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Signs Of Repudiated Ramadan
« on: August 23, 2013, 09:56:28 AM »

Allah says: ?O ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you As it was prescribed to those before you, that ye may (learn) self-restraint.? [al-Baqarah: 183]

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. All Praise is due to Allah! We praise Him and we seek help from Him. We ask forgiveness from Him. We repent to Him; and we seek refuge in Him from our evils and bad deeds. Anyone who is guided by Allah, is indeed guided; and anyone who has been left astray, will find no one to guide him. I bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship but Allah, the Only One without any partner; and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and final messenger to mankind. May the peace and blessing of Allah be upon His last and final Apostle, his Household, his companions and all his followers until the end of time.
 All praise is due to Allah for completing the Ramadan with the full hope of winning the favours of Allah from the little we were able to accomplish notwithstanding our shortcoming. To many, Ramadan came so fast, and finished much faster. Those of us who are still lamenting the passing away of Ramadan; the month of Rahmah, maghfirah and Itqum-minnar, are certainly not in greater number in comparison with those who limped and hobbled behind. Those who just yesterday were in the front queue in salah. I mean those who, immediately stand behind the imam, you just could not find them anywhere near the masjid. Such lose can only attributed to the accursed, no-hopers and damned losers.
 Thus, it is my intention today to discuss some of signs that cause damnation of Allah; that situation of being condemned to eternal punishment in Hell. Allah is certainly awaiting the arrival of those glide back and retreat from being righteous believers, to be chastened into abyss of hell-fire. May Allah forbid bad thing!
 1. Gliding and sliding away from the communities of good people. Those who have chosen to spend what remain of their times in servitude to Allah, in hidden and in open. Thus, the moment you around and you don?t see familiar faces in around the mosques after Ramadan, pray for them not to be amongst those who, by appearance consistently in the mosques during the Ramadan, thought they could scheme and deceive Allah. Unfortunately for them, non can mislead Allah in any circumstances.
 2. Inconsistent with the five daily prayers. If anyone drags his or her feet in the observance of the daily prayers, such a person is in great danger as to the conclusion that his or her Ramadan was not perfect. And we all know that Allah does accepts only perfections. Similarly, such a sign is pointing to failure and repudiation of the deeds done during the Ramadan.
 Once, Hassanul Basri said: ?Only acceptable deeds to Allah are followed by series of good deeds. While unforgiveable bad deeds are trailed by chains of bad deeds. if Allah accepts one?s good deeds, He guides him to do more good deeds, and prevents him from misdeeds?. He also said: ?O you son of Adam, if you are not amongst whose good deeds always increase, be aware that you are amongst those whose good deeds decrease?.
 3. Returning to bad groups. When you see those who were vibrant in Ramadan, and suddenly return to the bad friends and companies. A forsaken repentance is a disaster and glaring signs of misfortunes in life.
 Ibn Katheer al-Damashqy said: ?Whoever lives on something, dies on it. And whoever dies on something will be raised on the Day of judgement with it?. Therefore if a young man spends his time in the worship of Allah, Allah will crown him with honour of dying worshipping Him, and on the resurrection day will be fortunate to be amongst the righteous ones. Therefore, if you are fortunate to find yourself amongst good company of men, grip very well to maintain your position, and never glide away. Continue to pray for consistency in obedience to Allah in all that you do and say.
 4. Shelving monthly fasting. If anyone abandons the weekly or monthly fasting, know that one sign of Ramadan repudiation is eminent. This is because a person who is used to fasting a whole period of thirty days, should be able to uphold the weekly or monthly fasting. try to observe at least three days of fasting in every month. But if you can do more, then better.
 5. Abandoning the night prayers. The special prayers of tahajjud in very night of the year, should not be abandon or seen as a special deed only in the last days of Ramadan. Tahajjud, unlike Taraweeh, is every night affair for the fortunate and the righteous. This singular deed should be enliven by every good Muslim. That is to say while Taraweeh is only for the Ramadan, tahajjud is for every night of our lives. We must try to perform it according to our individual ability and time. It is most acceptable to be performed in last part of the night alone in our homes.
 On final thing I want advice my brothers and sisters is the issue of payment or making up of missed days of fasting during Ramadan. What Allah prefers from His servants are obligatory deeds. Thus, whoever is owing any of the obligatory deeds, he or she must quickly pay and immediately. Anyone who is owning an obligatory deeds, but prefers to do the less important deeds, must be doing his bidding and not Allah?s.
 Thus, the sitta Shawwal must not be preferred over and above those obligatory ones. Woman should hasten to pay the debts of Ramadan, rather than perform the sitta Shawwal. Allah prefers and love more, the obligatory duties.
 May Allah continue to help us keep those good deeds we learned and got trained during the previous Ramadan.


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Signs Of Repudiated Ramadan
« on: August 23, 2013, 09:56:28 AM »


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