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Cheap Laptop For All! Grab Your Own Now!
« on: September 16, 2012, 01:38:25 AM »
The Question Is, Why Buying An Expensive Brand New Laptop When You Can Purchase The Same Laptop With The Same Features At Half of The Price?

1.     One special thing about this Clean London Fairly-Used Laptop is 2 hours battery life duration. 
2.     It is as good as a brand new laptop in terms of functionality/capability. 
3.     It is cheaper and will still serve the same purpose as a brand new laptop. 
4.     The laptop works exactly and perfectly like any other laptop. 
5.     It works very well with Microsoft office packages like: - word document typing, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, etc.   
6.     You can play music, play games, watch films, and browse the internet.   
7.     In fact, portability makes it a good company for social networking on face book, twitter, YouTube amongst others. 

      Just Take A Look At This Clean London Fairly-Used HP Laptop Specification For
      Sale With Basic Features:-
1.     Webcam. 
2.     Bluetooth. 
3.     Infrared. 
4.     Wireless Hotspot Internet Connection.   
5.     DVD/CD Rewritable. 
6.     Hard Disk 80 Gigabyte. 
7.     1 Gigabyte Ram. 
8.     The Processor Speed 2.  13 Gigahertz. 
9.     Wide/Local Area Network (WLan/Ethernet). 
10.     Intel (R) Pentium (R) M
11.     Genuine Window with Kaspersky Anti-Virus. 
12.     Data Card Modem Slot for Internet Browsing. 
13.     Card Reader Slot. 
14.     3 USB Slots. 
15.     Changeable Window of Your Choice (XP/Wista/Window 7). 
16.     Complete English Soft Keyboard. 
17.     Clear and Bright Screen
18.     Screen Size (14 Widescreen). 
19.     Internet Ready. 
20.     In-Built Scroll Up And Down Pages. 
21.     Head Phone Port for External Speakers. 
22.     Microphone Port. 
23.     Connectable To Home Theatre. 
24.     Clean Black Body Cover. 
25.     Microsoft Office Suite Fully Installed. 
26.     DVD/Movie Players Fully Installed (Home Entertainers). 
27.     Battery Charger. 
28.     2 Hours Battery Life Span.   
29.     Internet Protocol (IP) Shielder for Online Protection against ......ers.   
30.     Adobe Reader. 
31.     Adobe Flash Player. 
32.     3D and HD Movie Player. 
33.     Nokia PC Suite. 
34.     Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox Browsers. 
35.     Windows Movie Maker. 
36.     Yahoo Messenger. 
37.     Universal Modem/Phone Unlockers. 
38.     All In-One Movie and Music Converters. 

Call TONY now on 08032059110 for more details!

You can equally just read the whole message from word to word, line by line and paragraph by paragraph and see for yourself what some people are losing financially, purchasing brand new laptops, when they could easily buy the same laptop at half of the price and still enjoy the same functionality/capability with a peace of mind and also still save some thousands of the money in their bank account!

Have you really noticed the way everyone clings on the internet these days? This has really kept me wondering how we ever survived without the internet several years back.   For some years now, the internet has become a do-without for several lives, government bodies, various organizations and corporal bodies. 

Furthermore, while some people assume that the means of communication has reached its peak, the information technology market has not stopped dazzling us with exciting innovations. 
The era of town criers, flutes, drums etc.   as a means of communication has been so modified that one of the trends that is taking over the place right now is the use of computer.   In fact, the technology advancement that accompanies the computer is so massive that if you are unaware of this trend, you are cut off from civilization. 

And because, development has taken its turn in the world in such a way that, everything one does is somehow related to the internet.   Most offices no longer store their data in hard copies or paper forms and keep in their archives; all their information is now being stored on their computer system.   Little wonder that the print media outfits have also followed these trends by making sure that their publications are available online. 
Moreover, for some years now, we have heard about people been a certified internet or information marketer and these people make money via the internet.   Even in primary and secondary schools now, the era of teaching only just theoretical aspect of computer studies is gone.   We now have more of practical classes.   Hence, the need for everyone to have their own laptops or PCs. 

There is no doubt, therefore that, purchasing a brand new high quality laptop, costs something between N90, 000 and N200, 000 at most computer shops in Nigeria.   This, I quite understands is expensive and out of the reach of an average Nigerian who needs one. 

But, what if you could lay your hands on those same laptops for half of the price of brand new laptops? As a matter of fact, this is not ?introduce-five-people-to-get-a-laptop scheme.   This is about an outright purchase of refurbished laptops with six months software guarantee installations.   
Yes, a lot of people are skeptical about ?fairly used? or ?second-hand? laptops for obvious reasons.   But, if they are sure of its reliability which I am guaranteeing you, most people wouldn?t mind having one as long as it serves the same purpose that they want to use it for. 

