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There are many seo firms out there and some are simply seo consulting firms, but yet carry out the proper work function of a full fledge seo firm.
What this article looks at is the basic cross over that most so called seo consulting company tends to do.  If you do a search on Google for seo consulting, you will be shocked to see numerous seo firms targeting this organic keyword, because it has got a lot of demand and Low supply from the search engines and this tend to boost the KEI (keyword effective index) of that keyword, no wonder it is an easy pick.
I will like us to visit the dictionary and search for the word consult; this word means:-

con?sult [kən s?lt]
verb (past and past participle con?sult?ed, present participle con?sult?ing, 3rd person present singular con?sults)
1.     transitive and intransitive verb ask for spe...t advice: to ask for spe...t advice or information, especially from a professional
?  If symptoms persist, consult a doctor.
2.     transitive and intransitive verb ask permission: to ask for somebody's opinion or permission before taking action
?  You'd be wise to consult the boss before you make any major changes.
3.     transitive verb refer to source of information: to look at something such as a reference book in order to get information
4.     intransitive verb give professional advice: to provide spe...t advice for a fee
?  After 15 years in computer programming, I now consult from home.
noun (plural con?sults) or
[kən s?lt, k?n s?lt]
   consultation: a consultation or discussion about something (informal)
[Early 16th century.  Via French < Latin consultare "confer" < consulere "seek advice"]

-con?sult?a?ble, adjective
-con?sult?er, noun
Microsoft? Encarta? 2009.  ? 1993-2008 Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.
Now if you take the word a bit further by searching for consulting; you will find

con?sult?ing [kən s?lting]
1.     providing spe...t advice: providing spe...t advice to other people who work in the same field
2.     of consultants or consultation: relating to a consultant or consultation
?  a consulting fee
   business of consultation: the business of being a consultant
Microsoft? Encarta? 2009.  ? 1993-2008 Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.
There you have it! Now do you understand my point? So when I search for seo consulting or seo consulting firm, I am yet to find a seo consulting firm that gives consulting services to clients and individuals without fleecing or savvy marketing to drive visitors to buy there seo packages.  What they do is to provide seo consulting for their own seo firms, which are in contrary to the term itself.
This also brings me to my next question; do seo consulting firm actually provide seo packages? Since their role is minimal in the search engine optimization process.
They practically don?t do the work and they are as qualified as any seo analyst out there, cause for them to give web seo consultations on your site or for your business they must know the basics of how to perform or where to start with your seo project and in attending and understanding what the clients want and need out of this service.
Seo consulting has been abused as a medium of performing web seo for individual seo firms, for instance; a structural consulting company will not handle the structural building of a project but will act as a supervisor on that project, they will provide the guidelines to the erection of such super-structure.
This is in contrast to what you will find with some seo consulting firm, their seo firms have got a department tagged seo consulting and they use this to funnel novice searchers to their seo packages.
Basically what I think a seo consulting company should be is simply, the type that provides consultation only, and with a strong work ethic background too. 
There may be a lot of temptation to pick on a project and execute for a client but this is not the function of a seo consultant, what a seo consultant primary job should be:-
?   help to give recommendations to other seo firms.
?   help to provide seo reports on clients project especially if the clients wants to hire an outsource seo auditor to cross check the seo work performed by another seo company
?   help to give clients a work through on their seo reports and provide sound recommendations
?   should be able to provide search engine submission for clients (optional)
?   help to provide link management for clients (optional)
?   help to provide internet marketing advises and assistance (optional)

A seo consultant job description is quite similar to a seo auditor and both fields can be handled successfully by a seo web analyst.
That brings me to the conclusion that a sound seo consulting firm should be performing only the duties of consultations and not selling seo packages.
They should know the thin line between seo consultant and seo contractor.
My name is olatunji. adetunji, am a seo web analyst at www. seowebanalyst. com which is a seo consulting firm that works with strong ethics to provide the basis for a sound seo consultation work for clients.
Our seo consulting firm doesn?t just provide seo audit reports but we also provide internet marketing videos and other learning resources and help facilitate min-site hosting alongside a standalone auto-responder for easy list building, we do this at zero charge.  You can visit the site and sign up for a one day trial access to the site and check out what we offer.

www. seowebanalyst. com visit the site and download their webseo package! it is lovely guys! but the size of the stuff is over 5. 0mb, they have over 50 videos to teach you for FREE how to generate traffic and the best part is the webseo powerpoint presentation. . . it is cool!
am already a member of the site and am loving it for real.
I got a newsletter from them that they will be starting an affiliate program with an affiliate network company handling their affiliate management.  Guess their commission? 40%!!!! and the coolest part is they will train you.  like they will teach you how to make that money for yourself from them (you earn 40% they earn 60%, just because they recognize that as an affiliate you do all the major work of online marketing and sourcing for clients/sales for them.  REMEMBER- THEY TRAIN YOU)
If you don't believe me then Google "seo web analyst" or visit their fanpage at www. facebook. com/firmaffiliatenetwork
THANKS (I hope you find this piece of information useful)


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