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Please guys
« on: September 21, 2013, 08:15:22 PM »
1. Before U start a relationship with a lady,
U must think carefully about what U are
about to do.
A relationship is not something U should rush into or handle lightly.
2. Are U ready for a relationship with her?
Are U emotionally, mentally and
mature to meet her needs? 3. Being sexually attracted to her
means absolutely nothing. It isn?t a sign
love or any other thing Ur mind may come up with.
It may just be Ur hormones
messing with Ur mind. A woman is
more than her body and her sexuality.
She has a life
which U should be able to blend with.
Can U do that?
4. This lady has a history. Can U handle it? She has a past. Can U handle it?
Can U handle her mistakes, failures and weaknesses?
Can U handle her
dreams without being intimidated and
becoming jealous?
5. She already had a life before she met U. Can U fit into and help improve her life? 6. Love is commitment. Are U ready
commit Ur life to helping her grow
become all that she can be, by God?s
grace? 7. Is she valuable enough for U to devote
a large portion of Ur life
Towards the
accomplishment of HER dream?
Are U ready
to pour Ur resources into making her all the
Lord plans for her to be?
If U are not
ready, don?t just bother.
8. Before U open Ur mouth to say
?I love U?, Ask Urself if this is not just
of ?emotional madness?.
A lady needs
much more than
?I love U?. She needs Ur commitment.
If U are not ready to make that commitment
That will lead to marriage,
Please leave her alone in peace and stop
wasting her time. ˚


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Please guys
« on: September 21, 2013, 08:15:22 PM »


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