any other type of chart pattern that can be formed.

Yes, onwuka...there are some good chart patterns around...just google head and shoulder patterns, W top and bottom, wedges,triangles,pennants, etc..You could find something useful that might assist you in your trading activities..If you checked those charts, you would hardly see any indicators...every trading decision is based from the charts and mumbo jumbo indicators or lines all over the place,,just straight from the charts..

Quote from: KITT862;9522
it seems too complicated/technical for me . really for beginner? for me, I just need easy/simple indicator or EA to decide buy or sell.

Lol, is quite simple and easy in forecasting..Dont stop it if you think you gonna make a profit..
Many of the most simplest things in life are the most hydrogen,with the atomic number of 1.
We need 2 atoms of oxygen with an atom of hydrogen, to form 1 molecue of water(H20)..Very simple but many people are not AWARE..''For the Bible says;My people Perish Due To Lack Of Knowledge/Vision''..
Until you are AWARE that YOU are the INDICATOR..YOU are the Expert Advisor...YOU are the ROBOT...YOU are the HOLY GRAIL'',,you would always see yourself as a beginner in the markets..
Until you throw off the clutches of EA's, robots,and diverse indicators, and start taking trading decisions straight from the charts,you would always tend to see yourself handicapped from reaching your goals of making profits through trading..

Quote from: logoodung;213517
I went short @ 1.4944 yesterday at about 7am with limit set at 1.49 and stop loss at 1.50.  Up to 11am the range fluctuated between 1.4960 to 1.4995 even after the BoE minutes.  Did I miss something?  After the CBI report obviously I was out the trade and seeing the trend of GBP extend to 1.51+.  Why didn't this go my way?

Sorry,logoodung, you were right in the middle of the 3 low of the 1-2-3 pattern,which usually foretells a bullish bias..Problem was, you thought short, instead of long..Thats what you missed, mon ami..ohh, by the way, there was also a bullish hammer candlestick just where you went short, which formed as support to where you would've gone right, as in the solution, was by putting a sell stop below the low of 1, of the 123 chart pattern,which if triggered, would confirm your bearish bias in pric e movement..

Quote from: mystikal;11120
[20:33:40] Stalion : hi folks, its a cool evening here in the city of Lagos,
And we also put a sell stop on GBPUSD @ 1.4970...1st target @ 1.4945..2nd target @

1.4920..3rd target @ 1.4895..


[20:45:50 19/11/08] Maximus : ok I got it, thx Stalion.....

[20:50:33 19/11/08] djcarlos : thanks Stal

[09:24:57 20/11/08] klho83 : I missed that:(

[10:31:43 20/11/08] klho83 : Hi Max.

[10:58:56 20/11/08] masif1 : guys stalion did NOT post the following alert

[10:59:05 20/11/08] masif1 : And we also put a sell stop on GBPUSD @ 1.4970...1st target @ 1.4945..2nd target @

[11:00:48 20/11/08] masif1 : 1.4920..3rd target @ 1.4895..

[11:00:55 20/11/08] masif1 : this was on the forum

[11:01:08 20/11/08] masif1 :

[11:01:13 20/11/08] masif1 : posted last night

[11:01:23 20/11/08] masif1 : the buy call we would have got stopped out on

[11:01:37 20/11/08] masif1 : however the sell call we would have made profit Wink

[11:06:42 20/11/08] masif1 : or was that the original sell alert stalion sent yesterday morning?

[11:06:59 20/11/08] masif1 : i know i should not have cancelled it ;(

so for Friday,we put a buy stop on GBPUSD @ 1.4865...1st target @ 1.4900...2nd target @ 1.4950...3rd target @ 1.5050

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Quote from: onwukarisa;11172
hello stallion,

please i have some questions for you:

1) Please how do you know which time frame to do your analysis. i just noticed that at ties,
you do your analysis on 5 minutes chart, 15 minutes chart or 4 hours chart. Please what

do you actually put into considerations when choosing this time frame?

2)i have also noticed that the way you choose your pattern formations vary(whether 1-2-3 top

bottom). in some cases,you space out the distance b/w the points 1,2,and 3. And in some

the distance b/w the points are very close? Please why is this so?

