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« on: January 11, 2013, 07:30:10 PM »
- This Message is for serious action takers only.  I believe you are a serious and 'ACTION' person.  If you won't use this system exactly the way you are advice, please don't get it at all.  I want people that will use it and give me testimony within next 30days ONLY.

This is a letter that is not like any other you have read on any website, therefore I urge you to close your door, switch off your phone, take off your shoes, get comfortable, and STUDY this letter -- it IS that important! ?and It introduces something, No Nigerian Information Marketer has ever done before ? Living or Dead!

My name is Raymond Aniebiet-abasi and if you have been reading SuccessDigest Magazine for a while, you know all about my business feats:- A lot of Success Digest Readers have actually asked me why I don?t hold many seminars to teach my business secrets and my response has been very simple ? I am very busy making money with my ideas!.
I get bombarded with phone calls and emails asking me to find time to share my business secrets.  But you know the story ? ideas have honestly kept me busy.  So instead of a seminar, I decided to give you the keys to a secret online info-product vault which contains nineteen of the most powerful info-products I created with my own hands, which I use to teach my business secrets at the One-on-One Coaching Program.
In Nigeria today there is a lot of noise about the different way of making money online, like Google Adsense, Information marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Multilevel Marketing FOREX trading etc.  But I want you to think about something; how many people do YOU know that have become millionaires through Google Adsense, FOREX trading or any of these other methods that are advertised today? I?m sure you can?t think of anyone who has? The truth is that many of those internet businesses are PURE EXAGGERATION! It?s all hype!!! That?s the truth.
Maybe you have been a victim of these so called ?Get rich quick? businesses.  Or maybe you are just tired of trying to make money online without success? Maybe you have even wasted your life savings on FOREX trading with no success.  Please STOP wasting your money! If you are not happy with the results you have gotten, commonsense should tell you to DO SOMETHING ELSE!!!
Do you want to have enough money to meet your needs? Get the respect you deserve from your friends and family, buy a nice house and car of your choice or simply have enough money to live the life of your dreams.  Then please look beyond all these internet businesses not because they don?t work but because they take a long time to work and demand a lot of technicalities that take too much time and effort.
So what should you be doing instead? I am about to EXPOSE you TO what you don?t know before.
Finally Anyone Regardless of Age, Internet Experience, And Financial Situation Can Make Money Online Without Product, List, Website, Money And Usual "Hard Work" Involved In Making Your Fortune ON The Internet.
Have access to materials like:-
(1) How to Make a Minimum of $1000 Monthly as a Freelance Website Designer and Developer
(2) How to Unlock any Modem:- This tutorial shows you how to unlock any modem to make it a universal modem
(3) How to Import anything from China, Dubai, Thailand, USA, and UK for $1 Each
(4) Get 1 Million Nigeria E-mail List:- Get Over 1 Million targeted Nigeria Email list extracted from Email Services Providers servers such as Yahoo, Mail, Gmail, MSN, Hotmail, AOL.
(5) Get 1 Million Nigeria GSM Number:- Get Over 1 Million Nigeria GSM Numbers list generated from a highly reliable, tested and accurate GSM Number.
(6) Bulk E-Mail Extractor:- Powerful e-mail addresses software that extracts hundreds of email addresses is an easy and fast way.
(7) Bulk E-mail Sender:- Send email campaigns to hundreds, thousands or millions of your customers and prospects and be confident they're being delivered.
(8) FREE Bulk SMS Sender:- Bulk SMS Sender / E-Marketer is easy-to-use yet powerful SMS message broadcasting software for e-marketing.  It allows you to send marketing & advertising SMS and receive response SMS from your computer.  It Send thousands of FREE SMS easily from the computer.
(9) FREE Browsing Package;- Do You Still Pay For Browsing? STOP wasting your money, Get the latest FREE manual on how to Browse FREE on internet anywhere in Nigeria. . .  start browsing FREE as soon as get this package.
(10) How to generate and sell visa, master cards locally and internationally
(11) Full Version Camtasia Desktop screen recording software
(12) How and where to invest one time $10 and make $7, $4, $3 continuously to your liberty reserve account
(14) 201 FREE twitter and FACEBOOK tools you can use to boost your online income
(15) The Best way to make REAL CASH on Football Betting
(16) All Networks Recharge Card Printing Manual and softwares
(17) How to make $1,500 monthly and a fortune
(18) BLOGGING SAMURAI (ABS): It generates, re-writes and submits articles on a daily basis to your blog.
(19) LATEST DISCOVERY:- How To Browse The Internet Free Using Auto Reverse Formula.
(20) How To Make Calls For 10 Naira Per Minute To All Networks
