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« on: January 15, 2012, 08:13:31 AM »
Congratulations on taking the first step in an exciting journey; a journey that could possibly be the most exciting in your life to date.   

I am sure you are wondering what exactly Avenues to Wealth is all about, and how it can be of benefit to you.    I would like to take some time to provide answers to all of your questions.   

What is Avenues to Wealth?

For the business minded.    .    .   
It is an e-commerce platform that grants its members the opportunity to showcase their products and services to a global network of Distributors.    This affords our members a unique and no cost way to grow their own businesses.   

For the everyday consumer.    .    .   
It is a discount club where you can obtain products and services at discounted prices.    This includes everyday products from food to electronics, credit and clothing, just to name a few items.   

For the wise spouse.    .    .   
It is an opportunity to support your spouse in obtaining an affordable vacation for the family, or an exciting couple's week of fun-filled activities.   

For the lover of life.    .    .   
It is a health plan that saves you a fortune and provides you with access to the best in health care both locally and internationally.   

For the career-minded.    .    .   
It is an opportunity to earn multiple streams of income and to implement a financial freedom plan.    You can call it your "Plan B" for the "what if's" that happen in life.   

For the trader.    .    .   
It is a place to sell your merchandise without the overhead of owning a brick and mortar store.   

For the social minded.    .    .   
It is an amazing opportunity to create net worth from your network and to make your relationships profitable.   

For the not very social.    .    .   
It is your chance to change your way of thinking and earning.   

For the student.    .    .   
It is a business university where you will learn all you need to know in order to conduct your own business successfully.   

For the investor.    .    .   
It is your chance to join forces with others in order to participate in local and international investment opportunities that you would otherwise not have access to.    We provide the guidance of world renowned experts.   

For the dreamer.    .    .   
It is a vehicle to help you achieve your dreams.   

For the blessed.    .    .   
It is your turn to be a blessing to others.   

To the aspired.    .    .   
It is your Avenues to Wealth!

Avenues to Wealth is an extension of who you are.    I have been involved in Avenues to Wealth for a while now and it has been amazing for me.    I committed to never give up.    I have seen people far ahead of me and I have decided to be equal or to surpass them.   

If you know who you are and where you want to go, explore the benefits of Avenues to Wealth!

www.   avenuestowealth.   com/funmee2

Click the Start Now button and then the Purchase Privilege Pack button and register your details.    When you have done this, contact me so I can guide you through making payment for your Privilege Pack.    I will also show you how to enjoy the privileges and benefits afforded our Distributors.   

It is my pleasure to have invited you to be a part of this opportunity.    You have my commitment to support you as well.   

Kind regards,

Funmilola Oke
funmee2@yahoo.   com
Tel: +2348091181587
PLease scr below the picture for your attachments.  THANKS.


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