Fairly used or second-hand laptops are those previously used by someone in London which you are going to directly buy from me.   Remember that, 99% of fairly used laptops being sold out there by those laptops dealers have minor/major faults but you wouldn?t know but, right here am telling you to come and buy from me and you will go home smiling with a peace of mind because, I offer a warranty of six months software guarantee installations.   The fact is that, you would be lucky to get a perfectly functioning fairly used laptop out there and that is, the reason why a lot of people have had bitter experiences buying from them.   But with my own Clean London fairly Used Laptops straight from oversea the story is different as you are not buying directly from the Nigerian user but straight from our London Manufacturer partner who ensures that these fairly used machines are in perfect working condition before shipping them down here in Nigeria to me. 
Thank you! I will tell you.   You see, most laptop manufacturing companies lease out a lot of laptops to small and medium-sized businesses.   And such business owners return these laptops back to the manufacturers after the lease term is over.   This way, it helps the businesses to manage their cash-flow without spending a lot of money purchasing the laptops.   Moreover, as technology improves, these small businesses need to upgrade to newer technologies; thus, it is in their best interest to lease laptops from manufacturers rather than purchasing them. 

So, such small businesses return these laptops to the manufacturers in order to upgrade to the newer versions.   These ?fairly used? laptops may no longer be needed in their kind of business but, for most personal basic requirements of a home user like internet surfing/internet browsing, e-mailing, word-processing, playing music, page planning and watching movies, these laptop machines are in proper shape.   The manufacturers service these laptops and make sure that they are working perfectly and sell them out as refurbished laptops with guarantee!
So you see, it does make sense to spend a fraction of the amount required for a brand new laptop on a refurbished laptop. 

 Am so glad that, you are reading this right now to avoid a mistake!

My Dear,
Is your desire to make more money right here in Nigeria strong enough by just investing only N500?

If you answer ?NO? to this question, then don?t bother to read the rest of this personal letter from me to you.   It?s not meant for you. 

However, if you believe that N500 is a small price to pay for a knowledge that you don?t only need but one that you must have if you desperately want to make more money here in Nigeria without defrauding anyone?then continue reading.   You will discover an irresistible offer that you cannot walk past or, if you decide to turn your back on it, you might regret doing so for many years to come, I guarantee that!

My Dearest,
I remember when I graduated in 2007, from the University.   I was in a very big financial difficulties, because, I had no job.   I had to desperately look for financial solutions everywhere I could get one.   But, in the end, I got a huge financial freedom when I laid my hands on some of these information that am about to tell you right now concerning business ideas on how to start from what you have and grow your chosen business to a successful money making machine.   That is, exactly the reason why I want to help others to be financially independence because, poverty is a disgrace especially when you are not financially successful among your age mates. 

