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Why Most Job Searches Fail...
« on: July 05, 2013, 11:18:24 AM »

If you were asked that what constitutes a failed job search, what will you say???

Specifically it?s a job search that was prematurely ended or did not end up resulting in the goals that you originally set for yourself. 

This is the same as letting discouragement and disillusionment lead us to settle for much, much less than we deserve and are capable of. 

In order to uncover exactly why this happens, it?s important to understand how a job search is often unintentionally set up for failure.

Let me paint a picture of a typical scenario which goes like this:

You start out with a lot of excitement and a dreamy abundance of possibilities for your next career move & that wonderful job.

With a hearty enthusiasm you dive into activities such as updating your resume, searching job boards & daily newspapers and perhaps talking confidentially to a couple of trusted friends. 

In the days to follow perhaps you contact a recruiter source that you know of or that may have been referred to you, connect with one or two industry peers and maybe answer a few on line job postings.

Then the following week you continue to answer several more job ads online and in the newspaper especially Guardian or Punch.

Week three finds you with a certain apprehension about the lack of response you have received so far.

You double check your resume for typo?s and check to make sure your phone line is working.

And because these efforts above rarely produce any significant results, week four finds you feeling a range of negative emotions and the downward spiral really begins.

And since we are on the subject here are some underlying issues associated with job search failure:

Fear of the unknown and that you don't know *how* to do something

Waiting to do something or suspending action until you are ready because you want it to be *perfect*

Over thinking your actions and others reactions to you

And finally, fear of actually reaching your goals (fear of success)
Combined, negative thoughts and feelings mixed with a poorly executed job search strategy is a true recipe for failure.

So, here are three tips you can use to avoid job search failure:

You will get the three tips in Part 2 of this article next week Tuesday.

Don?t be discouraged.  We shall all get there if we don?t lose hope.

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To your success


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Why Most Job Searches Fail...
« on: July 05, 2013, 11:18:24 AM »


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