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Before  I begin with my story, I love you to answer these few questions .  Do you believe , you can own an asset without spending a dime?. Are you working for passion or pension? Or are you working to live or living to work?. Do you value human lives?.  Whatever your answers are , let them guide you  in making a decision, because  my story is going to live you with two choices ,either to be right about your frustration or to be happy about finding a system to change your frustration to celebration.

My name is Egbe Osaghae, friends call me Osas for short, ?m a Travelantropist  from the south-south region of Nigeria, single in my mid 30s,a virgin with  some many children  from different women!! Weird you think, well read on . I work from my laptop in my bedroom, do not commute to work like others, my weekdays are open to charitable deeds and weekends ,I relax with my kids.   

Well it all started in March, 2001,after graduating from Polytechnic ,armed bandits stormed  and raided  my home , during the operation,  they told me they were going to kill me before they live, but as luck would  have it ,they left my  family house without hurting a soul, ?cos the leader  of the daredevil gang  changed his mind ,for the fact that my mother cooperated with their orders not to shout while the operation lasted.  The shocking revelation was that the same gang actually shot someone in another operation after living my family house that faithful night.  Ever since that night,I ?ve carried  this feeling of a dead man walking with a second chance to live right.  Then and there I made up my mind to live a life of giving, ?cos I felt that is the only reason why God spared my life.

The following year, I went back to school i. e the University, for a second program which was Information  Technology, I felt this program will give me the opportunity to help people in a technology driven world which we live in.  And in 2006, I got an internship position in an IT firm based  in Lagos, since it?s part of the requirement  for  completing an Engineering  major in the University.  So I resumed work and I must confess that it was not easy one bit.  My routine went like this ,got up 4. 30a. m , live the house by 5a. m to catch the bus ,get to work  by 7a. m and  get on my  work station which was a computer in an office fitted with air conditioners, closed  windows with  curtains all day.  At lunch time we go to the staff canteen which is almost the same setting with the office, curtains all closed with the ac on, after lunch, back to work and there I would be till about 9p. m, before I hit the road  for home,  which I will usually got to, not earlier than 11p. m!!. I?m sure most of you reading this piece can relate with such routine . That was my life, Monday to Friday, while weekends were so precious, ?cos those were the only days I had to do my chores and sleep.  Well this went for months till one faithful  day, I could not see properly the work I was doing on my system, my head was heavy and my temperature rising ,boy I knew I?ve had it ,I told my boss I had to go home, because I was not feeling well and he permitted me to go home . While on my way home, I almost passed out in the bus, as God would have it ,I managed myself home and slumped in my bed room which was better for me than the bus.

I was home  for some days  to recharge  my batteries before resuming  for  work, but when I resumed , I found out that I was not the only one who got burnt out but, two other colleagues of mine in my department  equally  fell sick ,while I was recovering at home.  Again then and there I made up my mind that the 5 to 9 thing was not the way to go for me .  So immediately I graduated from the University, I went into the world of business . My first was to  manage my mum?s shop, this I did  9 to 5 and by the close of the day, I engage myself in a close by cybercaf?  to do my research on running a business online.

Been an IT graduate,I was enlightened on  e -business, so I decided to  own one that I can access and run from anywhere  in the Globe, since the world  is now a global village.  From 2008 to 2010, I  went into different kinds of business, from recharge card sales to sachet water, fish farm to MLM, all  did not pan out well.  In fact a friend of mine advised me to travel out to Ghana, since that was where most of the businesses in Nigeria were relocating to, I gave it a thought, but decided to stay back  and conclude my research, on  running a business online from Nigeria that can be accessible  anywhere in the globe, since Nigeria has been tagged as a place nothing seem  to work  due precarious state of power supply  and endemic corruption.

Succeeding in Nigeria ,means one can succeed anywhere  in the globe , then came  2010 , I got a contract from the IT firm I worked as an Intern, to head the Verification  project implementation team  of Federal government pensioners in Osun  State.  This contract confirmed my perception about living to work.  In the cause of verifying pensioners, I  discovered  quite a lot of them are suffering  after giving their all to the  government , most could not afford  to own a house in the city ,so they retired to their village, some  were  having  health challenges from accumulated stress while they were still in active service and others complained of  the government  not creating  jobs  for their  children which they have trained  and are at home unemployed.  I saw  the hardship they were been subjected to, in fact a mother told me, had she know things would be like this ,she would have resigned  way back in the 80s to set up a business that would have grown and  employ her children.

The exercise lasted for a week , and after that ,there and then again I made up my mind to work to live and not the reverse.  When I returned  to lagos , a friend and business partner of mine gave me a book which he believed would  be of help to our research, so  I study it and went online to make something out of it.  Most companies  I wrote to, refused  doing business with Nigerians but that did not stop me, I kept on the search.  Now aside from my research  then , I kept myself busy training  people  for free on IT platforms for e-biz , so thru the years, I developed  skills which I taught people on how to use both online and offline.

Then  came a faithful day, an American with hearing disability,  met me online  and decided  to be my friend, because he read one of my articles which I usually post on some forums online to help people with my skills.  He was pleased with the posting and introduced me to a family of spe...t who use travel as  a tool in helping  people.  Whao, I felt excited   because the business was inline with my conviction .  We became friends then  and there Travelantropy was born.

From then on , a lot of things changed , I got to meet some interesting people of which one was an American who walked away from a 7 digit income on Wall  Street to run a precious metal franchise and this was where my break came from.  He introduced me to his cliq in both Europe and North America.

They run the business online which his family based from anywhere they find themselves on the globe.