(21) Secret Website that will Pay you $2 for writing on any topic you like
(22) How we are generating $215 at will using the betonmarkets special $20 bonus code, no deposit require.
(24) Importation Business Guide.  How to import laptops with N14,000.  The Simple Cheap Brand New Laptop Secret of Getting The SAME Laptops Selling from N50,000 - N180,000 at Lagos For As Low as N14,000+ WITHOUT Any Referrals or Network Marketing
(25) GOOGLECASH-- How to make money from Google without owning a website/blog and Making ?50 Daily To Your Google Adsense, plus Easy ways to get approved by Google Adsense
(26) AUTO BLOGGING SAMURAI (ABS): This is auto blogging software that generates, re-writes and submits articles on a daily basis to your blog.  The beauty of this robot is that is works for Wordpress and free Blogger Blogs as well.
(27) ADSENSE KEYWORDS TSUNAMI: The secret to making insane profits from Google Adsense is KEYWORDS-- Get the Rich and High paying keywords here.
(28) How To Watch DStv On Your Phone & Pc Free and The New Way To Make Money Buying And Selling Domains and websites
(29) How To Make N35,00 Weekly From Facebook (FacebookDollar Kit)
(30) TRAFFIC ANARCHY SOFTWARE: Do you need Traffic for your Blog or Website??? This is the Software you need.  You won't understand me until you try it out yourself.
(31) Pictorial Step-by-Step Guide on how to get . com domain names using Liberty Reserve and fully monetize with Adsense.
(32) MASS ARTICLE CONTROL (full package): Mass Article Creator and Mass Article Submitter software.
(33) Access to various membership sites where you can download over 1000 e-books, manuals and software?s for FREE and HOW TO LEGALLY DOWNLOAD ANYTHING, EBOOKS, SOFTWARES, ETC FROM CLICKBANK, PAYDOTCOM, etc.
(35) Facebook friend bomber software: this is one of the greatest software anyone desiring to make money from facebook should be using.  With facebook friend bomber, you will generate 5000 friends to your facebook in a month and then convert them to your fan and finally to cash.
(36) How to get a US MasterCard shipped to you in Nigeria
(37) How to create products and sell locally and internationally worldwide using plimus: I make residual income creating and selling my product at plimus. com and I have been doing this since 2008.
(38) How to make money generating and selling visa cards locally and internationally, to those who want to make payment online
(39) How to make money from clickbank, Amazon and other affiliates sites including CPA: affiliates marketing are one of the best income streams and knowing and knowing how to make money here is important
(40) How to generate automated traffic to your blog and websites, or product and make more money from your traffic: I make automated traffic from several places including facebook, twitter, Google, and article writing, stumble upon, dig, e. t. c.  best of all, I do not spend money to get them.  My blog posting are automated such that they get pasted to facebook walls, my pages and other area without me visiting facebook.
(41) How to make money hosting websites for individual and companies locally and internationally: To be honest with you, this is where the real money is,
(42) How You Can Create A Hot-Selling Information Product On Any Subject
(43) How To Write Headlines That will Make You Rich and Easily Create Ads and Sales Letters Which Make People Line Up And Beg You To Take Their Money
(44) Automated Traffic Bot Software:- The key to your success is being serious about This software
(45) 245 Ways To Get HOT Traffic To Your Website Or BLOG
(46) How To Register Your Business Name With The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) In 21 Days Or Less, Without A Lawyer.
(47) Easy Way To Get approved by Google Adsense And make $50 daily
(48) Auto Blogging Software; It manage and updates over 1000s of your blogs with a push of a button
(49) avg antivirus that will expire in 2019 and FaceBook Blaster Pro.  it is the internet?s #1 Facebook friend adder marketing software tool.
(50) How To set up MasterCard in 30 minutes with your local Currency and New Ways On How To Make Free And Unlimited GSM Calls Day & Night Without Credits
And lots more that I cannot reveal here. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Please note that you can only benefit from these super bonuses if you take action RIGHT NOW!.
NOTICE:- the difference between winners and losers is that those that succeed take action when they see great offers like this.  so let me ask you:- Are you a Winner or a Loser? We shall know soon.  Whether you like it or not, there are reasons why you are not richer than your present level and some of the reasons are: - Ignorance about financial intelligence, wrong belief, lack of focus, laziness and the worst part of them all is DOUBT.
WHY:-the more you doubt the success of any adventure that will bring you wealth, the more you fail and become poor, the future of many people is dark because their present is full of fear and doubt.  the fact is that a doubting mind can never succeed because he will never take action or steps to create wealth.  A person with a clear purpose will make progress on even on the roughest road.  A person with no purpose can never make progress on even on the smoothest road.