3) You sometime made mention of a hammer to me. Please if i see a bearish or bullish hammer,
what does that mean or what do i expect to see?

4) "Since a doji session represents a market at a juncture of indecision, it can often be

an early
warning that a preceeding rally(rise) could be losing steam.."

   My question here is this: can a doji also tell you that a preceding fall or drop is also
   losing steam?

Trust  onwuka to ask some of those deep questions...

We use what traders popularly call the TOP DOWN APPROACH..starting from the higher

timeframes(monthly, weekly, daily and four hourly), to the lower timeframes(hourly,

15min,and 5 minutes..)..As we are mainly on intraday trading,we use lower timeframes to

pinpoint entries and exits...higher timeframes are mainly used by position and swing

traders..also good for knowing the overall trend..

2..The spacing of the 1-2-3 pattern is quite irrelevant due to the fact that market dynamics

change as time is a function of time and space..HOW long can price

travel in a session(s)..What you are looking for is the OVERALL pattern, not the difference

in sums between the parts of the whole..

3..A bullish hammer is oulined like a hammer...where the shadow or tail is twice the length

of the real body of the candlestick..whether dark or means price is pausing in

order to reverse or continue its walk..
And yes, a doji can also foretell a preceeding fall losing steam..

Quote from: 'Reealjrd' pid='6695' dateline='1227339374'
Market has recovered some shat. But we cannot say it a recovery because some market news say

that the market might once again show some dip. So be cautious when the market goes up.

Yes, we surely will,Reeal...

Quote from: arranp;209765

How long to stay short of sterling? how long until sterling recovers?

I have a USD fund with a STG equivalent, at some point I should switch from USD into STG, I

am wondering if now is to soon.

Thanks in advance for advice.


'The Reaction Swing is the centre of the cycle, where you can look back and then based on

this information, determine where the cycle will go in the future.Since the Reaction Swing

is where the Action ends and the Reaction begins, it marks the centre of a repititive cycle

in which the past can project the future..
In the monthly chart below, the price movement between B and C is the Reaction Swing.
A Reaction Swing begins and ends with the lowest and highest closing prices..All you need to

know are the dates of the highest closing price and the lowest closing price of the Reaction

Swing in order to move on to the next step- PROJECTING FUTURE TURNING POINTS IN THE MARKETS


Subtract the low of 1.7047(C), from the high of 1.9554(B) to get a difference of 0.2507
Divide 0.2507 by 2 (half) to get a total of 0.1254
Subtract 0.1254 from the high of 1.9554 and you get a price of 1.8304 ass the centre of the

Reaction Swing.
Place a sell stop at 1.8304.When the market passes through this price, the sell stop is

triggered and you are short GBPUSD at 1.8304.That should be around august this year..
The next step is to determine the maximum possible timespan of the trade..According to TIME

PROJECTION strategies, the Reversal date(high probability turning point of its trend) is

scheduled as from 4 to 8 months from now..Those on March futures could take mental note.
Whichever comes first...1.3090 target for our price projection or 4 to 8 months in our time

projection..whichever one comes first


Quote from: kongsar168;135846
is everyone here ever use indicator cat50fx ???

Not sure,kong..

Quote from trackstar:

what "method" are you using for these conditions?

Hi trackstar,It is much of a ''method'', than it is a strategy...The CHART PATTERN

RECOGNITION AND PRICE PROJECTION STRATEGY simply tells us where price is going and how far

it might get there, to a considerable extent..


technamental wrote:
No.. Your posts here are not collaborative. They are self promoting. I don't think

you have any intent of interacting with this forum's users on the other threads


You are quite mistaken, my good fellow..maybe there's a slight misunderstanding here...I

intract by answering comments and questions addressed in this thread..Just by reading your

posts along with others, here, shows inclusion..I'm sorry if it seems self promoting to you,

but I believe readers have a  lot to gain when going through this thread,whether

participating or non participating..very educative and reveals how real life practical

trading spouting of theories that brings no profits to members..Why cover the

light under a basket in darkness? The purpose and nature of light is to shine!

THE FRONTIERS OF OPPORTUNITIES! And  if along the way, showing that trading can be a

winner's game..or something good can come out of my country Nigeria, despite all the media

negativity...if considered as self promoting..then so be it...Cant win'em all, can we?

