Men and Women who cheats most ?

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« on: July 22, 2013, 11:49:26 AM »
Cheating!!!!! Alot of misconceptions are given to this act. Whenever the word cheating
is mentioned, majority are quick to yell at the top of their lungs that its all
men that cheat...infact some says it runs in their blood to cheat. The honest gospel truth is, both genders cheats. Now lets talk about the men and their cheating habits. I'm actually gonna talk to the married women here because they need to
be told a few things. **Exhales**
..........You see ma'am, the mistake most women often make is focusing all
their love, time and affection on the kids once the kids starts arriving. This
mistake is often done unintentionally. . .however the men are very
jealous(take it or leave it) some of them will open up to their wives and
make feelings of lack of attention from her known, while some men will just seek refuge in the arms of some woman outside.
.........Nagging also pushes a man to cheat. So watch it.
.........Tense atmosphere in the home can make a man cheat, that is why its
adviseable you ensure the homefront is tranquil at all time.
........Hygiene is also an issue for some men. By the time you start litering
the whole house with kiddies stuffs and leaving it all messy, your man will likely keep away from the house and come home late just to sleep.
.........The kind of pals a man mingles with also goes a long way in playing
a vital role as to his cheating habit, a man who hangs out with friends
who cheats on their wives will most definitely be cajoled into cheating
.........Being stiff in bed will also make a man cheat. Just so you know, there is nothing like respect in bed with your man. Be his whore. If you discover your husband is cheating on you and you decide to quit
your marriage, goodluck to you.. .. .. ..however should you decide to stay and work on keeping your
home;;;the worst mistake you'l ever make is to steal numbers from his
phone and call the girl he's cheating on you with. The best you can do is
ignore the girl and address the issue with your husband. He's the one who
broke the agreement you both had, he's the one who broke the trust you
had in him. The girls in question met and fell for him just like you did. They might not even know you do exist and even if they knew, you don't
know the lies your husband must have fed them with. So it's better you
entomb them in the mystery of their own nothingness. .......Urhmmmm a smart woman whose husband gets calls from his
mistress in the middle of the night will never pick a fight over the call
with her man. Here's the deal...the mistress knows he's got a wife and
she's calling in the middle of the night to cause nothing but trouble.
Should the wifey in question continiously pick a fight with her man over
this, before long, she'l become a terrible nag to her man and the man will be running further into the arms off the woman outside. This is the aim of
the woman outside. Words are great tools. Personally i can melt the strongest heart with the
words of my mouth. Gat no time for shouting, na myself i go give
headache later. . . .my dear married women, don't shout when you have a
point to butress to your man, shouting will only make you loud. Speak to
him with empathy and bruise his conscience with touchy words that'l
forever pri*k his conscience....silence is golden. Don't act on impulse and don't be quick to spit venom at your man when you're upset. Be a
woman of very few potent words, and also be unpredictable,,,when he
expects you to go left, just go right. I bet you, he'l fix himself without
being told. However it's important you know its not all men that cheats, there are
stilla few noble men who don't cheat. So its wrong to assume all men are
the same because you've not tasted all of them. Above all, never you get tired of going on your knees....the highest place
in this world is at the feet of God, take your supplications to him and
watch him do wonders for you.


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