So in 2010, I was initiated into the family called Karatbars, it?s headquarters is in Germany, with offices in  US, Belize, Thailand , Switzerland  and Singapore.

This business it?s so unique and the best I ever did and own, because i make profit without  spending a dime!  And I guess you would be wondering how?s that possible.  Well Karatbars is a community driven business that rewards families, individuals and  business entity of  all sorts with  a  good relationship with money .  What we do is exchange our weak  currency  to a strong currency, simply put, change  our money  from cash  base to  commodity base.  Rather than do transactions in cash , we do it in commodity which is gold and silver.  Since cash is losing her purchasing power with time and  commodities are increasing in value with time, it?s only wise to switch from a weak currency to a strong one.  When I was a kid Cocacola was N0. 50  for 35cl, but now a bottle is N70. 00, if given an option to choose between a bottle of cocacola and  cash to save my money with ,obviously I will  go for coke which increases  in value with time, how much more gold, that has retained it?s  value ,over the last 6000 years!!

 In  Karatbars,  we do not spend  money, we only  exchange our cash  for pure  gold  produced in grams.

We proudly own three refineries in Europe on the LBMA good delivery list.

We have two systems  we operate while the first is free and you make your  profit with it without spending a dime and the second  you need to invest your profit from  the first system  to set it up. This system literally spits you money monthly, with this system, earn  free pure gold bullion which you can exchange  for cash  with Karatbars and it works  like this ,for every  130 euros worth of gold bullion i exchange ,i  gain an extra of  72 euros worth of gold bullion and for every  500 euros  worth of gold bullion i exchange, i gain  an extra of 216 euros worth of gold bullion and on top of that i gain transaction  points which qualifies me for different  incentive packages which I  will explain  shortly.

There are three different packages , first the Financial Platform , i get to share from the Karatbars  Family Cartel global profit pool, which will fetch me between  5000-1,000,000 euros in a month ,when i qualify. The second is the Fun Platform which i get to own a golden plated mobile phone, golden rolex watch and win KBtrips with all expenses paid by KB Family Cartel to an exotic location and get a travel discount card which gives you about 90% discount at anytime to anywhere you intend  travelling to on your own. The travel card is travelantropy?s fun pack which will rack in more cash  for everyone. 

The third is the big one , the Family Life Platform which  gives me a Villa  worth  $1,000,000. 00 and two deluxe cars  worth over $200,000. 00 anywhere  of my choice in the globe.  All I will do is just spin the world map , make my pick and KB team will get my  Villa  in the place of my  choice.  From the Family Life platform  i automatically become  a Foreign Direct  Investor which entitles me and my  family second citizenship with instant travel privileges to over 125 countries, if i choose  a location in the Caribbean or South America. Karatbars is one big happy global family, and my some of my family members in the US have gotten their Mobile phone and won trips to exotic locations across the globe, as for me ?ve been paid  over the last 15 months ,gone to exotic places of which you see my pix on this post and my blog www. project-10-10. webs. com (PIF album).  All through the last one year, I have spent my money on research to help  the unemployed and underpaid people on getting  on board KB, because you need money to work for you in KB unlike the 9 to 5 deals when you sweat for the money . And you need  to help people  know  about the KB monetary system, because KB cartel does not advertise neither do they have marketers, all the media budget is directed to her Customers across the globe, since the Cartel is run by the Customers.

In fact this is the business model most companies in particularly the banks, are now using to grow profits, by laying off staffs and channeling their resources to departments responsible for profits.

The more people you help into this Family system, the faster your promotion, so my team in the US finally got a unique funnel system that will put cash into peoples bank account to run the KB systems.

Funnel system is called Ultimate Cycler, this  system has transformed the lives of over 10,000 people in the last 90 days . All you need is just $25 plus $3 transaction fee to set up your  UC payment center. This system give you access to Mobile phone Apps, Christian Apps and  life changing Webinars and softwares worth over $2,000. 00 for just $25. 00 and you get receive payments from different people across the globe into your bank account or e-wallet for their system setup, my partner in the US has made over $3,000 in the last 10 weeks with it and been a Minister , he has set up  a team of over 90 spe...t willing to help people set up their systems  and drive their business.  He helped me setup mine and ?m willing to help others as far as you get your $28 ready.  You need a payza and perfectmoney acct to setup your system.  You can signup for a free payza account with this link www. payza. com and perfectmoney with this link www. perfectmoney. is.  When you have your $28. 00 I will send you details of how to fund  your accounts for system setup, but before them you have to send me your name , mobile no , email and location  to be part of KB family.  Joining KB is free but you have to be recommended by a member, which I will gladly do as far has you are willing to help others just like ?m helping you, that?s the criteria.  Like I stated in the beginning of my story that you have two choices to make, to be either right about your frustrations and remain the same, or you be happy that you have the tool to change your frustration to celebration.  Like I stated  earlier ,Travelantropy  has been set up  for charitable deeds ,?cos the whole ideal is to have time to live the life of giving, I will be travelling to 194 countries where Karatbars has her market open to help people understand the monetary system at the same time putting money into peoples account using Travelantropy system, they only way you can benefit from this project is to be part of the KB global  Family. To reach me ,send a mail with subject Travelantropy to dr. who19@yahoo. com with your details i. e name, mobile, email and location.  For instant access, call my mobile +2347040607327. These videos will give you a better picture of this project.

WWW. tinyurl. com/KBsampler

www. tinyurl. com/Karatbarssong

www. tinyurl. com/Breakinginequality



Egbe Osaghae

www. nigeria. goldfromkb. com


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