[09:57:05 21/11/08] Stalion : hi everyone

[09:57:23 21/11/08] Stalion : so for Friday,we put a buy stop on GBPUSD @ 1.4865...1st

target @ 1.4900...2nd target @ 1.4950...3rd target @ 1.5050

[10:33:27 21/11/08] Maximus : I received the sms to late for the trade....

[10:43:26 21/11/08] Maximus : masif1 did you had the chance tp enter in the trade...

[10:49:06 21/11/08] djcarlos : i enter ... and after to 1st target hit... went out and

re-enter... and now in 2nd hit go out.... thanks Stal

[10:49:18 21/11/08] djcarlos : 80 pips in the bag

[10:54:00 21/11/08] djcarlos : The sell stop is 1.4970????

[11:12:04 21/11/08] masif1 : hi maximus

[11:12:15 21/11/08] masif1 : i did and trailing a the s/l

[11:12:25 21/11/08] masif1 : 50pips already in the bag!

[11:13:11 21/11/08] djcarlos : do you will enter the sell stop ???

[11:13:30 21/11/08] djcarlos : now is hiting

[12:55:08 21/11/08] masif1 : 3rd target hit

[12:55:41 21/11/08] masif1 : 185 pips

[12:55:55 21/11/08] masif1 : cheers

[13:15:14 21/11/08] Maximus : whatr is the sell stop????

[13:38:07 21/11/08] masif1 : it was buy stop order not a sell

[14:04:34 21/11/08] Maximus : what was the sell stop that Stalion send on the sms???

[15:37:20 21/11/08] masif1 : 10:39:43 20/11/08] Stalion : okay....sell stop at 1.4820..1st

target at 1.4785....

[15:51:44 21/11/08] djcarlos : the sell Stop of Trapping the Dragon its in 1.4970..

[16:24:45 21/11/08] masif1 : lol

[16:24:54 21/11/08] masif1 : your right djcarlos

[16:24:57 21/11/08] masif1 : good call

[16:25:03 21/11/08] masif1 : shame i missed it

[16:47:39 21/11/08] Maximus : the sell stop 1.4820 is still good or not!!!!

[17:04:57 21/11/08] djcarlos : I used 1.4970 sell stop... and go out with 170 pips

[17:05:16 21/11/08] djcarlos : Very Happy

[17:05:23 21/11/08] djcarlos : thanks Stal

[17:07:44 21/11/08] djcarlos : the trapping of dragon worked exelent..

[17:29:48 21/11/08] masif1 : what a dragon!

[17:29:54 21/11/08] masif1 : well done djcarlos

[17:30:39 21/11/08] masif1 : that's a possible 300-400 pips made today!

Quote from: bertmaple;214362
okay- a few things ive learned through the years of fxing -

go with the trend & dont try and guess when the trend is over


 did anyone else see the USD turnaround signs? Not really a strong one with GBP - but a

perfect trendline touch on EUR, almost a double top reaction spike on CHF.

All pairs showed serious rection spikes today - without surpassing former lows/highs

Kind of like slamming the brakes on your car.

Wonder if Mon Asian market will dump lots of cash in - or wait because of light US trade


Will the slow trade week basically reset all the indicators and make this one giant

bull/bear trap?

Set yr stops close ~



Quite elementary, my dear Watson..I mean, Bert..The Doggy Style move on the GBPUSD have the

potential of yielding approximately 135 pps when we put a sell stop @ 1.4922..1st target @

1.4881..2nd target @ 1.4840..3rd target @ 1.4787...if you fear a trap, you can also put a

buy stop on the same entry @ 1.4922..1st target @ 1.4945..2nd target @ 1.4970..3rd target @

1.4995..on the bullish side..USDCHF might also open on the bullish side @ 1.2225..1st target

@ 1.2245..2nd target @ 1.2262

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Hi everyone, hope ur all having a nice day...the UK gdp REPORT CAME OUT THE SAME , SO FOR

NOW, TECHNICAL ANALYSIS IS PREEMINENT..we put a sell stop on GBPUSD @ 1.5300..1st target @

1.5260...2nd target @ 1.5175..3rd target @ @ 50 pips away from entry..