Once again, remember you are getting a complete money making system
How much would you pay for ALL these Products?
Let me rephrase, how much would pay for a product that over delivers? how much would you pay for financial independence? The answer is subjective? but one thing is certain this offer is worth hundreds of thousands in any currency?
So how much will it cost you to get this no holds system and the bonuses? I'm sure you're eager to know.  I'll tell you but first, I want to point out some things you.
The value of the bonuses you will be getting is N249,100
You'll be learning first hand from a respected Information marketer
I will personally make sure you succeed with your business
I charge N25,000 per hour as speaking fees.
So how much do you think is a reasonable fee?
Do you think it should be N100,000?
No I won't charge that much
Do you think it should be N75,000?
I think that will be too much for you
What about N50,000?
That should be okay but I think there will be people that are not too financially buoyant that will want to get it.
Okay. . .  What about N30,000? After all, that is what some people are charging out there.  And they don't even make half of the money I make.
N30,000 seems okay.  But I will still come down for you.
N25,000? Nope. . .
N20,000? Nope. . .  Seems I'm going crazy!!!
Okay.  Okay. .  Okay. . .  N15,000 is the price.  But hell NO!
You will have to pay only N3,800 if you order quickly.  It is for the first 20 people only.
Are you excited? Don't be yet as I'm about to shock you. . .
Your Investment In My system Is Risk FREE!
You Are Covered, No Bull, No Questions Asked, No Quibble, No Beef
NO RISK, Iron Clad, 100% Money Back Guarantee
But, I am giving it all to the first and only 20 people for Just 3,800 Only
Yes.  You heard it right, I am giving away all this for just N3,800 only

***********************Here is How To Order******************

Due to overwhelming response to this offer, we will soon have to close our doors to new participants.  We are very sorry for the inconvenience.  We have 24 spots remaining.  If you would like to guarantee your own, you will have to take action immediately.  We will not be allowing any more members once these positions are filled.

Payment Details: Pay the sum of N3,500 into any of the account below
Account Number: 0042788374
Name of Bank: Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB)
After payment send your payment details, which include ??BIZ EXTRA??,your name, phone number, email address, teller number to 08184950870
Your package will be sent to you within 30 minutes upon confirmation of payment.


With my 60-day 100% money-back guarantee, I have taken the risk completely out of the equation
so all you have to do is act.  That?s it!, And of course I will be there to help you every step of the way, so you can?t get stuck!
Use this idea risk free for Next 60 days.  If after implementing everything as I laid it out and you are unable to get a deal that is worth more than what you invest in this course.  Just email me and I will send you your money back.  SIMPLE.

Your satisfaction is over-guaranteed when you invest in this package and you are covered by my 30 days, no questions asked, 101% money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied.  So, if you are one of the few winning souls that recognizes a good and honest deal, Order for your ?Birthday Bonanza package? today.
And if you?ve read this letter to this point? here?s

PPPPS: Don?t lose this rare offer to procrastination.  Take Action NOW
P. S.  Be sure to Grab This Golden Opportunity now while you have the chance.  This Deal will not last long , so I strongly urge you to take advantage of this amazing Golden Opportunity

P. S. S.  Don't be fooled by the low price.  This small investment can bring wild return on investment.  It can bring hundreds or thousands of dollars in additional profit compared to if you had not used Them

P. S.  S. S. - Remember we cannot guarantee this price much longer.  Get it right now before the price goes back to N9,500 .

P. S. S.  S. S. - Also remember that every minute you wait is crucial - the longer you wait to get
your hands on These E-books and Softwares, the more Money you are missing out on, and the more money you lose! and, tomorrow you might not find These E-books And Softwares as a bonus!

P. S. S. S. S. S.  Why are you still reading?! Don't waste time thinking about whether you want to use it to transform your Life, business or website.  Get started now!, You will have your first BOOM in the next 10 minutes. . .

Note: This IS a LIMITED Offer and may be pulled out at any time!
They Are so simple to set up: It is not brain surgery at all, especially since I will be your Guide and Coach throughout your journey.  In conclusion: These E-books and Softwares are about getting you to start your Online Business NOW.
This is your chance to start a successful Internet business not later, not tomorrow. . .  But Right Now!
Action takers are Money Makers. . . . . . . . . . . . ACT NOW
FOR ENQUIRIES;- You can reach me on
Engr Raymond.


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