In this E-book, you are going to see for yourself step-by-step on;
1.     How to get your own up to N5 million 3 years free loan without collateral from the National Economic Reconstruction Fund (NERFUND).   
2.     How to make millions of naira with free financing for oil and gas supplies. 
3.     How to make over N500, 000 monthly, with jewelry wealth money-making machine. 
4.     How to start your own mini bakery factory with just N45, 000 naira only. 
5.     How to become a millionaire by producing a special fragrance liquid laundry starch. 
6.     How to make over N200, 000 weekly and Become extra rich by reselling brand new laptops. 
7.     How to make over N100, 000 monthly, with the latest recharge cards printing machine in town right now. 
8.     How to make more money from the new childcare products called (pureen). 
9.     How to become a millionaire as a plastic bottle packaging distributor. 
10.     How to generate massive income from manual screen printing. 
11.     How to make a lot of millions trading on metal scraps. 
12.     How to make a fortune supplying hand-made cartons to cosmetics, beverages, fruits drinks, soaps, sweets, biscuits, wines producers etc. 
13.     How to start a modern black herbal soap production with just less than N50, 000. 
14.     How to set-up and manage mini water packaging business. 
15.     How to start a real estate business and succeed in it. 
16.     How to start and turn agro-allied and livestock production into a million naira business. 
17.     How to make millions of naira in the GSM telecom business boom now by selling bulk SMS and smile all your way to the bank. 
18.     How to make extra income running mobile fresh fruit juice bar. 
19.     How to make unending streams of income starting a beekeeping business with less than N20, 000. 
20.     How to set-up highly profitable computer training institute. 
21.     How to set-up and manage a profitable mini-cybercaf?. 
22.     How to overcome the challenges of running a cake business. 
23.     How to acquire money making skills and turn them into successful business. 
24.     How to start a successful and highly sought after business through solving other people?s problems. 
25.     How to turn your musical talent into a successful and lucrative career. 
26.     The amazing GSM mobile banking wealth for all Nigerians, over 200, 000 money crediting agents and centres needed? with millions of naira to be made. 
27.     How to make millions of naira now selling or distributing special pressing iron that works perfectly well with I-Better-Pass-My-Neighbour. 
28.     How to become Nigeria?s fastest growing investor using Warren Buffett?s step-by-step (A few personal things about every private billionaire). 
29.     How to consistently make N5, 000 every 30 minutes with Wilmart Detoxification machine. 
30.     How to make huge profits from production of Pawpaw (Papain) enzyme for export markets.   
31.     How to run a bookshop in today?s Nigeria and still make money from the business. 
32.     How to start and run your own daycare centre successfully. 
33.     How to run a mini pharmaceutical company successfully. 
34.     The 68 ways to spend less in Nigeria and save more money to turn your financial life around. 
35.     How to invest in the federal government bonds as bonds investment hots-up and gains upper hand.   
36.     How to start your own business and be your own boss. 
37.     The 20 businesses that you can start now without money. 
38.     How to discover companies with hidden wealth and boast your money-making potential. 
39.     How to turn a simple towing business idea into mega money-making brand. 
40.     How to find the place where money resides, an exclusive revelation that will even shock a banker or an investor. 
41.     How to end the problem of insufficient salary or income. 
42.     The 29 ways of making extra income without quitting your job. 
43.     How to sow your investment seed even at hard times because your investment seed in the ground is your way to future riches.   
44.     How to make quick cash from manure and fertilizer production. 
45.     How to make money running game centres and play station. 
46.     How to maximize profit from your catfish production business. 
47.     How to get export license, source for buyers and handle shipping. 
48.     How to be a millionaire with just N10, 000 monthly incomes. 
49.     How to grab the multiple money-making opportunities that abound in outdoor catering services.
50.     How to make money setting up and running a virtual office. 
51.     How to run a successful computer sales/services business. 
52.     How to run a business successfully as a student. 
53.     How to start and make good sales in mobile books sales business. 
54.     The 26 ways to live a better financial life. 
55.     How to set-up a mini business supplying small chops and Co*ktails drinks at parties and other social events. 
56.     How to import and clear goods from Nigerian ports without hassles. 
57.     How to register your business name without delay. 
58.     How to set financial goals that attract millions of naira. 
59.     Insurance savings scheme for a guaranteed future and how you can actually become rich overnight after retirement. 
60.     7 ways to profit from facebook, twitter and other social networking sites starting from today. 
61.     11 ways to easily create truck-load of articles for your website and see it churning out cool cash for you ceaselessly. 
62.     Blow up your income effortlessly with turn-key web hosting reseller business. 
63.     How to be part of over $10 billion yearly pay out to Google Adsense earners (The New Google Affiliate Network Programme). 
64.     How to earn N20, 000 weekly providing reloadable visa card services. 
65.     How to make $2, 000 and above monthly trading on football matches of all leagues across the globe right on your computer. 
66.     How to maximize your offline business with a blog. 
67.     How to position your new website or blog for massive search engine traffic
68.     How to trade gold online and rake foreign currencies into your Nigerian bank account. 
69.     How you can become a millionaire building powerful blog site. 
70.     The 14 easy ways that you can generate $100 in the next 24 hours. 
71.     How forums and discussion boards can dump more money into your bank account day and night. 
72.     How to generate streams of income riding on facebook. 
73.     How to make multiples of 5 dollars doing anything online, a super money-making opportunity that is taking the internet by storm. 
74.     YouTube, the quick, easy way to bring continuous targeted traffic to your website with 100% loads of cash.   
75.     How to open and verify PayPal account even as a Nigerian.   
And so many others too numerous to mention here. 


In fact, the peace of mind you will get after reading this package alone is worth far more than its cost?

So, order now! To avoid a rush and an increase in the price because, testimonials from people who bought this E-book are increasing day by day. 



EMEKA FROM ENUGU STATE.   I don?t know how to begin to thank you for what you have done for my family financial breakthrough with this your special
E-book.   All I can say is that, may the good lord continue to bless you. 

Only God can reward you adequately for helping Nigerians to secure their business, finance and future.   UGOCHI FROM IMO STATE. 

Please, Sir, other people out there do not know that, there is a simple E-book like this that can empower them both in their financial status and business undertakings.   Please, do me a favour by helping our fellow Nigerians to become financially independence.   Thanks a lot.   MUSA FROM KADUNA. 

CHIOMA FROM UMUAHIA ABIA STATE.   I cannot stop thanking God almighty for touching your heart to start helping your fellow country people.   You are a treasure without measure; you are a blessing to our generation. 
This E-book no matter whatever price that I bought it, worth it.   Because, I have finally made it through this amazing E-book.   AHMED FROM ABUJA


I personally, wish you the best of luck.   Thanks and may the good lord bless you in your business endeavours.   By God?s grace you will get there financially!

My Phone Number Is 08032059110. 


hxxp: www. facebook. com/pages/BusinessandMoney247/335268689845832

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Cheap Laptop For All! Grab Your Own Now!
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Re: Cheap Laptop For All! Grab Your Own Now!
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business tinz lol
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Re: Cheap Laptop For All! Grab Your Own Now!
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