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« Reply #84 on: December 02, 2008, 01:00:47 AM »
Quote from: mfoste1;170670
I need some advice from some seasoned forex traders...I am a college

student studying finance and I am fairly new to forex trading but i have frequently day

traded some stocks. I opened up a fxcm account 3 days ago funded with $5,000. Today was the

first day that I traded it for about 3 hours. At the end of the 3 hrs I made a profit of

$1,042.25. It doesn't seem like I'm executing my trades very well though, so I'm wondering

if this is just luck or something like that. Is significant profit a sign of good


Hi mfostel,
Its quite encouraging of you to admit you've not been executing your trades very

well..Though some might say its just 'luck to catch a drop', it all depends on you, at the

end of the day..
Significant profits is just a MEASURE of good trading....You still have to create structures

based on your trading plan , in order to know where, when and how you went right or wrong in

your trading activities..
These structures includes your trading strategy, risk management and trader

how do you reconcile an 80% gross profit with a 50 % relative drawdown?
How exposed are your trades for that session , in relation to your total equity? How do you

know when you are on a losing streak and how does that affect your successive trading

activities? Those, and more questions you ask yourself, would surely help in making you the

seasoned trader that you are meant to be.

P.S- As a graduate of Finance from the University Of Lagos, I would say you are building a background in news in, economic analysis and forecasts would be right up your alley..if you are real jiggy with your major.

[08:13:41 01/12/08] agba : Hi Stal

[08:14:34 01/12/08] agba : Is the sell stop at 1.5300 still valid, it has been stopped out

once today?

[10:37:35 01/12/08] Stalion : helloo everyone

[10:37:57 01/12/08] Stalion : yes, is...if stopped out, you reenter..

[10:38:05 01/12/08] Maximus : Heu Stalion...

[10:39:41 01/12/08] Stalion : 1st and 2nd target already hit for 125 pips..going for 3rd


[10:39:56 01/12/08] Stalion : helloo there, max..

[10:40:03 01/12/08] Stalion : howz ur trading going?

[10:40:39 01/12/08] Maximus : very good i am out at 1.5175, thx...

[10:41:36 01/12/08] agba : DId not reentered waited fr ur response

[10:43:49 01/12/08] Stalion : Here, we tend to nurture traders to become independent after

time..once you get the thick of it, you tend to trade better this case, am

sorry you didnt reenter..

[10:43:58 01/12/08] agba : Can I enter now?

[10:44:41 01/12/08] Stalion : not depends on the risk to reward ratio

[10:45:18 01/12/08] Stalion : our 3rd target is 1.5090..

[10:46:08 01/12/08] Stalion : u can still enter now, with a 50 pip sl..agba...

[10:46:10 01/12/08] agba : I will wait till us session

[10:47:29 01/12/08] agba : ok thanks

[10:47:43 01/12/08] Stalion : though the reward would be approximately the same, at current

market price

[10:48:12 01/12/08] Stalion : but the risk would be double since you got stopped out earlier

[10:48:44 01/12/08] agba : I entered @1.5128

[10:50:21 01/12/08] Stalion : no probs...time will tell..

[10:52:04 01/12/08] Stalion: remember, put a 15 or 20 pip trailing stop on price when you

are +20 pips ahead

[10:52:21 01/12/08] agba : ok

[11:15:57 01/12/08] agba : Thks Stal. Got 38pips

[11:41:17 01/12/08] Stalion : lol!

[11:42:24 01/12/08] Stalion : price on cable have gone way beyond our 3rd target of

1.5090...for more than 210 pips,$210 minilot,$2100 standard lot

[12:08:50 01/12/08] Stalion : even after subtracting the 50 pip stop loss earlier in the

morning, we are still ahead

[13:33:36 01/12/08] djcarlos : I missed that exelent trade .... Sad

[13:34:07 01/12/08] Stalion : why? it has been out in the open for more than 24 hrs

[13:34:23 01/12/08] djcarlos : I stal.... this falll is going to have retracement???

[18:30:17 01/12/08] djcarlos : Hi, im looking CNN and US it was declared recently in


[18:30:45 01/12/08] Stalion : recession?

