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With the 21st century came tremendous advancements in the way we talk and most importantly telecommunication.      August 2001 has been one of such in Nigeria with the advent of the GSM industry.      This has brought with it tremendous job opportunities not only locally but all over the world.     

To take advantage of this opportunity, knowledge and experience are paramount.      It is no news that our tertiary institutions are not providing these much needed arsenals to take a shot at these opportunities.      IAeS (Institute for Advanced e-Studies), the only certified iNARTE training and testing center in Africa, has launched a campaign to fill this gap and bring this opportunity to everyone to take advantage of.     

Between January 5 and January 23, 2009 IAeS is running a Loyalty Programme where all prospective trainees can pay the least possible Tuition fee without writing the TSP test.     

HoRLaRConsulting a freelance project management team has also introduced a Zero Payment Plan, where all prospective trainees can receive their training free or a substantial amount being paid by HoRLaRConsulting by inviting/referring other prospective trainees.     

Registration is now in progress, (January 5, 2009 to January 23, 2009)

For more information:
?   Post your question on this thread
?   Visit: www.     horlar.     org
?   E-mail: telecom@horlar.     org, telecom.     horlarconsulting@yahoo.     com, telecom.     horlarconsulting@gmail.     com

You may want to visit the following sites also:
?   www.     iaesnigeria.     org
?   www.     narte.     org

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Registration still in progress

www.    horlar.    org

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You can benefit from the Zero Payment Plan by referring other interested prospective trainees.    By forming the complete network (described at www.   horlar.   org), you have a tuition free training.   

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11 days left

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Due to some enquiries we got about the World Class Telecom Training i. e.  the TSP (Telecommunication Scholarship Programme) being run by IAeS (Institute for Advanced e-Studies) and the ZPP (Zero Payment Plan), we thus deem it fit to provide further clarification about these programmes.  We hope this will go a long way in helping all prospective Trainees to make the best of decisions. 

?   The Telecom Training is being run by IAeS
?   HoRLaRConsulting is a freelance Project Management Team (PMT) making this (Loyalty Programme) known to as many as possible interested individuals not the training institute
?   At present, IAeS is running a Loyalty Programme where prospective trainees get to pay the least possible tuition fee which is 200, 000 naira (Two hundred thousand naira) with the registration fee (5,000 naira) inclusive
?   As done with the first batch of the TSP, IAeS will be conducting a written test in March, 2009.  After the test, a candidate with a score of ?A? will have to pay 250,000 naira, ?B? 300,000 naira and ?C? 350,000.
?   The Loyalty Programme will be closed by Friday, January 23rd, 2009
?   The Zero Payment Plan (ZPP) is an initiative of HoRLaRConsulting
?   With the ZPP, all prospective trainees that register through HoRLaRConsulting will have 500 naira paid off their tuition fee thus the sum payment will be 199,500 naira.
?   With every other prospective trainee you refer and get registered for the programme, you get an additional 500 naira.  You are credited with those that you referred and registered also refer and register.
?   To show you are the referrer, put your name an empty form and make copies before distributing them.  Subsequent sub-referrers can follow suit.  Thus everyone under your network is credited to you.  The same is true for all the sub-referrers too.
?   An ideal network that will then earn 0 naira (zero naira) at the end is made up of four stages (as formatted in the form) with everyone in the network referring and eventually getting 7 other trainees registered.

We hope this shed more light on the programmes.  Please feel free to contact us should you have further questions.


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