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Belize visa, belize, stairway to america
« on: February 07, 2009, 01:32:39 PM »
Proven facts you have to know about this country called Belize.  It is a Commonwealth country were its economy is based solely on tourism, food exports, coral exports, and education and expertise services.  It is not totally dependent on imports which it scarcely uses like us, so in a way the job opportunity is high and has the lowest tax rate in total comparison in North America after US, Canada, Cayman Island, Bahamas.  The education system is very okay and you can pay per credit/hour unlike the United States.

Belize minimum validity of visa is 6 months.
You get your residency permit after one year of legal and untainted stay in the country.
Belize student visa allows you access to America only when your school is on vacation.
Belize work permit allows you a 30 day stay in UK and Canada.
You can get citizen status through the following: special call by the Belize government, sports, 5 years of hard work with a Belize firm, special expertise or talents and the last but not the most sought after is marriage because the women over there are well educated, financially sound and independent so you must be up to the task to marry a woman from Belize.
Belize work permit is the cheapest in North America.
The tourism sector holds the highest paid jobs and the service sector, but if you school there you have a free barrier chance though you can get a part time job with a Nigerian certificate if it is skilled.
Belize has a holiday/worker arrangement with UK, Canada and the whole of the Caribbean with the exception of Bermuda, Cuba and Bahamas.
The streets of Belize are not filled with cash or gold but from testimonies of legal immigrants, it has proven to be a good stepping stone and a promising country in North America.  Belize is very strict with criminals and immigrants without papers but their immigration is quite lenient and friendly to the commonwealth countries but it is not an excuse to dodge the law.

Planning a trip, need advice or you just don?t know what to do with your credit on your phone; you can call me for more information 07040217859.  No flashing or text messages.


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Belize visa, belize, stairway to america
« on: February 07, 2009, 01:32:39 PM »


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