[18:31:37 01/12/08] djcarlos : sorry... yes recession in US... CNN said that is officialy

[18:35:07 01/12/08] djcarlos : about 20 minutes was declarated ... but they sais that the

recesssion start in december 2007

[19:10:07 01/12/08] Stalion : from a sell entry of 1.5300 to a low of 1.4805

[19:10:15 01/12/08] Stalion : almost 500 pips

[19:13:12 01/12/08] djcarlos : yes.... and I missed it.... I want to die .... I looked the

chat at 5:00 am... and the fall start at 6:00 am...

[19:15:52 01/12/08] djcarlos : but now i hope a good retracement

Stocks fall sharply on consumer spending worries - Yahoo! News

Quote from: fasi26;217025
now wht wuld be the rebound of GBP/USD..............( i m holding the

position sell 153.5 to going on.

If there's going to be a rebound or retracement, fasi, I think its better we put a buy stop

on cable @ 1.4900, 1st target @ 1.4935..2nd target @ 1.4985..3rd target @ 1.5135...with a

stop loss @ 1.4805...Please check your risk to reward ratio before taking any trades.

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Quote from: MB219TR;218147
Dear Madam and Dear Sir,
I would to ask you a question,According to the exchange rates:
what would be the exchange rate ?/$ short - term (1month) = ?
what would be the exchange rate ?/$ midle - term (6month) = ?
what would be the exchange rate ?/$ long - term (12month) = ?
what would be the exchange rate ?/? short - term (1month) = ?
what would be the exchange rate ?/? midle - term (6month) = ?
what would be the exchange rate ?/? long - term (12month) = ?
what is your advice might be.
Yours Sincerly,

Dear Mahir,
What are the possibilities of a zero interest rates regime on the global financial terrain

in the 1st  month,6th month and a year from now?

What are the possibilities of Crude oil, Gold, NYSE,NASDAQ,FTSE and other commodities in

rallying or declining in value for the 1st month, semi anually and anually?

What are the possibilities of war erupting in another economically vital hotspot/region in a

month, 6 month and a year from now.

What are the possibilities of an economical new world order, arising from the financial

Armageddon, in part, being sponsored by some media, in the short term, medium term and long


Think, Man..

Your question was based on ''would be''... mine was on ''possibilities''...You need to think

of what the market might be in terms of possibilities, not in terms of ''will''.

Life is a paradox, just like the Universe, or the markets,from what Schrodinger deduced in

his atomic theories in the field of Chemistry.

No one knows the exact time when a particular event would take place,ALL the time..That is

the trading paradox..Else trading would have guarantees and the word ''speculation'' might

not exist in its glossary...

Quote from: fasi26;217311
If there's going to be a rebound or retracement, fasi, I think its

better we put a buy stop

on cable @ 1.4900, 1st target @ 1.4935..2nd target @ 1.4985..3rd target @ 1.5135...with a

stop loss @ 1.4805...Please check your risk to reward ratio before taking any


thnx buddy i got the 1st target and the all credit goes to you. can we hav a chat on some

other source????????[/QUOTE]

No probs...just check my contact info, mon ami...

Greeetings, Ladies and Gentlemen,
Due to some minor connectivity glitches for some days now,my contributions to this thread

was delayed..but I thank God for everything...

For the short term, a la mahir,we could put a sell stop gbpusd @ 1.4618..1st target @ 1.4595..2nd target

@ 1.4560..3rd target @ 1.4525..

For the medium term, we put a sell stop on GBPUSD @ 1.4465..1st target @ 1.4425..2nd target

@ 1.4385...3rd target @ 1.4305...5o pip sl away...Remember to take half profits when +20

pips away,while shifting sl to entry.

"If you want to know your past, look into your present conditions. If you want to know your

future, look into your present actions." ...Chinese Proverb

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Quote from: ddock222;575460
i dont get the idea you showing about thw system.  first, where are

those numbers come from ? i looked at the charts that you attached those numbers (2.0168,

2.0050, 2.0089). sencond, is this same as the 3 ducks system ?

Me too, has been quite a while since that chart was posted,I must say... those

numbers come from the chart, where we added/subtracted the range of price from its virtual
entry point..second, am not really familiar with the 3 ducks cant say for now..

Quote from: t2wfx;590782
Wow nice trade guys!

yea, t2wfx, we try to get better and better by the day..

Quote from: SirLancelot;307456
Helloo Stallion,after going through your posts am sorely tempted but still a little

doubt,you were telling the college kid about profits,drawdowns and streaks.whatabout

yours?how sure are we that you are profitable with your strategy,at least 10% profitable a

month.? any recent performance reports to back em up?nice work you doing on this


Yes Lance, you can get a sample detailed performance report on my strategies as an attached

file below.Just click on it ,okay...This was on a starting balance of $10k as at October

this year, in which the total net profit is $3k plus..relative drawdown of 8.69% over a 3

month period..that should be approximately 10% per month on the average. Not too bad...action speak louder

than words.

Quote from: Forexgreenland;218184

For the short term, a la mahir,we could put a sell stop gbpusd @ 1.4618..1st target @

1.4595..2nd target

@ 1.4560..3rd target @ 1.4525..

For the medium term, we put a sell stop on GBPUSD @ 1.4465..1st target @ 1.4425..2nd target

@ 1.4385...3rd target @ 1.4305...5o pip sl away...Remember to take half profits when +20

pips away,while shifting sl to entry.

To all the traders in the house, with style and grace...allow me to lace these lyrical

possies in your purses..which price moves, would move down to bearish...the back of the

keyboard is the place where you gonna questions asking...trades passing..profits

blasting..but I jus cant quit...because some of these brokers need some dose of ethics,

check this..

you can put a sell stop on gbpusd @ 1.4680...1st target @ 1.4655..2nd target @ 1.4635...3rd

target @ 1.4540 50 pips away...

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We put a sell stop on GBPUSD @ 1. 5220
1ST TARGET @ 1. 5145
2ND TARGET@ 1. 5127
3RD TARGET@ 1. 5068
STOP LOSS @ 1. 5285

Greetings, Folks,
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Strategic Tips on Milking the Forex Markets'' is out!
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It shows where the market prices are going and how far it takes, through the use of chart
patterns.  Whether you are looking for 10 pips or more than an 100 pips, the Chart Projection Strategy would take you there.
It also shows how you tap into your ''Holy Grail'' in the psychology of trading by the
application of the Silence.
Never-before-seen excerpts from the Conversations With Forexgreenland is also included for both new and experienced traders and investors that would blow your mind!

Download the ''Review of Strategic Tips on Milking the Forex Markets'' on Kindle and Lulu

hxxp: www. lulu. com/product/ebook/review-of-strategic-tips-on-milking-the-forex-markets/10658202

hxxp: www. amazon. com/dp/B003I84MRI

Please feel free to send your comments and questions. . .

God bless. .
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Many are lead to believe that you can make a 2,900 % in a month without risking so much.   You can make any % you want but definitely the risk would be extremely high.   We always take a more conservative approach at Forex Trading and in our own view, forex should be seen as a means of diversifying your investment portfolio to give a reasonable return monthly. 
We offer Managed Forex Account Services from Client account and we target only between 20% -50% of account monthly with low risk and proper money management.   All trades are managed by our trading partners in dubai with accurate entry and exit prices.   Join us today visit www.  diamondfxgroup.  com

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Quote from: Stalion
Sell stop on gbpusd @ 1. 5160
1st target @ 1. 5118
2nd target @ 1. 5075
Stop loss @ 1. 5210

Helloo folks,first of all, I want to express my condolences to the

family of our late President of Nigeria. . Alhaji Umaru Yaradua.  Also to

the family of Dagrin and also to those that have lost their loved ones. 

May God give them the strength and fortitude to bear their loss, and

move on to greater heights. .   

Having said that,GBPUSD is having a roll on the bearish dust for a

couple of days now.  More than 85 pips,$85 minilot,$850 standard lot was

made on that call.  And it is still declining. . . .

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You receive all the benefits of
HYPERLYNKS CONCEPT trading experience and trading

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undertaking the trades yourself.  Each account

position belongs to your portfolio alone.

HYPERLYNKS CONCEPT only has a Limited Power of

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Managed Forex with Integrity


Information abounds on unsavory Hedge Funds and

managed accounts for both individual and

institutional funds.  We have the highest integrity

and pride ourselves on our open lines of

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